Nov 2006

I'm a Fan!
by missP on Sun Nov 12, 2006 9:22 am
(Hindi po standard or national electric fan) Wink

Di masyadong maganda ang kuha ng video (sa left link ko) na ito, but no doubt Regine's voice has really improved. I remember the days when my father was still playing at some 5 Star Hotels in Metro Manila, he used to come home and tell us, "hay nako, that girls's voice (of course referring to Regine's) is very bad". But now, i watch my father watching Regine Velasquez perform and I could sense the musician in him is proud to have been able to perform with this beautiful lady.

Nakaka inggit talaga ang talent niya. As in!
My new baby
by missP on Mon Nov 13, 2006 8:53 am

Nokia E61 Silver

Nokia E61 UMTS Quad-band phone is fully featured phone and PDA. Nokia E61 features 3G / UMTS high-speed data transfer and video calling capabilites, full QWERTY keyboard / keypad, Wi-Fi wireless network and VoIP capabilities, push email, music and video player. Phone features also include Bluetooth and miniSD memory card slot. This phone can be used in any GSM carrier using 850, 900, 1800, 1900 or W-CDMA frequency bands.

Ang pinag kaka abalahan ko ngayon. Switching jobs gave me more time to tinker with my new baby. I can basically do whatever I want to do with this new toy I have, even at work. I can talk for hours, write and read mails, search the web and even blog using either w-lan or normal internet connection, with a better much wider screen. I can also listen to mp3 or to my audio books on this baby. Plus, when I travel (not that it'S often enough) but when I do, I can bring and use this phone-cum-PDA just like at home. I have been busy installing whatever gadgets I can into this toy. From currency converter to weather updates, expense sheets and yes, even train schedules for Paris or London. I even have a DivX player installed in it. It’s like a mini computer that I carry with me all the time. No need to rush home to connect to the net, hehehe. For me, this is the best smartphone ever!

Okay, it doesn’t have a built in camera, but "somebody" Wink promised me a small digital cam “sister” for this baby by the end of the year, so i'll be the sweetest angel till then... Wink

by missP on Tue Nov 14, 2006 8:11 am
music music music
by: RJ Jimenez

Every day tayoy ay magkasama,
Magkasama lagi sa iskwela.
Ang saya kapag recess at lunch break,
Tayong dalawa ay parang nag daaaate.
yeah ey.. yeah ey…yeah ey….
Ganyan tayo almost everyday.
Pero pag Tuesday… Namimiss kita…

OH! Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday…
Ang lungkot ng araw pag dating ng Tuesday.
Everyday na sana tayong magkasama.
Pero sayang talaga d pwedeng ipilit pag Tuesday.
I hate this day oh tuesday
Miss kita pag tuesday

Tuesday ang araw nyo ng boyfriend mo..
Nakakainis! Hindi makaporma sayo…
Sira ang recess at lunch break ko…
Pag Tuesday talaga… basted ako…
wo-oh-wo-oh yeah eh..
Kumpleto na sana ang buhay ko….
Kasi naman pag Tuesday… namimiss kita…

OH! Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday…
Ang lungkot ng araw pag dating ng Tuesday.
Everyday na sana tayong magkasama.
Pero sayang talaga d pwedeng ipilit pag Tuesday.
I hate this day oh tuesday
Miss kta pag Tuesday…
Pag Tuesday- yeah ey….

Ano bang meron siya na wala ako???
Kung nauna lang ako sayo… Tuesday koh….
Oh! Anong sayaaaa…..

OH! Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday…
Ang lungkot ng araw pag dating ng Tuesday.
Everyday na sana tayong magkasama.
Pero sayang talaga d pwedeng ipilit pag Tuesday.
I hate this day oh tuesday
I hate this day oh tuesday
I hate this day oh tuesday

At isa pang dahilan kung ba’t ayaw ko ng tuesday…
Kasi naman….
Coding ako pag Tuesday
Coding ako pag Tuesday… he ey…
Coding ako pag Tuesday

At miss kita pag tuesday.

Ibalik niyo pera ko or....
by missP on Thu Nov 16, 2006 11:11 pm
... i will tell santa that you've all been naughty and was never nice!

I am no Good Samaritan. I don’t just give away money that I worked so hard for. I don’t stand for more than eight hours at work and then at the end of the day just go home and say, “thanks for the great day, boss”. No-no-no. That’s why I am so angry at the moment. The company where I used to work still owes me money. For the third time this week, I called them this morning about it. They keep on telling me that the mistake has to be verified and an approval from the person responsible for the “salaries” is necessary before they can give me back my money.

In fairness, they promised that I would definitely get my money back. Of course, they can always say what they want. Thing is, until now, I still don’t have it. The f*****g i****s owed me the money since September. I am just glad that I am not connected with them anymore, but darn it, I want my money back! Okay, I am not starving yet, but hey, I worked myself to death for that dough. Kaya, dapat lang na ibalik nila sa akin ang “dinero” ko.
Taking a break from Mitch
by missP on Tue Nov 21, 2006 3:03 am
Signing in from the comforts of my bed tonight, taking a break from the book i started reading. Another one of Mitch Albom's called Tuesday's with Morie. This one is filled with so many lessons in life, it can be suffocating. I'm not averse to his words of wisdom, but it just seems too much to take in all in one sitting. Thing is, i promised a friend that i would lend her the book once I am finished reading it. I guess she'll just have to wait a few more days, hehehe, you know who you are Wink
The Philippines: Tambakan ng Basura ng mga Dayuhan?
by missP on Thu Nov 23, 2006 2:51 pm
“For days, my daughter was throwing up and had diarrhea. The next morning she died. She was only three years old and was very lovable. But is there anything we can do when we already drank the water and the poisons are now all over our bodies?” - (Inheritors of the Earth – a book published by: People’s Task Force for Bases Cleanup).

"The effect of the toxic wastes left by the Americans in Clark and Subic are still victimizing the children and people living within the vicinitycurrently. The heart breaking stories of kids born suffering from mental disorders, weakened immune system and leukemia are just examples of what the toxic wastes are doing to our brothers and sisters living around the area."

Now, there is a letter published here saying that the Philippines will be come a dumping place for toxic wastes from Japan or perhaprs it has already started. Let us join efforts in making our voices heard. As Filipinos, we are responsible for our country. We should take care for it's great abundant nature and for our own people. We don’t want our country to become the next “dumpsite” of toxic wastes from other countries. Not in exchange for these co-called “jobs”. Anong uri lang naman na trabaho ang natatangap ng mga Pilipino mula sa bansang ito? May trabaho nga ang Pinoy pero, api naman sila ng mga amo nilang abusado. Ang iba ay mina-maltrato pa ng amo nilang dayuhan. And as if kulang pa ito, papayagan pa ba nating gawing tambakan ng basura ang bansa natin? Gumising po tayo. Tulong-tulong tayong pigilan ang pag mo molestia sa ating bayan. Suporthahan po natin ang petisyon na ito:

Petition: Stop making the Philippines the dumping site of toxic wastes

Ito pa po ang karagdagang babasahin ukol sa isyu:

1. JPEPA to encourage trade in hazardous and toxic waste
2. Negotiator admits prohibited waste on list

Mag tulungan po tayo. Pangalagaan ang kapaligiran at ang ating Bayan!