Oct 2007

say your name again...
by missP on Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:58 am
When I was born, my parents had difficulty deciding what name I should get. They had several choices. There was Eve that my dad really wanted me to use. There was also Ila from Isabel (my paternal grandma’s name) that just had to be because they thought I looked like my paternal grandmother. Then there was Hannah that my mom wanted me to be called. And of course there is Livy, derived from Ms. Elizabeth Taylor. I ended up with all plus one, Lou.

I love my name. It is unique. It always brings a certain air for me whenever I hear someone mentioning it. Of course, I hope it is only mentioned in good cause. “Huwag lang sa tsismisan o kaya sa ikaka sama ng pangalan at kalooban ko”.

Once, I was in a panel interview for something that was really important for me. The day and all through the night before the interview would take place, I prepared myself for all sorts of possible questions that I would be asked. I thought I should really give a good impression (through my answers) to the panelists’ questions. I imagined all sorts of scenarios and all possible credible answers to every possible query/ interrogation that may come up.

The day of the interview, I was so nervous. I went to the office with my freshly ironed proper attire. I schminked myself a little and dabbed a bit of rouge to make myself look professional enough. As if it matters. Or perhaps it does?

The minute I was lead into a huge room with all 6 panelists sitting at the very front in a long presidential table, I felt my knees faltering. I was told to come inside and take a seat. I was incredibly nervous about what would happen in that room.

I breathed a long silent sigh then walked bravely towards the lone chair right in front of the panelists.

The interviewers introduced themselves and explained in detail why I was there. They briefed me about their group and then started with their first question. Can you guess what it was? I was not asked how I see the economic status of the Philippines at the moment. Or how the boom of the population would help or destroy the country. Or what I think about the big asshole sitting as the leader of our country. No ma’am!

I was instead asked as to how I got my name. I should have known! I was shocked at first. Then I slowly relaxed. I smiled and answered the ever ready reply that I have to this sort of question. I know each and every word that I would use without batting my eyelashes. I should, because I have been more than often enough asked as to how I got such a long, unique name.

After that first question, I knew that I had won the hearts of the panelists. I enjoyed almost 6 years working with them. I enjoyed every day and single hour that I was with that company. Until the day I had to leave for Europe. But I brought good memories with me.

Lately, I found myself in that same situation although this time, I have a much longer name. And this time, the story is not quite as interesting as how it was before. You see, I have three first names, two maiden names and two family names. How did this happen? Well, it’s the fault of the person who printed and issued my passport in Manila. They wrote my maiden name to be Z****a, when it is supposed to be O***. Then, they put my two official family names to be O*** - S****t, instead of just the latter. The problem then was; i didn't have enough time to get it changed because I was supposed to leave the country na again for Euroupe. Can you just imagine how confused I am whenever somebody would ask me a very simple question such as: “what’s your name?” I always have to reply with a question like if they wanted the whole complete name or just what I prefer to be called. When they say, the whole complete name, then I am forced to tell them my set of five names, and I always get “that” look! As if they want to know if I am kidding them, confusing them or just plain pestering them. In the end, I just show them my passport or Driver’s License and they would just copy what is written in that official document. After several corrections as to how my whole name is written, spelling and all, they always end with: “There, now it’s all done!” As if it was really that hard a task to do.

Having a long unique and special name is great. It gives you a real sense of unique identity. It brings a special sound when you hear it being mentioned, especially if mentioned correctly. It always fattens my heart to hear someone saying it correctly. It sounds like my favorite song,.. .(ah, never mind what coz I have several of them).

But when it becomes a difficult and tiring task just from writing it, then I just end up saying the very first name (without the LOU) and the very last name I acquired. Sometimes it makes me feel confused. Sometimes I end up analyzing myself if I have some sort of identity crisis problem. But what the heck! It is still me. Or perhaps, I should say, it’s the new ME!