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Posted by Hannah on August - 16 - 2016

Ang mga huling araw sa buwan ng Hulyo ay medyo naging malumanay na. Balik trabaho at bahay ang peg ng lola. Pag pasok ng Agosto, on the go si —hubby. At talagang level up pa ang energy. Nag bisekleta mula sa Alemanya, tumawid sa Hollandia, Belgika at balik sa Alemanya. Mahigit isang libong kilometro din  [ Read More ]

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Hulyo-Pitongpo na po!

Posted by Hannah on July - 20 - 2016

Sa bandang katapusan ng Hunyo ay napa lipad naman ako pauwi ng Pilipinas… Sinamahan ko ang aking tatay na umuwi ng Probinsiya at doon mag diwang sa kanyang ika pitongpong kaarawan.   Maiksi, pero masaya. Medyo maka bagbag damdamin din ang muling pagkikita ng buong familya. Ang highlight, bukod pa sa handaan ng kaarawang ng  [ Read More ]

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Dalawang dekada

Posted by Hannah on June - 7 - 2016

Halos  dalawang dekada na akong nakatira dito sa Europa. Marami na akong nakilala, natutunan, pina-halagahan at kinalimutan. Pagdating ng panahaon, isang bagay nalang ang kailangang pagdesisyunan: … may handaan? o may handaan? 😀  😆  😛  🙂              

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School dance, birthdays and weddings

Posted by Hannah on May - 31 - 2016

The merry month of May- daming may birthday, kasabay pa ng kasalan at spectacle sa paaralan— hay, kulang ang bakasyon ng loley!!!

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When in Rome…

Posted by Hannah on May - 5 - 2016

….do as the Romans do! This post has nothing to do with the motto. This is just a reminder for me when and where I’ve been to this month.. no correction – last month!

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more blessings…

Posted by Hannah on March - 16 - 2016

                   Blessings pour in abundance – therefore, be thankful and humbled!

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Book romance

Posted by Hannah on March - 15 - 2016

Whushh… the English and the Frenchies—bachelor, hunks, brilliant and rich. But all the same, played by fools of the women around them. They love, celebrate and act like Casanova’s. They all suffered in love; at war with themselves and even against each other. In fairness, ever loyal to their roots. In the end, they surrender  [ Read More ]

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oh when will you get here?

Posted by Hannah on March - 12 - 2016

I miss the warm weather. I miss wearing t-shirts, shorts, minis and swim-suits… I miss gently and equally lathering my skin with sun lotion and the wat-nots! I miss the beach, the sand, the little boat… I miss ice cream and ice cold drinks to quench the thirst on a really burning day… I miss  [ Read More ]

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Posted by Hannah on February - 22 - 2016


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Freshly brewed

Posted by Hannah on February - 22 - 2016

Clearly, it has been a while since I was here. I guess i can say it does feel weird, but i miss this place. Yes, I miss posting a photo, short epistles— and write about anything useless to the worldwideweb. But then again, this is my little space. Paid and not maintained (hahahaha)! First, I  [ Read More ]

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Reads after Fifty and Crossfire series…

Posted by Hannah on February - 15 - 2016

I spent my day off with nothing on but my bathrobe and everywhere I went in the house, i had my tablet one one hand and a cup of coffee on the other. No, i was not chatting or video viewing some late Filipino soap operas on you tube …although even that, i have not  [ Read More ]

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Missing mi-familya sagrada

Posted by Hannah on February - 5 - 2016

Spending quality time with family or “bonding”…that is actually the best way to spend vacation. Days or weeks free from the busy and stressful corporate life. Just a few days in a month, perhaps even a week or two every 3 months? However possible, take the chance whenever it presents itself – I would take  [ Read More ]

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Morning muni-muni

Posted by Hannah on March - 1 - 2015

Isn’t it nice, waking up to this view everyday? Or perhaps i am syill in dreamland? Happy Sunday everyone!

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Books and movies

Posted by Hannah on February - 28 - 2015

I love books. In fact, when I start reading a book, it is very difficult for me to put it down before reaching the last page. I guess, old habits die hard. See, sometimes I think when I came out from the womb of my mother, I was already holding a book.. hehehe. Instead of  [ Read More ]

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Posted by Hannah on February - 25 - 2015

Why? … am i sitting in front of my PC vegetating today? ON a WORK day? —The doctor said i should relax. Not think of anything. Not do any heavy lifting. No stressing myself out. Just R E L A X!!! Why am I at home? … instead of working my ar*** out at the  [ Read More ]

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