Jan 2006

by missP on Mon Jan 02, 2006 8:15 pm
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I have the same questions in my head each year: What?s new? What?s old? What?s good to change? What?s good to start with? Should make a list as New Year?s resolution? wink Dancing

What?s NEW? : Well, I expect there will be a lot of new stuff happening to me this year. More travels, more projects that SHOULD be accomplished. And most of all, I expect that my one and only wish will realize this year. It will definitely be a BIG change to me and to my family? I know I should not expect too much, nor soar too high, but what the heck! I am taking my chances. If I fall, it will be good hard Ka-Blag!! stupidme stupidme

What?s OLD? : Well, me. I am getting old. I slowly feel it. Although, not that old actually, but just the same I AM GETTING OLD! Who?s not? Tell me. If only I could bring back the time when my worries was just about school assignments, pimples, petty quarrels with friends, what to wear for the prom, C.A.T. woes, if my crush notices me and all those things that I thought I was or every teenager was unnecessarily burdened with. Reality is: nobody is getting younger, but everybody grows old, become matured enough to live a good happy life for ones? self. The sad part is, with maturity comes very big responsibility. A burden to ALL adults, no one is exempted! So what?s old? ME! I am getting old. Bhuhuhuhu Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

What?s good to change? My old pessimistic, self-pitying me that I noticed was coming out quiet often last year. I would like that to change. I will make a plan and study how to do it. It should be possible like all other things, right? Problem is, at the moment I don?t know how to even start it. There it goes again! Buwahahahaha!!! bif bif

What?s good to start anew with? Start learning a new language. Or learn to play a new song. One with more chord shifting and perhaps learn a new style in strumming. Well, yes, I?d like to do all these things. I think I will. yep yep

But NO, I am not going to make a new year?s resolution list. Because I know I will never be able to do them religiously. I?m too lazy. beep beep
Just another ("chaotic") day at the Airport
by missP on Sun Jan 08, 2006 11:01 pm
I?m tired. Between work and the preparation for hubby?s trip, I find myself quite stressed and under pressured. Thank goodness I have three days off ahead of me. I really need the rest. bagged bagged

The year started off quite hectic for me. I feel like I am jumping around and running errands all the time. I had to work the week before hubby was scheduled to fly. He?ll be gone for two weeks. I hardly had the time to arrange everything before he left. To top it all, right when I was checking in all his stuff at the airport yesterday, (since he still had a lot of things to accomplish himself on the day he was scheduled to fly), It felt like all the stress during the whole week added up and was dumped on me in one lump sum. yikes yikes

Apparently, I was only allowed to check in one bag and a baggage box, in total 20 kilos because the total weight limit of the two bags and two baggage box (52 kilos) I was checking in exceeded the number of kilos hubby was permitted to bring. Then the lady at the counter gave me four baggage tags to which she said that the other two were cancelled. After checking the bag and a box in, I went back to the car but then realized that I had checked-in the least important bag. Most of hubby?s clothes and personal belongings were in the bag that had to stay behind. So I went back to the check-in counter and requested that the bag and box be pulled out again. After waiting two and a half hours, three phone calls and talking to five different personnel, the bag came back, without the box. I asked the gentleman who was assisting me this time to weigh again the bags and lo and behold, we found out that the bag actually only weighed 16.5 kilos. We checked the weight of the second bag and then realized that if I checked in both bags they would add up to 37.5 kilos. I would only have an excess of 9.5 kilos, which as an airport employee, and I am given the privilege to check-in without paying for excess baggage. The box never showed up but it didn?t matter so much to me thinking that what was inside it were just chocolates and were not really that important. I asked the gentleman assisting me if it was okay to check-in both bags plus the box since hubby didn?t have any carry on bags with him anymore except for his laptop. The gentleman, he was sure it would not be such a big problem. I was happy and confident about the arrangement that we finalized everything right there and then. I honestly have no idea how the girl at the counter came up with 52 kilos on her scale. yep yep

To make along story short, after five hours of trying to check in all the bags I had with me, I finally managed to trace what the problem was. I am not really very good in math, or in analytical thnking for that matter, but as I was trying to analyze the situation later on, I found out that the problem came while I was repacking the bags that I had so I could at least check-in most of the stuff. In between, there was another customer who was checking-in his son as ?unaccompanied traveling minor?. It was apparently too chaotic for the girl, being new to the job. Therefore she got confused with total number of kilos of my bags hence the computer showed that I had excess baggage already. This was confirmed by the four baggage tags that the girl later gave me, informing me that the other two were not valid. What she forgot to do was cancel them from the computer as well. Confused Confused

In the end I could check-in two bags plus the baggage box that never came back. The gentleman who was assisting me this time said he would also check-in that box, once it would show up. He also assured me that IT WILL show up. I was happy with this, so when I finally met hubby later that night I could give him back his passport and boarding card and finally sent him off to the gate to board his plane. bananas bananas

That night, I went home feeling not really quite relieved yet after all the stress that I encountered the whole day. Then, today, at around lunch time, hubby called me to tell me that one of the bags was not on the plane. He only managed to pick up one big bag and the box. After tracing the whereabouts of the other bag, the airport employee found out that it was still in Frankfurt, Germany. It never left Frankfurt, because somebody cancelled it. They promised hubby that the bag would be sent on the next plane that leaves Frankfurt Airport and that the bag would be delivered to the address that he would provide them, wherever it was that he would be staying in. Hubby was not quite happy with this but was still hopeful that the bag would be there the next day. He didn't have any other better option anyway. shrug shrug

Due to my type of work, I am unfortunately, not allowed to mention the name of the airline that hubby flew with. But it is definitely a very big and well known airline worldwide. It is also for the same reason that I tried not to be hysterical about the error of the employee and just tried to maintain calm and proper decorum. Although, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown right there in front of the check-in counter, I still considered that the person sitting behind the counter is just human and can also make mistakes like me or anybody else. Now I sit and wait for news if the bag would ever turn up. Keeping my fingers crossed
woops woops Wink Wink
When one tries to help somebody...
by missP on Fri Jan 13, 2006 12:21 pm
“When one tries to help somebody, one always tries to give out everything that one can offer...” or at least that’s how I think. I can also say that’s how I am. Furthermore, I never ask for anything in return except a simple thank you. I don’t like it overdone by giving me back expensive elaborate gifts. One smile, a thank you, and, well… okay perhaps a choc-nut to go with it.

I had the chance to help who I thought is already a friend to me. At least I have known her for several years now. I have always tried to extend a helping hand, a listening ear or shoulder to cry on to her. I never expected anything in return. Lately though, something else happened.

I have been my usual self. Having found out that she is with child, I try to offer as much help as I can. I have several baby things that came from my sisters that I thought she could use, so I offered them to her. I know she is financially burdened right now because of her situation. She has no job and she claims to the government that she is alone and would raise her child alone. Therefore, whatever money she has, is all from the government help/support.

It is her business that she is cheating the government, I know. Truth is she is not alone in raising the child. The child’s father is very much around. They don’t live together yet, but they plan to someday, after they get from the government a bigger apartment. The man is by the way NOT unemployed. In fact, the father of the child is giving her support financially. So, why go to the government and say, hey I am alone I need money to raise the child that I am carrying in my womb? We whom she considers as her friends are also giving her support if not financially then, in any other means we can. But somehow all these are just not enough for her.

I cannot understand this. I can’t help not to say this. She has no shame. She is also abusive. After a few months of enjoying financial help from the government, somebody mentioned to her by chance that if she goes to this help institution called Caritas, they would also help her and would give her a monthly stipend of 800€. That same day, she found out about it, she wanted to knock on the doors of this institution. She asked a friend to accompany her to the place even after six p.m.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I have never known her to be like this. But I simply cannot stomach her actions anymore. Then there was the issue of celebrating her birthday. She has no money, no job and still she wanted to celebrate her birthday at a posh restaurant in the city. She was so happy to pay for fare of ten people, with the money that she is getting from the government. I was of course invited, but I didn’t go. I couldn’t do it.

I advised her long before the date was arranged for the dinner, that she should just do it at her place, or if she has more than ten guests, that we could do it at my place. I have no problems with that at all. She declined. The reason was that, we’ll she has never celebrated her birthday at a restaurant. She definitely chose a perfect time to do it finally!

Is there something wrong with me? I tried to voice out to her my opinions but she took these wrongly. Now I hear bad talk about me from her. She does not say it directly but she is insinuating unhealthy ideas about hubby and me.

I don’t think I deserve this. I wanted to be a friend. I only wanted to help. It seems to me like I can be all these to her, but only up to a certain point. I am not allowed to express my opinions and should just keep them to myself, if I want her to be my friend. Well, if this is what she wants, then my offer of friendship ends here. I should tell her this.
Do you still know the name of your crush?
by missP on Wed Jan 18, 2006 1:43 pm
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Remember the time when you used to have a crush? In elementary or in high school, or heck even in college when you couldn't gather enough courage to talk to that special someone in school. Each time you see him/her though, you get butterflies in your stomach...right???
Want to find out what would have happened if you did talk to that person then? Try this and see for yourself.

Don't be a KJ. Just click and see Wink!

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Slight pause on blogging and back to reading
by missP on Thu Jan 26, 2006 10:38 pm
While some of you couldn’t resist the crush calculator thing, I was busy catching up on my reading. I have three new books from hubby last Christmas that I so wanted to read plus of course, the rest that has been lying on my bedside table since last year.

So, while hubby was on a roller coaster ride, (flying two weeks to Asia and came back only to leave again the same day for the opposite part of the globe), I took the time to read the books he gave me. I wanted, of course to blog too, but it was too difficult to squeeze blogging into my schedule. Why? Well, because, I know that the minute I start blogging, I would end up spending the rest of the day and night in front of the PC. I promised myself that I would not do that. So, I didn’t.

I finished Margaret Forster’s Diary of an Ordinary Woman and The Memory Box. On the first one, it felt like following closely on somebody's blog. Only, it was continous, and didn't have to wait for the days when she wrote an entry. The author also didn't write everyday. In a way, I felt like I am somehow similar to the lead character in Ms. Forster's book. I can write boring everyday life stories, but I can't blog about the important things that happen in my life. Well, some of them I blogged about, most of them not. Like her, I can't bring myself to put into words what I feel or experience during these times. Next in line is the compilation of Jane Austen Novels. I read Sense and Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice way back in high school days, but I have not read Persuasion, Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey. I expect they would be as interesting as the first two.

Tonight though, I decided to skip reading and started blogging. I couldn’t stay away that long. Well, I sneaked in every other day or so but only for some minutes. I didn’t go on hiatus officially, neither did I promise myself not to touch the computer, but I wanted to see if I still have enough discipline to stick to my readings. He, he, he. I was indeed successful, for some days at least!
My abs ache like hell, but i will survive this as well...
by missP on Fri Jan 27, 2006 11:04 pm
I started on my Pilates workout just last week. My abs hurt like hell after the first two sessions, but my back feels great. I am just skeptic if this would help me loose weight. My cousin said that the secret behind this Pilates Program is to go on diet first and really loose weight, then maintain the desired weight and firm up the muscles with Pilates workout. If this is true or not I don’t know, but I plan to continue with the program, because I not only feel great after every exercise, it has also relieved me of my shoulder blades problems. They are sore most of the time specially during Winter. In the Philippines we would call this "lamig". The old folks/locals would say: "ah, nalamigan ang likod mo." The perfect cure would be a good "hilot". But, for now, I am content with Pilates. At least, I won't have to leave the house for my sessions.

yep yep


The Beautiful Life of Curacha in Germany. Welcome Curacha to the blogging world. I hope you can try to keep up and maintain your blog despite of the very busy life you live. However I may be of service to you, please let me know by email, text, phone call or better yet tag me instead. Have fun blogging!

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Martin Nievera Concert
by missP on Sun Jan 29, 2006 2:47 am
mingming wrote:
hello my fellow Pinays!

I'm back again updating all of you about the coming concerts in Europe.
Ok get ready. First concert will be the CONCERT King himself Martin Nievera in GENEVA, SWITZERLAND on April 22, 2006. Hey book your ticket now and enjoy a weekend in Geneva, I will be there and I'll see you there. There are still very good front seats and so on. The ticket sale has just started. Please contact me by email at: jlepke@gmx.net ---or telephone: 07156 31976, mobile 0171 4479859 for any details or the promoter directly in Switzerland: Contact: Harry Lacsamana - telephone 0041 78 755 4929.
For all those from the North: Second concert of Martin Nievera is on April 29, 2006 in Stockholm - SWEDEN. Please visit the website of SPI Logistics for more information. There will also be a concert in MALAGA. As far as I know. There will be a MARTIN / POPS - REUNITED concert on May 13, 2006 in London, please visit the website of Apollo Hammersmith London for any details. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL in one of the concerts.

P.S. Hi MsP, Karen and all!!!!

Take care!

bingo bingo Last time I posted something like this here, people thought it was a scam. The concert never took place. bif Apparently it was cancelled at the last minute. bif My sincerest apologies. I certainly hope this concert will push through this time. blush blush I have my heart set on the London date. Well, I still have time to consider my options. blackteeth blackteeth For somebody who has to count every penny for vacation, it always helps if the option is open for negotiation. Laughing Laughing
Kung Hei Fat Choi
by missP on Sun Jan 29, 2006 3:57 am
Derived from China Page.com

Chinese calendar has been in continuous use for centuries, which predates the International Calendar (based on the Gregorian Calendar) we use at the present day which goes back only some 425 years. The calendar measures time, from short durations of minutes and hours, to intervals of time measured in months, years and centuries, entirely based on the astronomical observations of the movement of the Sun, Moon and stars.

When is the Chinese New Year's Day in Year 2006?

January 29, 2006 is the first day of the Chinese new year.

There are three ways to name a Chinese year:

By an animal (like a mascot).

This year is known as the Year of the Dog.

There are 12 animal names; so by this system, year names are re-cycled every 12 years.

By its Formal Name (Stem-Branch).

The new year is the year of bingxu.

In the 'Stem-Branch' system, the years are named in 60-year cycles, and the Name of the Year is repeated every 60 years.
2006 is the 7th year in the current 60-year cycle.

It is Year 4703 by the Chinese calendar.

***A few Chinese astrological/zodiac websites believe this year should be considered as Year 4704 for zodiac calculations.

To read more, click here
Nakiki-meme din ako...
by missP on Mon Jan 30, 2006 5:05 am
The object:

(1) Write a 100-to-200-word entry using the following words: I, me, blow job, grapes, random, power, loneliness, water, robot and blue;
(2) use these words once and only once; and of course
(3) the entry should make sense.

Here goes:

Staring at the hanging picture on the wall of the grapes at Martha’s Vineyard under the vast sky, fixated like an autistic child on a redundant movement of an object. There was something amiss in the picture. The color of the sky was only white. Not cloudy, just white.

My eyes wandered to the next picture beside it. It showed a picture of a fisherman’s boat conquering the rough sea. I remember that my family took a boat once towards our hometown. It took us three days and two nights voyage on the blue waters of the Pacific.

There was an old man who was on the boat with us. The distinguishable loneliness in his eyes was surreal. At random, stories were made up of his current situation and the cause of soulless, robot- life he lived. He probably was a man of great power and importance. A man with vast richness and yet, he lost it all just for a blow job from a gal he hardly knew. A girl he met at a caf?.

Do such drama and sacrifice in life really exist?

Somehow, one grows old trying to become what he ever wanted to be. All of a sudden, what one has worked for all his life would become meaningless. There seems to be an empty, lonely space in his heart that success could not fill up. Eventually, the emptiness turned into happiness and contentment brought to life by this girl from the Caf?. But alas! Everything just goes down the drain in the end. Faith is cruel and it’s playing nasty tricks on his life.

*** parang di ko yata nakuha ang pangatlong objective ng meme na ito...hehehe blush , anyway, nakiki tag lang po ako. have fun if you want to try it, too. Wink ***
Would having kids dictate my choice of Nationality?
by missP on Tue Jan 31, 2006 3:38 am
“You are my 11 am, right?” The lady inside the room asked me when just when I entered the small office at 10 past eleven. The office was an old building in the middle of the town proper. I was summoned with a letter to report for my permanent settlement visa. Not that I didn’t have one. Here in Germany, as a foreigner married to a local, the spouse is entitled to a one to three year visa. Only after this time, can the spouse apply for the settlement visa. But one has to take care to apply for the permanent settlement visa during the last year that the current visa is valid. The reason being: it takes them several months to process the issuance of the permanent one.

“Yes, I am. I am sorry for being late.” I said, as I gave a weak smile. She didn’t say anything. Well, what did I expect? That she shakes her head, taps me in the shoulders and while looking straight into my eyes she would say: “that’s fine” and “no problem and let's get-down-to business?” This is just not how it is here. People have to be on time. A colleague told me once, that there are some doctors here who charge you when you try to cancel an appointment at the last minute. I find that weird. But then again, if I was on their shoes, I would probably also think, that I am a very insensitive client. So, it actually depends on which shoes you are in, I guess.

In my case though, I am the client. I am also the taxpayer. If I am late to an appointment simply because I have to go and earn a living so that the government employees can get their salary and the old folks, their pension, then the latter has to be sympathetic to me. I am being Humbug here? Being arrogant perhaps? Okay, okay, I'm just bitching around. I was the one late for an appointment. And I digress.

“So, I need your passport photo.” The lady said to me, without adding the magic word. Of course not, I am the one who seems to be in need of a favor. I showed her several ones and asked her which one she would be happy with. To which, she replied, “I don’t care. I just need one.”

I finally chose something which looked like it was taken yesterday and not last year. Gave it to her, together with my passport and she then told me to wait outside briskly. As I was waiting, hubby came in from parking the car. He asked what I was doing outside because he thought I had an appointment that I should not be cueing up. But, as I have mentioned, I am the one that they are giving a favor. On top of that I am the foreigner here.

There was no reason to fuss though. Within 5 minutes, the lady came out of the room. She was holding my passport on her right hand, opened at the page where the visa was attached. She congratulated me for getting the visa and smiled. Well, I was a bit surprised. I thought at first that this lady was some sort of a robot and doesn’t or is not capable of giving a smile to their guests. I said my gratitude and slowly stood up to leave. Hubby asked where the ID was. In Belgium, I was not only given a Visa but I also got my 5 year yellow ID card. This way, I didn’t have to carry my passport with me all the time. And this I didn’t have to wait for 3 years to obtain it.

The lady said that because I am not applying for the German Nationality, I don’t get an ID but just a permanent settlement visa that is valid forever…or at least as long as I choose to stay in Germany.

Well, I was not surprised with this reply. Hubby did not push the issue anymore and when we got to the car, we slowly discussed again the pros and cons of me changing my Nationality. I am very much opposed to it. Heck, I didn’t even want to carry the sole German name of my husband. I choose to carry a double-name, meaning my maiden name and hubby’s name because I didn’t want to loose my sense of identity. I am a Filipino and will remain to be one until the end, I told hubby firmly before we even tied the knot. He respected that.

What would I gain in obtaining the German nationality? Well, with the German passport, I can travel unrestricted to any country in every continent. I don’t have to go through the hassle of going to the embassy of the country that I would be visiting, because if indeed necessary, I can also get the visa upon arrival of the country. Next is, I would probably be interrogated less at every customs/immigration. If I have the German passport plus I can speak the German language, I don’t see any reason why they would detain me for further questioning. Now, this is probably not such a big trouble if we are just travelling on holidays. But if I am accompanying hubby to his business trips, the unending stops at every border control can get really annoying for him. Unless, I am convicted of a crime that they can hold against me, there is no other reason to hold me. So far, these are the only reasons I came up with why the change is advantageous for me.

Fact is we don’t plan to live the rest of our lives here in Germany. As I may have mentioned in my blog earlier, hubby and I have a plan to stay here only for a certain number of years and then we would relocate to the Philippines for good. So, what would I need the German passport or Nationality for? Besides, there are also certain properties that I have to take care for in the Philippines. If I have a nationality other than Filipino, I may get headaches from the BIR. I want to avoid that. I am quite aware that if I would change nationality, I am still entitled to buy a certain amount of property. The thing is what I am THEN entitled to acquire would not suffice our need. We have dreams and we have plans. And we cannot afford to have legal authorities running after us, because of the irregularities in our papers. No way! With this, I am even the more convinced that I don’t need to change anything else in my status here in Germany.

Only question left to answer is: What if we have a child or children? This would mean staying here longer than originally planned. So does this mean that I would have to change my status? The kids have to go to school. This would mean we would have to stay here longer or at least until they finish studying. Truth is, given the choice, I would rather send my kid/kids to school in the Philippines. But would my child or children want this? Honestly, I really have no answer yet. I think, in this case, I would like to quote the overused saying: “I will cross the bridge when I get there”. Or they will, hehehe.

Something to ponder: How come I sound like I am trying to convince myself? Can it be that subconsciously, I really, actually want to change my nationality? Hmmnn…if this is the case, whom am I kidding, hubby or me?