Jan 2005

by missP on Sun Jan 23, 2005 10:23 am
I am currently reading a very interesting book, a gift from my sister-in-law. Although I have read a variety of books, I was never interested in sci-fi. I thought, i can live with romantic fictional stories or thriller/suspense books to pass the time away or to relax myself before going to sleep or fill myself with self-help books by Leo Buscaglia, Joyce Meyer, Gillian Butler, John Gray, Allan & Barbara Pease, specially when I am feeling somewhat down.

Anyway, this book called "Lost in a Good Book" by Jasper Fforde is a story where the Neanderthals, mammoths & dodos being a part of the human civilization at present time. A book where one can get lost being transported from New York to Sydney, Australia or to Tokyo in two hours via the Gravitube. Or travel through time and back for a quick meal and a show.

Would we ever reach that point in time where technology is so much advanced that travelling anywhere and anytime will only take a blink of an eye? It's like being beamed up by Scotty. Well, who can tell. Right now, technology has changed so much. Such a small thing like a PDA can be, in a few years time become a TRICORDER with which one can even scan a person's genetic code or can scan for any bio-signs from a great distance.

When that day comes, I hope I get to experience it. Hehehehe, let me see, if these things happen in the next 100 years, that would then make me like a 133 years old. Nyahhhh! I haven't even finished the book, and here I am already thinking about weird things.

La lang, nagpapaka jologs lang po! Very Happy
by missP on Sun Jan 23, 2005 5:16 pm
I hate the spammers Evil or Very Mad. In my old blogsite, month of Dec spammers aflame left more than a hunderd post on my comments page, which forced my host to suspend the blogsite. Which is also why, I have now this Forum-cum-blogsite. In my constant quest in fighting spammers bash , I don't know anymore, which is more important, having a blogsite where I can rant everything about my daily life, or just ranting about spammers and fighting them off and even trying to find ways to block them from entering the site. Drat!!! I now have to spend more time in front of the computer just so I could clean up the spams and then try to find ways to block them from coming back. The joys of just bloghopping and posting replies and new entries just became second to the criteria.

Hopefully, this will not be as a vulnerable to spams as the old one. I am still trying to get to know how this thing works. With the help of my hubby, it took us the whole weekend to set up the whole thingy. It was a little confusing at first, but now, I am feeling much more comfortable with it.

Five Things
by missP on Sun Jan 23, 2005 8:20 pm
I lifted this from Bebelabs . . . angel

Five Things You May Not Know About My Time in School
* when I was in elementary, i was a tomboy. i had no girl friends and used to hang around with the boys all the time
* when i was in high school, i only had girlfriends;
* had a big crush on the the newspaper editor, hence I volunteered to join the journalism elective class
* cried, in front of the board of judges after the regional drama competetion because my brothers group (rival school) won the best play award
* took advantage of a guy who had a crush on me, so I would have somebody who would do my physics assignment and projects for me.

Five Things You May Not Know About the Job/s I Have (or Had) bouncenburn
* I enjoy my work but I would like to change it as soon as I find another one
* My old routine in my previous job in the Philippines was like: Work-night-out/party-Work. Hardly ever stayed at home longer than 3 hours.
* I used to drive to work without a proper Driver's License way back in 1993.
* Although I am very poor in Math, I could convert in my mind several different currencies into US dollar.
* I used to work as assistant to the Regional Director of DENR where, I just sat in front of a desk the whole day and read pocketbooks. I am not proud of it, which is probably why I only lasted a month in that place.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Online Life:
* I am mostly a stalker.
* When I am at home, which would be like two to three days per week, I spend half of those days vegetating in front of the PC Wink
* I have more than 10 e-mail addresses, fake ones too...Wink
* I can finish two bags of salted chips while browsing
* I hate (and don't read the blogs of) pretentious and arrogant bloggers.

Five Things You May Not Know About Where I Live:
* I live in a very quiet village, where everyone knows everybody else, except I know only the the family living below us.
* My house is the sixth house on the street called R?mer's Spring.
* I have no pets at home but plenty of plants and flowers.
* My neighbors are like Filipinos; they sometimes borrow a cup of sugar, two eggs and yes, sometimes even salt...hahahaha!
* In the village where I live, most of the family's go horseback riding on their free time... yep. amoy kabayo sila! hahahahahaha!

Five Things You May Not Know About My Home Life:
* Some days, I walk around the house in my bathrobe.
* I sometimes spend half the day in the kitchen trying to experiment on food that we end up eating the next two to three days.
* I clean the house only once a month, whereas before I used to do it twice a week.
* I seldom watch TV but could sit and watch two to three consecutive films on some days.
* I could stay one whole day at home without opening any radio, tv or listening to cds. I love it when it is very quiet.

Five Things You May Not Know that I Desperately Want:
* Find a better job
* To finally start with our project in Palawan.
* To finally live in the Philippines for good.
* To be able to serve in the Lord's ministry again

Five Embarrassing Fannish Admissions I Have That You May Not Know:
* I devoured every Mills & Boon novels I could get my hands on to when I was still in high school
* I was totally infatuated with Ricky Martin during his Menudo days.
* I was accused of smuggling taxable goods for not declaring two reams of Marlboro cigarettes upon entering Frankfurt, Germany a couple of years ago. I freaked out at the airport.

Five Things You May Not Know About What I Do in a Typical Day: bananas
* I always wake up at seven a.m. no matter what time I go to bed the night before. That is if I don't have to go to work at four a.m. of course.
* I always get ready two and a half hours before my shift begins.
* I drive more than a hundred kilometers everyday to and from work alone.
* I chat for hours with my sisters almost everyday.
To Be or NOT to Be
by missP on Mon Jan 24, 2005 11:55 am

I have no New Year?s Resolutions. It?s not that I don?t believe in them wink, it?s just that I simply am not serious enough to go through with them. Okay, actually, I procrastinate too much, that?s why, I just end up forgetting to do them. Then at the end of the year, I suddenly remember them and say to myself again, I should REALLY TO DO THIS TIME. Of course, I do it for the first few days or say weeks, if I manage to last, and then start falling back again. So, what?s the use of having them and not doing them anyway? Or end up back to my old usual self that I wanted to change for the better?

So, some years back, I never can remember anymore, I stopped doing it. Funny, because now that it is already almost the end of the first month of the year, I slowly start to feel that I need to change something in me. Something that actually never bothered me before, suddenly I came to realize that it has been recurring most often nowadays at least during the half part of last year.

You see, normally, I am a very calm and patient person. Each time something happens to me, someone does me wrong, for example, I can let it pass me by without making so much fuss about it. I tend to help people and try to befriend them giving them trust and loyalty only to end up getting betrayed by them. When this happens though, I don?t get hysterical about it. I just turn away from the situation. Can this be running away from a problem? I think not. I just know that it is just a waste of time trying to please somebody who doesn?t even deserve what the kind of friendship and loyalty that I offer. But this is not the question here. I will always be so friendly and helpful to others. What I want to change is my willingness to help and befriend others all the time. Maybe, this time I should just choose the people that I want to be with. Classify each and every person that I meet as (a) Friend material or (b) Nobody. Whereas before, I tried to accept every person I got to know and met, simply as they are, not wanting or expecting more from them, maybe this time I should do the opposite. Maybe, if I met Nobody A, that I should demand and expect from that person because that is the only way I can get respect and fear from that person. He or she would not have the nerve to even dream of walking on me by asking favors and expecting more than what I can offer. Or worst, tell me what to do and how to do it. Yep, some are like so. ?I want you to do this and that, because I am so mad at this or that person.? AS if!

But the thing is, I am not that kind of person. I Am Who I Am?( naksss, ala Maricel Soriano ang drama ko!) I am me, the girl who is always open to helping others without asking for too much in return. I do and say what I think is right. I try to help even I have to go out of my way to do it. I do not ask for repayments each time I managed to help. I only want a true friendship in return. Am I getting contradicting Question Is asking for friendship too much Question So, should I change my attitude so that people I get to know in the near future will not just trample on me? I am now pensive about this. I am hesitant to do it though. You see, I maybe na?ve, but hey, in my heart I don?t really wish to be someone else.

Tangle Free?
by missP on Tue Jan 25, 2005 3:50 am
Two weeks ago, hubby flew back to the Philippines for a FTF meeting with his Filipino counterparts. Sadly Crying or Very sad , I couldn?t go with him this time because of work sad. I didn?t have enough vacation left and since I already took several days of unpaid vacation last October, asking again this time was definitely out of the question. So ML flew but left a promise to bring me stuff that he knows would compensate for the two weeks that I would be alone. Some sort of bribe, he, he, he Wink!

The two weeks that he was gone flew by so quickly. I was anyway most of the time at work that I hardly even felt I was alone at home. When he came back, I didn?t even get to start on the projects that I planned to do while he would be away. The time went by so fast, last thing I knew, I needed to be at the airport again to pick him up. He flew back in on a Monday evening, with the SQ 326 flight. I managed naman to be at the airport on time.

When we got home, I couldn?t wait to open his luggage. Like a child so eager to unwrap her Christmas or Birthday presents, I immediately opened his bags. First thing that I looked for where the beauty products that my brother told me via the MSN Messenger that he sent me. Thanks to him, I can now maintain my true-blue Filipina ?kutis? to my heart?s content. He sent me enough to last for the whole year. I guess I cannot deny it anymore that I am already experiencing mid-life crisis, hahaha. Then I looked for the dried fish. A Filipino would not survive without dried fish, I would say. Next to the Tagalog films, the dried fish or ?Tuyo? in our language is the most important. Having said that, I found several tagalong films added to my new collection. Bad luck, the most recent ones that I was looking forward to acquiring like the ?Panaghoy sa Suba? with Ceasar Montano & the Mano Po 3 with Kris Aquino are still not available since they are still shown in the local cinemas there. I just heard that these are some of the most controversial film entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival that was held recently. I so wanted to watch and form my own opinions of the said films. I guess I would have to wait a few months pa. Among the ?pasalubongs? are Dried Mangoes and more medicines. One habit I have until now is ?self-medication?. I buy medicines that I am used to and familiar with from the Philippines. I have them readily available. May it be antibiotics, antihistamines or for normal body pains and fever. Of course, I always consult my dear sister-in-law first for some kind of ?new? sickness/ailments. Otherwise, I am still a biogesic and neozep fanatic.

In between finding the pasalubongs and unpacking the bags, I got stories about everybody and what happened while hubby was there. But the stories alone were not enough for me while browsing throw his presents, I had to see the pictures that he took as well. So, off we went to open the camera and the computer so he could upload the pictures for me to be able to see them all. My cousins who are scheduled to fly to the U.S. were also in Manila around the same time ML was there. I couldn?t wait to see their pictures and the nieces of my niece as well. (Ak-shu-li, ekskyus ko lang ito. Ang totoo talaga, nag i-imbestiga ako kung ano talaga ang ginawa niya doon. Baka kasi may makita akong ebidensiya, Wink ?hahahahaha! Umiral na naman ang ka praningan ko!).

I had fun looking at the pictures. They will be posted in my photo gallery someday. That is assuming that I would be able to find time to do it. Among the pictures though, I enjoyed the ones that hubby took of the billboards along Edsa. This caught my attention immediately:

Why do they have to use ?buhaghag? instead of the English term ?tangle?? Beats me!

But I do remember my adviser in college told me once during an interview about which Major to take, "to get into advertising, one has to have a twisted mind".
by missP on Wed Jan 26, 2005 1:22 am
I saw a colleague today who I have not worked together for some time now. Actually, the last time we were at a position together was middle of September of last year, before I left for vacation. At that time, she told me about her current boyfriend and their scheduled trip to Turkey that coming November. She was so happy then. She had thought that he is already the right man for her. She told me about the little things that he would do that made her feel really happy and contented with him. ?Love, maybe, but, at my age and the experiences that I went through in life when it comes to men, I doubt it?. She admitted. ?I just need somebody to keep me warm at night and stand as father figure to my two kids,? she said frankly. ?I will be quite happy and content if I am not bothered at all with all the hypocrisy that goes with the love package?, she said, with a ring of bitterness in her voice. Apparently, the relationship is not turning out the way she wants it to turn out. Then she continued to tell me how the guy doesn?t understand her or is not willing to understand her. That, she is now considering of breaking up with him, but then suddenly, out of the blue, and in between the arguments and silence between them, he would suddenly do something really touching and sweet, that she would melt again and start hoping that maybe the relationship will still turn out right.

Upon hearing this, another colleague (colleague number 2 or C2) tried to lecture her on relationships and family, something that she should value because she has two growing kids. C2 continued on to say that colleague number 1 (C1) has to be very careful with the partners that she brings home because all kinds of crazy people are on the loose today. She might just be unfortunate enough to bring somebody home who abuses children, for example, what would happen then to her kids? The discussion went on and on, until they both realized and accepted that the both of them were stubborn enough and that neither would accept to be wrong. Both wanted to be right.

Well, I became some sort of a bystander. I watched and listened to the two discussing about love, the euphoric state where one is during the heat of the passion & about the pain that it brings along as well. Ironic, isn?t it how
?the one person who you may love dearly, would turn out to be the same person who you?d hate the most later on.?

At the end of my duty, as I was changing in our break room, I suddenly remembered that piece of paper that I found one day while doing the search procedures in my previous job. I looked for it in my locker, hoping that I did not give it to somebody else already or worst threw it away. I delved into the locker and dug into the pile of useless crap inside until I finally found it. ?IT,? is a newspaper clipping. A daily journal published it with the note that the epistle was sent in by a Moslem guy but the author of the epistle is unknown. The title:

Important Relationship Rules to Live By:

? Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.
? Marry a Man/Woman you love to talk to. As you get older, the conversational skills will be as important as any other.
? Don?t believe all you hear.
? When you say, ?I Love You?, mean it.
? When you say, ?I?m sorry?, look the person in the eye.
? Be engaged at least six months before you get married.
? Never laugh at anyone?s dreams. People, who don?t have dreams, don?t have much.
? Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt, but it?s the only way to live life completely.
? In disagreements, fight fairly. PLEASE NO Name Calling!
? Don?t judge people by their relatives.
? Talk slowly, but think quickly.
? When someone asks you a question you don?t want to answer, smile and ask: ?Why do you want to know??
? Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risks.
? When you lose, don?t loose the reason.
? Remember the 3 R?s:
Respect for Self
Respect for others
Responsibility for all your actions
? Don?t let a little dispute injure a great friendship.
? When you realize you?ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
? Smile when picking up the phone, the caller will hear it in your voice.

************Author Unknown*************

Having found it, I ran over to C1. For what it?s worth, maybe this will help. I told her as I handed her the newspaper clipping. [b]
No Update yet...
by missP on Sat Jan 29, 2005 1:17 pm
Aside form the constant renovation that I have been doing to the site, I really have not much to make an entry about. Been busy with some things not even worth blogging about... Cool

Hubby is leaving again for Bucharest this time. Nope...Im not going with him. Can't! Anyhow, I'll be alone again for the next one and a half week. I'll see what happens... Rolling Eyes .

Boring , boring, boring! Brick wall