Dec 2005

"An Apple a day takes the Doctor away..."
by missP on Fri Dec 02, 2005 8:35 pm
Apparently this is not true for me. I have problems with apples. Red, green or even the ones turning yellow, I cannot tolerate them. So bad luck for the evil step-mom, for she can never poison me with the shiniest red apple in the whole universe. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say no to my MIL. On our way back from a long weekend with them, she gave hubby and me a bag of apples from her garden. I wanted to say “no” to her but didn’t have the heart for it, so I just accepted the bag thinking I could make compote out of them, or if I can find the time, maybe marmalade. Simply eating the apple as it is, is a no-go for me. Once, when I ate them, I got a sore throat. I thought, maybe it was only by chance or maybe it was because I forgot to wash the apple before eating it. So the next time I ate it, I made sure it was properly washed and even peeled but then, I got itchy tongue instead. Then, I tried it again, thinking it can’t be that I am allergic to apples, but the last time, I went red and with spots all over the body. SO, I decided, to totally forego apples. I never had it since.

Today though, it completely slipped my mind that I am not supposed to eat them. A friend and her partner came by the house to pick up the baby crib that I had in my basement for sometime now. I know, I don’t have a child, never had, but I have the crib in my basement! I know, I am weird, hehehe. Anyway, I digress.

As they were having their coffee, I absent mindedly started peeling the apple, sliced it and placed it on the table, just in case. I had some cookies served out as well. I honestly don’t know what came into my mind. As my friends and I were talking, I unknowingly, reached out and took a slice of the apple on the table and started eating it.

With the first bite, there was no reaction. With the second, no itchy tongue or throat, no red dots on the face or arms. Suddenly after like twenty minutes or perhaps less, my eyes started feeling warm. I rushed over to the bathroom to sprinkle water on them. I felt relieved for awhile. Thank goodness. To my dismay, after a few more minutes, I found myself partially blinded. I couldn’t see clearly anymore. When I rushed back to the bathroom to check, I was shocked that my eyes were swollen. The lids became bigger than the luggage that I always take whenever I fly back home to visit. Not only that, they were also bloody red.

Hubby almost panicking, ordered me to go to bed, lie still and put eye drops on my eyes. I was then forced to close my eyes and not move. Friends had to depart quite hurriedly, but only after reassurances from hubby that I will be okay.

As of writing this entry, my eyes are still swollen, but I could already see better and I managed at least to convince hubby that indeed I am fine. And whilst composing this entry, I not only promised myself to never again make the same mistake of eating an apple but also swear to never again will I NOT say “no” when I know that I should, to avoid the same accident from happening again.
ang malas daw tuwing dumadating laging may kakambal...
by missP on Sat Dec 03, 2005 10:15 pm
Hay, ang ganda talaga ng pasok ng buwan ng disyembre sa buhay ko. Mantakin niyo ba naman na kagabi, habang ginagawa ko ang entry about the "apples", eh, bigla na lang akong naka amoy ng usok. Dali-dali akong lumabas ng computer room at nagulat nalang ako sa apoy na nagsisimula nang lumaki sa foyer namin.

Bago pa kasi dumating ang mga friends ko kahapon para kunin nga ang crib na matagal nang naka istambay sa basement ko, ay nagluto ako ng adobo. Napa sobra yata ako sa lagay ng garlic at nag-amoy garlic ang bahay namin. So naisip kong mag light ng scented candle para di naman masyadong masang-sang ang bahay ko.

Eh, diba nga, biglang namaga ang mata ko dahil sa apples, so nakalimutan ko na ang sinindihan kong candles. Si hubby naman, after making sure na naka pikit na ang mga mata ko sa loob ng kuwarto, ay bumalik na computer room namin. Nung bumangon ako para mag gawa ng entry, dumiretso lang din naman ako sa computer room at di ko namalayan ang malapit na pala sigurong maupos na kandila.

Then just after i clicked on "submit new entry”, ay bigla naman akong nakaamoy na ng usok. I rushed outside the room and was quite shocked by the fire that has started to spread to the table runner. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the first thing I could lay my hands on to. The water filter pitcher! I poured water onto the fire, but the fire suddenly grew bigger. So I rushed back to the kitchen again, and grabbed the wet cloth that I usually use to clean the sink with. I soaked it in water and threw it on top of the fire. It worked. Hubby was more sensible and went to get the fire extinguisher. He eventually finished putting of the fire while I stared at the black walls and burned decors on the floor.

We then spent a good 45 minutes trying to clean the mess and opening all the windows of the house. It was so annoying. Natanggal nga ang amoy nang garlic, pero nag amoy usok naman ang bahay the whole night. To top it all, we had to leave the windows open for a while, so that meant turning the heating off and freezing our asses to numbness.

Hay nako! Talaga nga yatang malas ang araw ko kahapon. Tama nga si Abaniko I should “never entertain couples looking for baby cribs!”

Pinay in the chocolate making business...
by missP on Fri Dec 09, 2005 1:55 pm
Yan ang Pinay, talaga!!!
Last December 5th, though the day was gray and wet, it was not as bad as I thought it would turn out. I had off day from work. With nothing left to do at home, since most my errands has been done the previous week, I was left with plenty of time at hand. I thought I would just stay at home, practice a new song on the guitar and perhaps even bake a cake. Though, the last idea was not so appealing since hubby and I have been and am still trying to lose weight since we got back from a short stay at his parents’ house last month. I am not complaining, but each time we go to visit, we always come back home feeling so full, that we don’t even want to eat during the following weeks. Yes! WEEKS!! I never imagined in my whole 3 & some decades of existence, how traumatic it can be to just eat and sleep for several days. It’s like being punished and made to suffer for a bad deed. But, hubby’s mother is such a great host and a very good cook and we simply couldn’t say no to whatever she serves us. I digress.

Anyway, as I was just packing the guitar back in its case, after my regular early morning practice, the phone rang. Thinking that it was again another advertising call from D-Telekom, I didn’t answer the phone. It rang several times more and finally stopped. “Boy, aren’t they desperate to promote new things” I said to myself. Then after a couple of seconds, my handy started beeping. Another message, I thought from yahoo. I get this spam from yahoo on my phone and it is really getting annoying. I checked who the message was from. It was not from yahoo, it was a message from an ex-colleague inviting me to join them go visit a Filipina who lives in Mainz. That’s like a good 80 kilometers from my house, but I was curious so I sent a reply saying that I can only be at the designated meeting place at around 2 pm. I cannot be there earlier, since I was still in my bathrobe and have not even finished my coffee. On my days-off, I normally finish my first cup of coffee only around 10:45 or 11:00 a.m. (While I wander inside the house in my bathrobe and sometimes less, (hehehe), I take my time with my coffee.) They replied that it was fine, since they have to meet somebody else anyway.

I reached the designated place with plenty of time left to spare. I waited and wandered around the vicinity. Mainz, I thought is a nice city. I finally saw my ex-colleagues walking towards my direction. I asked them where we we’re going exactly. They answered in chorus: “to a place where your little desires will be sated”. Ahh, okay. Let’s see then. “Mon Petit Desir” Korbgasse 9, 59116 Mainz is like any normal chocolate shop from the outside. Looking through the glass windows, one can notice the shelves filled with ceramic sets for sale, several big canisters assorted exotic teas, Blue-mountain & Arabica coffee beans (coming from the highlands of Java), various types of gift items, different kinds of Belgian beer and in one corner a couple of tables where the guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or hot home-made chocolate drink. But once you get inside, you'll realize that IT IS NOT just like any other normal chocolate shop in the city. It is a little corner of heaven right in the center of Mainz tower proper.

Owned and operated by Ms Lilibeth Wohlfart, a Filipina married to a local national. Ms. Lilibeth used to live in Brugge, Belgium for sometime, before she finally moved back to Germany with hubby and kids. In Belgium, having realized her interest in chocolates, she pursued a course in “ chocolate making ” where she learned everything about chcolates. She was thought & trained by Belgium’s 2005 World-Chocolate Masters award-winner Mr. Pol Deschepper. But her education and training did not end there. She continues to make her regular trips back to Belgium to find out about new techniques and trends in the chocolate making industry. She also plans to further her knowledge by going to the French pastry school in Chicago hopefully next year.

I enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and some self-made pralines that Ms. Lilibeth offers in her shop. Her place is heavenly and her prices are actually much affordable. Honestly, I thought that she may only be selling high priced stuff and that I would be going home that day empty-handed. But I was very wrong. I ended up with more than 400 grams of pralines. They were absolutely, definitely and wonderfully arousing. I really felt every single hair in my body rising after having tasted them and thought that every nerve cell has been awakened. And, hey, wanna know a secret? Well, if you eat them pralines, you will never regret it, promise. I brought home a box of assorted pralines, some of which are even chilli and hubby loved them to the max. I can definitely contradict that "mature men tend to have anti-erection effect from chocolates".Hahaha!

And so, the day, as I have said in the beginning, didn't turn out too sad & gloomy. Being there in that warm and cozy place that Ms. Lilibeth has indeed helped us get through another gray day in Deutschland. We left her version of "heaven" with several Christmas presents for friends and a promise that we'd be going back for more, time permitting.
How I remember Christmas in the Philippines
by missP on Sat Dec 10, 2005 9:12 am
The last time I spent Christmas in the Philippines was in 1999 just before the turn of the new millennium. How I wish I can spend Christmas there again. I remember Christmas in the Philippines:

- by the early Christmas carols played over the radio and at the mallsas early as October
- by the parols that are hung in houses, at the markets or along the streets
- by the bets as to who can complete the simbang gabi
- by the puto bung-bong at bibingka
- by the early elaborate Christmas decors in malls and houses hung right after All Soul’s day and All Saint’s Day
- by the Christmas lights hung in front of the house or around it. Pinaka madami ilaw, pinaka bongga
- by the cool temperature of the weather specially at night
- by the ever present Queso de Bola and smoked ham
- by the Magnolia Ice cream cake that was once very popular… at least during my childhood days
- by the kids caroling from house to house as early as last week of November hoping to earn some cash till Christmas
- by the Ninongs and Ninangs who we plan to go visit to get our pamasko from
- by the kwitis and sparklers that kids play with on the streets
- by the five star and lebentador or judas’ belt
- by the ever favorite bunutan ng names for Kris-Kringle
- by the Christmas cards both self-made and bought from Hallmark
- by the arranged Christmas parties and reunions
- by the walang kamatayang Midnight Madness (SALE)
- by the scheduled visits to Star City or Enchanted Kingdom

The gifts always excite me. I couldn’t sleep until I can find a gift with my name written on it. I eagerly wait until someone would finally place it under the plastic Christmas tree in the living room. When I would eventually find my gift, I would shake it, stare at it, check out the size and weight and try to guess what it could be. Most of the time, I was disappointed for I never got exactly what I had asked Santa Claus to give me, but it always turns out that what I got was much better than what I wanted. I just didn’t know it at the time of opening the gift, hehehe. Silly me!

Pasko na naman,
O kay tulin ng araw
Paskong nagdaan,
Tila ba kung kailan lang

Ngayon ay pasko
Dapat pasalamatan,
Ngayon ay pasko
Tayo ay mag awitan.

katawa-katawa sa 'ta!
by missP on Wed Dec 14, 2005 8:36 am

si inTING niadto sa USA niorder ug SIKWATI..gihigop dayon bisan ug INIT pa..nakahilak si INTING!

amerikano: ANYTHING ??

inting: INIT MO LANG!!


Ang ahente mitoktok sa balay ug gisabwag ang tae:

Ahente: kung di na malimpyo niining vaccum, ang tae akong kaonon.

Mrs:Hala kaona gyud na kay brown out!


Kahibalo ba mo nga ang inyong BOLBOL sumpay sa inyong PILOK??....BITARA imong BOLBOL di bah mo piyong imong mata!

bananas hairout bananas
What I see every time I open my eyes to a brand new day?
by missP on Fri Dec 16, 2005 1:19 pm

The first photo you can guess, hehehe. The second one is the wall with my pictures and the head of the lamp with a Wu Lou or Gourd hanging from it. This is supposed to bring me good health and longevity. The year was not really nice to my health. I had so much physical pain, worst, the doctors couldn't tell me exactly what was wrong. I checked out the Feng Shui tips website and discovered the Gourd. I hanged it in there and surprisingly, I am now better. Of course, the apple incident was brought about by my clumsiness. Notice the pile of books that I have been planning to read for the last couple of months. I only touched them whenever I have to clean the room. Otherwise, they pile up on my bedside table and slowly looks like the tower of Babylon. The Chinese jars are a present from hubby. Then I listen to the seven songs (tagged by Jennie) that I am so into right now and programmed them as my alarm:

Somethin' Stupid
Afraid for Love to Fade
Both Sides Now
Tuwing umuulan
Babae po ako (yes! blackteeth )

I am supposed to tag seven people, but then I chose to leave it to those who come to visit to decide if they also want to do this. Happy weekend to all!
The Christmas Alphabet
by missP on Mon Dec 19, 2005 10:33 am
Somehow, not only for Christmas, but all the long year through, The joy that you give to others, is the joy that comes back to you. And the more you spend in blessing the poor and lonely and sad, the more of your heart's possessing, returns to you glad.
John Greenleaf Whittier - more Christmas quotes

C - is for the Candies trimmed around the Christmas Tree
H - is for the Happiness with all the family
R - is for the Reindeer prancing by the window pane
I - is for the Icing on a cake as sweet as sugar cane
S - is for the Stocking on the chimney wall
T - is for the Toys beneath the Tree so Tall
M - is for the Mistletoe where everyone is kissed
A - is for the Angels who make up the Christmas list
S - is for old Santa who makes every kid his pet

So be good and he’ll bring you everything in your Christmas alphabet.