Jul 2005

Cooking lessons fiasco... and then some!
by missP on Tue Jul 05, 2005 9:39 am
; is a Filipino delicacy, a rice cake made of ?malagkit? or sticky rice, sugar and coconut gratings. The English translation of the word ?litaw? is float, hence ?pa-litaw? is to float. It is called ?palitaw? because of the way it is cooked: after preparing the dough, it is then dropped into boiling water and when it floats/surfaces then it is already cooked. This is better explained in [url=http://www.houseonahill.net/]sassy lawyers?: pinoy cook.net, since I am no good at cooking Filipino delicacies and don?t really do it that much often. Though, I try it every now & then.

Anyway, I have a feeling this blogsite is like a ?palitaw? because I am not updating as often as before. It?s not that I cannot, since I have been at home most of the time, it's just that I don?t! Why? Because for some days now, I am experiencing what they call a ?writer?s block?? there?s a laugh! No really, I cannot think of anything to post. There have been a few instances where I wanted to post some stories that happened in my life during the last month, but for some reasons, I cannot. Okay, first, because if I would write about them, I could get fired from work. Second, because it involves some people who are currently in a situation where they cannot reveal to the world their current status. Getting curious yet? Well, somehow, it is so. So, before I could get fired and then loose the friendship I am enjoying with these people, I rather don?t blog about it. But! How I wish I could?hehehehe! In the end, I only surface with a new entry, every now & then... the same way a palitaw only surfaces each time someone drops a spoonful in the pot.

So, rather become a ?palitaw? than ? well?risk anything foolish. Am I stupid? Not really. Am I a coward? Probably, but then again, I am digressing, hehehe!

Why ?palitaw? as an entry? Well, because I am trying to describe my attitude in updating this blogsite and because: tada!!!! I tried to cook ?palitaw? last weekend? Yes, I was courageous enough to do it. Alas! After almost half-a-day of preparation?(yeah? I know? don?t even think about lifting your eyebrows, Shame on you )? the ?palitaw? I made was uneatable! I had to throw it away. It was hard, no...it was very sticky? like glue, actually and it just didn?t taste right! Arrrrgh! I don?t know what I did wrong. I tried to follow the very simple, (at least it looked really easy) recipe but somehow, I didn?t do it right I guess. So, of to the bin it went! I was so disappointed that hubby suggested I should just try something else. When I told my dear sister about the flop I made, she suggested I should try to make embutido instead. So, I did. And this time it worked! Nope. I don?t have pictures of when I made it? since, I was so afraid it would just be another failure, but it turned out really good. I managed to make 5 rolls ? good thing this can be refrigerated. I enjoyed the first roll last night. Thanks to sassy lawyer for sharing her wonderful recipes, my self-esteem is now better than it was after the ?palitaw? fiasco. Wink
Ambot sa langaw...
by missP on Mon Jul 11, 2005 10:37 am

Bali laging kalisod aning akong kahimtang karon. Nabuyong nako sa mag tambal nga akong gi-inom pero wa gahapo?y maayong resulta. Mao ra gihapon ang sakit. Mawa lang ug doblehon nako ang dosage sa akong tambal nga gina-inom. Pastang laaya jud bai! Mao nga karong hapon, excited no ako. Magsugod nako sa akong accupuncture treatment.
bananas bananas

Sa nabalaka lang ug unsa ang nahitabo: sugod katapusan sa bulan Abril, nag sakit na kining akong mga batiis. Hangtud karon mao lang gihapon ang sakit. Nagbalik-balik na kao sa akong duktor, naka kuha na sad ko ug ikaduhang opinyun, asta ikatulo pa jud, pero hangtud karon, wala gihapon nila masulti kanako ug unsa?y akong sakit. Hing adto na sad ko sa espesiyalista sa Ugat-ugat, sa rayuma, sa bukog ug sa dugo pero, sa kasamaang palad, mao ra gihapon. Wala sila mahibalo ug ngano nga nagsakit ang akong mga batiis. Mao nga nag desisyun na lang ko nga mag pa accupuncture na lang.

Naa man gud naka hisgot kanako nga maka tangtang kuno ug sakit ang akupunktyur. Gipangutana nako akong uktor ug tinuod ba kani , kay ug mao man gani, gusto ko mag sulay ani nga paagi. Wa man sad siya mo balibad. Pero iyang gi eksplika kanako nga makapawala ug sakit ang akupiunktyur pero dili namo mahibaw-an ug unsa?y sinugdan sa sakit, labaw, ug unsa jud akong sakit. Sa akong pag pugos niya, gihatagan ko niya ug eskedyul para sa tulo ka sesyon. Makig sapalaran na lang ko, kay dili na man ko ka-agwanta sa sakit nga akong gipamati. Gi undangan na sad kanako ang pag inom sa cortisones kay hing burot man akong lawas, labaw pa akong nawong. Abi tuod sa uban nga na mabdus na ko? hay? wa lang mo kahibalo!
bash bash

Ug buot huna-hunaon, kung tua pa ako sa Pilipinas karon, dugay nang nawala ang sakit nga akong gipamati. Sa atoa pa, ipahilot ra dayon sa manghihilot, human sa duha ka balik, mayo na.Pero diri sa Alemanya, dili sila motoo sa hilot. Nag ingon na baya ko sa akong doktor nga irekomenda ko niya sa klinik para i pa masahe na lang nako, pero wa siya hing sugot. Dili kuno ni madala ug hilot. Ang sa ako lang pod, aber, na unsa man kaha niya pag ka hibalo nga dili kani madala ug hilot samtang wa man siya nasayud ug unsa kaning akong sakit?
Tubag: Ambot sa langaw sa langaw pila?y edad sa uk-uk!

bouncenburn bouncenburn
by missP on Sun Jul 17, 2005 8:53 am
What has been happening? Well, let's see, the president of the Philippines, Mrs. Arroyo is in deep shit at the moment. There are rallies and protests in Metro Manila. Pro and anti groups are demonstrating alternatively and the fear of another uprising is in the air again. Mayor Atienza of Metro Manila is accused of bribing 2000 pesos townspeople to join a pro-Arroyo rally. He claimed it is not true, but who can really tell? This "hakot" system has been in practice since I can remember. It is especially rampant around election times and of course, during the times when the politician is in danger of being removed from position. Elsewhere in the world, there has been another bombing in Iraq, thanks to hmmmmmm... for that...and finally, I am going back to work on Monday! Yeheeeeyyy!! Well, I am really quite excited to go back to work again. It has been almost three months that I stayed at home... I can't say it was some sort of a vacation though, since I was in pain for most of the time... but, thank God I am still alive and am now very much itching to go back to work. Hey, people, allow me to be selfish and think only of my condition, wants and needs. This is my blog anyway, Wink hehehe... what a lame excuse!

Hubby will be away again during the next two weeks. Cincinnatti and Beirut are his point of destinations consecutively. This means I will be alone during the next two weeks at home. I am already planning of doing double shifts at work and even work on my days-off...hehehe. Yes, I will try to make up for the lost number of hours work while I was on sick leave. Try to earn bucks again.
Feet-some blah, blah!
by missP on Mon Jul 18, 2005 10:34 am
Woke up to the rays of sunshine this morning and slowly limped towards the bathroom (he, he, he,) Do not worry for I am not going to rant about being sick again! Slowly, I did my morning rituals, took my medicine and went back to bed to put my legs up again. Sometimes it helps ease the uncomfortable feeling and sometimes not, but I try to do it anyway, every morning after taking the meds. Hubby was still in bed doze and started to massage my legs, after two and a half months of doing this, it has become a habit of his. Not that I complain, he, he, he. Kahit nakapikit ang mga mata niya, minamasahe niya ang binti ko. Knowing full well that the legs are most painful in the mornings he tries to help ease the pain away by caressing the legs until I fall asleep again. But this morning I did not fall asleep again. I was staring at my legs and feet while contemplating the pain I would probably have during the first day of work. I was also hoping fervently that it would not be so bad or that I would not have any pain at all.

Anyway, after a few minutes of just staring at my lower extremities, my eyes got glued to my feet. Staring at it blankly, I asked hubby if I had beautiful legs. He acknowledged positively. clapping I asked him then, if I should get them insured, (of course this was just blah, blah) like Tina Turner?s. To this I got a snore for a reply. frown HmmmP! Typical! Acting out like I am offended, okay, what about my feet? Do you find them beautiful? I asked again, while poking his arms a little. To this, he replied: sarcasm ?feet are feet, I never looked at a person's feet and frankly, as long as they don't touch me, I don't care if they are as black as coal or as rough as an unpaved road. I definitely never tried to evaluate who has nice feet who has not?. Arrrrgggh! confused3 But I have nice feet. I have always gotten comments about how slim and smooth my legs and feet are. And you, my hubby, the man who claims he loves me, the whole of my body, doesn?t think I have beautiful feet! mad To this, I got out of the bed and limped toward the kitchen to slowly prepare breakfast. And hubby? Well, he went back to sleep as if nothing happened! brickwall

I scold to myself, that was what I got for trying to being shallow & vain. He loves me, I know that but sometimes men just don?t get it. A woman needs to be vain sometimes. It helps make us feel better. Well, at least, speaking for myself, that is how I am. Mind you, not all the time, but sometimes, I have these little bouts of craziness in me?and my vanity level goes up. This time, I really flunked though.

Still, I didn?t see any reason why I should sulk over the whole ?feet vanity? so I decided to transfer my energy into doing the last-minute preparation for hubby?s flight which is today. We still have some time to eat breakfast, pack the car and then drive off to the airport. From then on, I work and wait.
I've been tagged!
by missP on Sun Jul 24, 2005 12:54 am
Been tagged by one of the star(rirays) in the pinoy blog community, miss Beng! It tickles, because this is my first time to be "tagged", so here goes.

***What are the things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play?

This is quite hard, since I hardly do something on my own. Nevertheless, in the 6 years that I have lived here in Europe, the thing that still awes me and leaves me breathless every time is the snow. During wintertime, I love to go for long walks in the snow. Sometimes I do it just around the area where I live and sometimes I drive over to a place familiar to me. Of course, when it is not winter season, then obviously, I go for a drive. I love driving. It feels like I am in control of my life and myself when I am behind the wheel. Well, actually, it is more of a cruise along the country roads. Not like the crazy driving that I sometimes do when I am getting late for work or for an appointment. Once, before I had my own means of transportation in Belgium, I used to get on a Metro/Subway or a tram, whichever fancies me and take that particular PUV from terminus to terminus. It was crazy but somehow fun and exciting. Imagine sitting in a cabin for a couple of hours and going through all the stations twice! I know, I am somehow weird nevertheless I do this when nobody is there to go out and play with me. Another thing that I like to do when alone, is going shopping. May it be for clothes, cosmetics or food/groceries, I love to do it in my own sweet time. Wherein, I am not being pressured to immediately decide on what to buy or being rushed into fitting something on because my companion is in a hurry or something. Once, here in Germany, I was at a Supermarket near Hanau. After scouring the alleys of the supermarket several times each, I ended up buying ingredients for a couple of recipes that I never made before. Being so eager to cook them all at once, I rushed back home and started cooking. What took me several hours to prepare, hubby and I ended up eating them for several days. As a result, hubby thought we needed to buy a new weighing scale thinking that the one we have is broken because of the outrageous discrepancy in his weight a couple of years ago compared to present time, hahahaha!

***What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Make a list and post it in your journal.

1. Chocolates – leaving me with pimples on my face and shoulder blades lasting for weeks;
2. I drink a lot of water; and....
3. Marlboro Lights

***Tag 5 friends and ask them to post it in theirs...

threadhead threadhead
This is the part I like best. I can now pass on to others that stress and anxiety of answering these questions. But I liked the part when I had to dig up in my memory bank for my past experiences and post them here.

First on my list is Ms. Mavic. I love how this lady expresses herself through her blog. Now I have another reason to make tambay in your site Mavic, hehehe. groovin groovin

To bluegirl MicHZ, wish you luck sa kanya, hehehe…. sailing sailing

To mega-mama-to-be Tina who will soon be a mummy…while waiting for her precious little angel to come into this world, I want to give her something else to ponder about aside form food, cooking and eating! Dancing Dancing Dancing

Kang Kuyamad kay malingaw ko magbasa sa iyang blog nga binisaya,Cool Cool Cool.

To HanaGirL this wonderful, gorgeous chic from hotlegs! Sheyt! Inggit kasi ako sa body nya, kaya pahihirapan ko siya! Laughing Laughing Laughing

To YOU who's reading this at the moment. To make you feeling somehow, a little better (assuming that you are a bit in th edumps lately) by traipsing down the memory lane, or simply to help you relax after a tiring day at work, by digging into others peoples' bees wax! Wink Wink Wink