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Back in the saddle again...

Back in the saddle again…

Yes, I work again at Frankfurt International airport. I actually started 1st of December. Until now I am still on training and already I am getting bored at it. I have always thought that an 8 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. job, from Monday to Friday is a dream. It is not! Or at least not […]

December is just around the corner...

December is just around the corner…

(Yes, coming from the roundabout in Georges Henri, take the second exit to Rue de Heydenberg then take first street left… that’s December street, in Woluwe St.-Lambert… hehehe. ) I’ve been up and out of bed since 2 hours ago. I have so many things to do, that I thought it best to have an […]

Winter is here...

Winter is here…

The sign! It has been freezing cold during the last few days. I could already smell the first drops of snowflakes since last week. This weekend, it finally poured. Today, I woke up to a winter-white surroundings… I love it! Admittedly, after living of more than a decade here in Europe, I still find it […]

My Desigual...finally!

My Desigual…finally!

I finally bought a Desigual knitted dress. It was on sale at a shop but still, for my budget a bit expensive. It didn’t matter though. I just need to skip some meals during the next few days, (blink) … hehehe! I have been keeping an eye on a Desigual Long Jacket, waiting for it […]

Mahal Kita Kasi....(Nicole Hyala) Song lyrics

Mahal Kita Kasi….(Nicole Hyala) Song lyrics

Mahal Kita Kasi… Bangin ka ba? Kasi Nahuhulog na ako sa ‘yo, naman kasi Unggoy ka ba? Kasi Sumasabit ka sa puso ko, naman kasi Pustiso ka ba? Kasi You know I can’t smile without you Pagod na pagod na ako Maghapon ka na kasing tumatakbo sa isipan ko Kasi naman kasi Mahal kita Bagay […]

The Dancing crew

The Dancing crew

Interesting concept of the Cebu Pacific Airlines. Since they started in operation, they have had lots of gimmicks for their passengers. Let’s admit it, the surest advertising and marketing strategy is by word of mouth. They always had “the bring me” game. It makes the flight less boring and somewhat faster. As prices, they give […]

emoze and remote posting with wp

emoze and remote posting with wp

I finally managed to make it working. It was a little bit complicated, but with hubby’s help, it finally worked. Now, im just testing the entry post per mail option of WP. It’s working great so far. Can also retrieve my mails remotely using emoze push mail which i downloaded from the nokia ovi site. […]

Being in-between jobs can be fun too

Being in-between jobs can be fun too

I have been out of work for some months now. Finally I gathered the courage to get out of my comfort zone and I did. Honestly, it was also triggered by a conflict at work with one colleague. Then, the rest just followed. I admit that sometimes I do miss waking up in the wee […]

Just getting rid of the virus, oh, not in my computer though

Just getting rid of the virus, oh, not in my computer though

I should probably stop FBe-ing and should start doing some real work, but I keep getting sidetracked by messages from my chat board. Darn, I should close it now. Anyway, haven’t had much fun these last couple of days since I have been down with the Flu. I think it may have been caused by […]

Parties and events in Frankfurt am Main

Parties and events in Frankfurt am Main

Hubby and I got invited to a friend’s birthday party. It was a blast. We got home after midnight and I fell flat on my bed even before I could get out of my clothes. Well, it’s not uncommon knowledge that I just fall on my bed without changing into my pyjamas ;). I tell […]

Puto Maya

Puto Maya

I’ve been craving for this Filipino sweet rice delicacy for some days now. My problem is I’ve never done this myself before. My mom used to serve this for our merienda or breakfast way back when I was a child. Yes, this rice recipe, like most of the Filipino rice delicacies in the Philippines, can […]

Brown low cut boots

These boots are made for walking…

It’s great to be back. I was up in the Austrian Alps. I didn’t have internet connection for one whole week. Okay, I know that even up there one can stay connected online. Heck, perhaps even at the peak of the highest mountain in the whole world, one can still be connected to the WWW […]

Pag-ibig:pinag halong sarap, sakit, tamis at pait!

Kausap ko lang ang kaibigan ko kaninang madaling araw. Nag long distance call siya. Umiiyak. Nalulungkot. Broken hearted daw siya. Nagpa kalasing siya, ngunit kinaumagahan ay ganun pa rin daw ang sakit na nardarama niya. Kung naiintindihan ko daw ba ang nararamdaman niya. Oo naman. Alam ko yan. Sino ba naman ang hindi dumaan sa […]

De Vossemeren Village, Centerparcs...

De Vossemeren Village, Centerparcs…

How time flies. Just a few weeks ago we were in Belgium then we had to come back to Germany for a few days to finish some business. Tomorrow, we are going back to Belgium. But not to Brussels this time. We will be driving straight to De Vossemeren village in

Bagong simula…. ulit!

Galing lang ako sa isang job interview kanina. Nakita ko sa internet ang job opening na ito at dahil sa mukhang maganda naman ang alok nila, nag desisyon akong magpadala ng aking resume. Isa pa, isang malaking kumpanya ito dito sa Frankfurt am Main, kaya sa palagay ko ay malabong mag sara ito. Nitong mga […]