Jun 2005

Just Another DAy
by missP on Sat Jun 04, 2005 10:09 pm
It rained, it hailed (north-east part of the country), the clouds were all over us the whole day, ?well, not really. Sometime around after lunch, Mr. Sunshine finally decided to show up. Somewhere a few hundred kilometers away from us, around L?beck, a county in the north, four 18 year olds died on a head-on collision. The driver of a BMW convertible overtook their car at a blind curved. The teenagers died on the spot and the driver of the BMW is still in critical condition at a hospital. This was on the news the whole afternoon. It definitely triggered an angry reaction, which resulted to some words which are better left unwritten/unpublished, hahaha! Crazy people! Just because they drive a fast car, doesn?t mean they have sole ownership and rights to the road.

Anyway, today seems to be a very long day for me. After making sure I did my leg exercises and taking my medicine on time, I ended up in front of the PC again. Something that hubby thought I would not do, but since I did, he made sure that I wouldn?t have a single minute of peace whilst browsing and bloghopping! NAhhh, just kidding. Of course, I had my peace and was left in perfect silence and unbothered during the three or four hours of surfing.

I was just thinking about my next entry, when the thought came to my mind. Does blogging have its rules and regulatios that bloggers, new and veterans alike have to follow? Is there really some kind of bible for the blogging fanatics? Do we also have our own commandments to abide by? Well, the only way to find out was to search the web for answers. The results came back with this:

This guy said: "that as bloggers, we are not supposed to write about ourselves, about our friends, about our pets, or travels. As a blogger, we are also journalists and should therefore try to write like one. Typos aren?t supposed to be taken taken for granted; to blog, we should be aware of the meaning of the word and try to live up to the expectations of others ? etc., etc". Oh boy, this made me shrink. How was I supposed to know that blogging is this serious? I thought, having a host, links and a place to write about or topic to dissect was enough to define a blog.

I scrolled down the list of search results, and found this one which I thought was so vague, I didn?t really get it what the guy was talking about. Hehehe?umiral ang pag ka boba ko..

In my desperation to justify my personal and private blog, a place on the net where I do write about myself, my work ? my sicknesses, my state of depression and homesickness; what I experience living and working in a foreign land, places I travel, etc., etc. I ended up reading this blog. Hah! that was a relief!!!

Like for example, some weeks back, I made an entry which I afterwards felt so guilty about. I didn't want to be accused of stealing or copying an idea, but somehow, i felt like i did. So, what i did was, wrote to Mavic and asked for an apology. The thing is, I am quite new to the blogging world. In the wide open sea of the blogging world, I am like one of the dogs struggling to thread in the deep blue sea, trying to fetch a piece of stick afloat, which was thrown into the water absentmindedly by the master, amidst deep conversation about world economy and politics aboard a luxurious cruise liner. (That sounds so cruel!) Like many others, I am also trying to figure out how this thing goes. So, I sniff around and thread a bit for clues from the veterans and not so veterans in blogging. Naturally, they would know the rules having been in the scene far longer than I have been. I have seen some bickerings, and arguments in blogging. Something unthinkable as having a blog-war of some sorts. BUt then again, I could be wrong. Maybe it is only a harmless exchange of ideas, theories or principles. Nevertheless, I found it really interesting, did entertain me a bit, but this has not helped me at all. I am still left hanging.

Oh well, it's just another day for me. Now I prepare myself to bed.
Bringing bad news...
by missP on Sun Jun 12, 2005 12:48 am
I have heard a few things that some people don?t like to do. One of them is giving out bad news. Not that I don?t understand it. I, myself hate being the one to bring bad news. Here is an example of how trying not to sound so tragic and over dramatic about giving out bad news can lead to an actual catastrophe. Or maybe for some, not at all?! wink


AT dawn, the telephone rings.

"Hello, Master James? This is Antonio your country-house caretaker."

"Ah yes, Mr. Antonio. What can I do for you? Is there a problem?"

"Ummm, I am just calling to advise you, sir that your parrot died."

"My parrot? Dead? The one that won the competition?"

"That's the one."

"Darn! That's such a pity! I spent a small fortune on that bird. Oh well...what did he die of?"

"From eating rotten meat."

"Rotten meat? Who was so mean as to give him meat?"

"Nobody. He ate the meat of one of the dead horses."

"Dead horses? What dead horses, Mr. Antonio?"

"Why, those purebred ones that you had, sir. They
died from all that work pulling the water cart."

"Are you insane? What water cart?"

"The one we used to put out the fire."

"Good Lord! What fire are you talking about, man?"

"The one at your house! A candle fell and then the curtain caught on fire."

"What the...!!! But there's electricity at the
house!!!! What was the candle for???"

"For the funeral."


"Your mother's! She showed up one night out of the
blue and I thought she was a thief, so I shot her."
Running after men in skirts at the park...
by missP on Sun Jun 19, 2005 12:37 am
With 33?C the summer heat finally arrived yesterday and being stuck at home for most part of the week, hubby decided we should rather do something outdoors for that day. I told him bluntly that I have already prepared something cool to drink and that the reclining chairs are ready and waiting at the balcony with our respective books to read.

Akalain ko bang ako pala ay maghahabol ng mga lalaking naka-palda sa isang lugar dito sa Alemanlandiya?

Schotten is another city about 30 kilometers from the town where I live. Every year, for three consecutive years now, the town of Schotten organized the Pipes and Drums contest, where bands from different regions compete in playing the Bag Pipe. Bands from Aschaffenburg, Bremen, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Stuttgart and Dronten, The Netherlands namely, come to join the competition every year. With different grade level entries to vie for, the competition definitely gives a lot of chances for the beginners and amateur players of the instrument more chances of getting motivated to join the said event. Hubby and I decided to go-see the whole thing. I was hesitant because of the condition of my legs, knowing full well that I would not last more than four hours of standing even after taking my medicines. It, being a very sunny day, I thought it was just a waste to stay at home and vegetate. Nako! ang tita niyo..naglakwatsa!

“See how it goes is, the train moves…not the station!” I remembered Jon Lovitz’s line in A League of Their Own while I was watching the first band playing the Scotland the Brave music. Malay ko ba naman kasi sa instrumento nila at lalong-lalo na sa systema ng pag judge sa pag tugtog nila ng musika. Parang subject ko yata for today ay larangan ng Kultura ng bansang Scotland. Abah! Eh, malay ko ba sa kanila…ang alam ko lang sa musiko nila ay ang ringtone na Scotland the Brave sa mga handys at wala nang iba! Yes…may pagka syonga ang Tita niyo…at tanggap ko na! Hubby was explaining to me how the bagpipe was prepared and played.

The band, like any other band/orchestra had a conductor, who uses his foot as a baton in leading the group to play beautiful music through their pipes. In preparation, they blow air into the pipes, before marching to the center-cum-stage where they would then play the entire song/medley of songs, (whichever was the case) for three to five minutes each. Each time a group of more or less 16 pipers & drummers would form a circle in the middle of the place intended as stage and play their own version of Scottish music interpretation. I can’t pretend to be an expert on the subject of Scottish music nor of the bagpipes, but one thing I sure had fun with, was thinking what in heaven’s name are the men thinking and feeling at that very moment when they had skirts on?!? YES! Skirts!

Men, with huge bodies, athletic and sooooo yummy looking were everywhere in skirts! AHA! Now, I think this was not such a bad idea after all. I slowly looked for a spot where I would be able to take pictures, without having to stand up and turn around everytime i find a nice view ( wink ). They came in different sizes, malalaki (ang katawan, hah?!), guwapo, cute..haaaaaayyy! Ang mga madame, naturalmente, naglalaway! Pati mga lola ay naka buntot sa mga chicos! Believe me, kanina lang ako naka kita ng ganoon ka dami na ng mga matrona…na gumagala during the middle of the day! Hahaha!

Nasa isisp ko tuloy, ano ba yan…mag laway ba sa mga bagets at forgets? Pero in fairness ha…kahit may edad na ay cute pa rin silang tingnan sa uniporme nila na palda, Laughing !

The rest of the afternoon went by so fast. Before I knew it, I was like crazy, running after the men in skirts just trying to get pictures that I could use for this entry…. wink wink hehehehe…actually, i did not run after them... pipilay-pilay kasi ang lola! At hindi lang mga larawan ng mga hombre ang ini uwi ni Bruha… Oyyy! Sobra..hindi naman ako nag uwi ng lalaki…okay ka lang? Kasama ko kaya si fafa ko! Ibig kong sabihin, naka record din ako, with my nokia 7610 handy, my own original live version of the ringtone Scotland the Brave. Click on the bagpipe to listen yourself.

Dream of finding gold or winning the lotto, instead!
by missP on Tue Jun 21, 2005 5:01 pm
Waking up to the ray of sunshine this morning gave me a slight headache. I should really do something about that drape that i have been planning to make for the bedroom windows. I actually have the materials ready but I simply didn't have or couldn't find the time to do it. Besides, I didn't really need the drapes that much during wintertime, so the project just got moved down to the end of the "to do" list during the last couple of months. I am regretting it now, though, shrug shrug shrug

Groggily and very slowly, I got out of the bed, careful not to jump on my legs, since I have not taken the meds yet and walked towards the kitchen to get a glass of water and the 1st set of meds for the day. As I swallowed the meds down, my mind wondered back to the dream I had. It was a normal dream. Nothing dramatic like ending up crying or shouting...you know, it's not the kind that leaves one exhausted and weak. groovin groovin groovin

Anyway, in my dream, I found myself looking at a new, silver, foldable cellular phone with camera. In my dream, it belonged to my hubby. Hubby, by the way, doesn't have such a phone in reality. But in my dream, I had the impression that the phone was his. As I was about to confront him about having the new phone without telling me about it, my sister suddenly showed up and told me that my hubby did have that phone for sometime already and that we (hubby & me) bought it together from a shop in Belgium. I was staring at it for a while and I was wondering if it was true, when suddenly the phone started ringing. I rushed over to where hubby was, in my dream, and gave him the phone. He took it quite casually and then went to talk to the person who was calling him. phonecall phonecall
Then I woke up.

"Communication is the basis of dreaming, since dreams are messages from ourselves to ourselves. However, when it emerges in a recognizable form our unconscious seems to be making an effort to convey a message in a way we should find easy to understand."
--The Complete Book of Dreams by: J. & D. Parker

In the same book, it said:

The "telephone" is the classic "message" dream symbol. In your dream, who was on the end of the line? Consider what this person means to you and what they stand for in your waking life. If you were making the call, your dream maybe concentrating on the message that you are trying to convey to someone in your waking life. You must ask yourself what that message is and at whom it is aimed. If in your dream, you were desperately trying to get through to someone and had difficulty in doing so, you are probably getting frustrated in waking life...do not forget that you could be the telephone itself, trying to convey a message.

The "visitor": You should give a great deal of thought to a visitor that appears in your dream. Was the visitor a stranger or someone you know and admire? If it was the former, you maybe searching for new interests and adventure; while if it was the latter, you may want to embrace the admirable characteristics or skills of the person concerned.

That about gives me the points that I need to use to help me interpret my dream, right? So, it should not be so difficult. The thing is, in my dream, the next two or three pointers did not happen. I was not making a call, I was not talking to somebody over the phone, nor was I trying to convey a message to anybody else. So, as I think about it now, I am stuck with the realization that the meaning of the dream is simply: That i would be getting/receiving a message.

Considering the "visitor", which happens to be my sister, I guess, it does not really make such a big issue because I have always admired her and her great qualities. I guess, this means, that part has also nothing to do with the dream...or if indeed it was trying to tell me something, I definitely have no idea what is, since I am already fully aware of the traits that I admire in her.

I was still trying to figure out what the dream really meant, when the doorbell suddenly rang. At first, I thought it was probably the postman with the neighbor's package again. I went to open the door and was surprised to see the lady who lives downstairs. She was asking if my hubby was working from home today. I said yes, but he is currently in a phone conference. I went on to ask if I could help her instead. She then narrated to me that as my hubby went to drive her son to her mother's place the night before, her son may have left his cellular phone in hubby's car. They were not sure if this was true, but it would be nice if they could look for the phone in the car. I grabbed the keys and went out to check first in hubby's car, finding nothing I then went to see if perhaps, hubby used my car last night to drive the boy to his grandma's place. I opened the car from the passenger seat and asked the lady to look in herself since I have no idea how the cellular phone looked like. After like twenty seconds, she showed me a phone that she picked up under the seat. A new, silver, foldable phone with camera! For a minute there, I froze. It was so weird! When I came back upstairs, I rushed immediately to tell hubby about the whole thing.

"My love", he said, "I think it was just either: sneaky sneaky you missed a dream, in which I announced to everybody that I have now a new phone or your sixth sense is getting sharp again... wink wink now, why don't you go back to bed and try to dream of finding gold instead or perhaps, find out which lotto numbers will come up." bouncenburn bouncenburn
Kung may Himala...
by missP on Sun Jun 26, 2005 3:44 am
bananas bananas
The verdict is out! Sabi ng doctor ko mag kaka-anak na daw ako...itong buwan na ito... kailangan pag-trabahuhan ko na na mabuntis ako! brickwall Hello? As if naman, ilang years ko na rin pinagta-trabahuhan ito. Hindi lang yan... bingo pinag darasal ko pa. Kaya lang, sabi nga ng Tito kong Belgian, "one does not get pregnant just by hoping and praying... Shame on you ... two has to work for it to happen".

Eh, lintik! Mad Ang hirap kaya gumawa ng bata. whisper Hindi ka ba naman magkanda hubo't-hubad, not to mention pag-papawisan ka pa ng husto at kapag winter time, tamarin ka na lang sa lamig... dahil sa totoo lang pati bum mo ay mangungulubot, tapos sasabihan ka pa ng ganun! razz Maniwala pa kaya ako doon? Hay nako! Ang buhay nga naman. Hindi ko alam kung niloloko lang ako ng mga doktor dito sa Alemanya. Tulad ng problema ko sa binti na hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin sigurado ang doktor kung ano at saan nanggaling ang sakit ko na ito. sad

Nako! shrug Eniwey, mabalik ako sa doktor ko na nagsabi na magka-kaanak na daw ako. Sa kanya daw kasi, ang pasyente na hindi nagkaka-anak ay napapa-anak niya. Tulad na lang daw noong isang Moroccan na Ginang. 44 years old at never pang nag-ka anak or nabuntis man lang. Pumunta sa kanya, at ayun...makaraan ang tatlong buwan ay nabuntis nga. Nung nanganak ng lalaki ang Ginang, lubos ang katuwaan nito. Sa Muslim kasi mahalaga ang lalaki. Kaya, ayun, simula noon ay dumami na nang dumami ang pasyente nyang Muslim. thinks Okay, sa loob-loob ko lang, hangga't hindi siya ang ama ng magiging anak ko, magba-bakasakali na rin ako sa kanya. Baka nga naman magkaroon ng Himala sa kanya tulad nga ng na sabi niya! Nang bumalik ako sa kanya, may kasabay akong Pilipina. Dina- daing niya na masakit daw ang puson niya. Matapos akong ma eksamen ng doktor ay sumunod na ang aking kakilala.

snore snore
Makaraan ang kinse minutos,lumabas ang Pinay galing sa consultation room, namumutla at nagmamadali siya. Napa sugod naman tuloy ako sa kanya at sinundan ko para itanong kung ano ang nangyari sa konsultasyon niya. Nanginginig siyang sinabi sa akin na buntis daw siya! Hah? Ito na ba ang himala na hinihintay ko? Totoo ba ito? Napigilan tuloy ako at napa-isip. Kung totoo man, kailangan malaman ko. Pina-salaysay ko kung ano ang ginawa ng kaibigan ko sa loob ng clinic ng doctor. Nabanggit niya na matapos siyang sundutin at himut-himutin ay nag paalam siya sa doktor na lalabas para lang umihi. Pumayag naman ang doktor at sabing maghi-hintay daw siya para tapusin ang kaniyang pag eeksamen sa aking kaibigan. sailing Nang bumalik ang kaibigan ko ay naka sunod na ang nurse sa kanya. May iniabot ito sa doktor at sabay napa-tingin ang huli sa aking kaibigan. Pagkatapos ng ilang segundo ay sinabi niya: "Congratulations, you are having a baby!"... Na shock ang kaibigan ko. At nabulatlat niya na lang ay: aber wie? threadhead Paano nga naman nangyari iyun eh, wala pang asawa ang Pinay at ang kasintahan naman ay nasa Pilipinas pa.

surrender Napa-pause naman ang doktor at nagmadaling gumawa ng isa pang test kung positive nga ba or negative ang pregnancy test. Makaraan ang ilang minuto pa, lumabas na ang katotohanan. Hindi buntis ang kaibigan ko. sorry Inaatake lang siya ng UTI. Binigyan siya ng doktor ng resita ng gamot na kailangan niyang bilhin at pina-alalahanan na kung hindi pa rin titigil ang sakit na kanyang nararamdaman sa loob ng tatlong araw, dapat mag balik siya dito. Hay nako! Akala ko pa naman ay may himala na. Wala pala talagang himala! Ngayon mas nainiwala na ako kay Nora Aunor. Kaya pala puro ampon lang din ang mga anak niya!