Nov 2008

Nagpapa ka deep daw ako?!?
by missP on Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:38 pm
Uy, kamusta na kayo? Ako eto, maganda pa rin, hehehe. Sabi kaya yan ng mga nanay at kapatid ko sa akin. Lalo naman ng asawa ko. Kaya, huwag na kayong kokontra, pwede kung ayaw niyong ma bash bash ?! Wink

Anyway, so what have I been up to? Wala lang naman. I have been balancing my life with two jobs this year. Well, it is very challenging. I learned a lot of new stuff. Although money wise it has not been very rewarding, in terms of development and self improvement-- it has been quiet overwhelming.

I remember as a child, to learn to draw and scribble letters was already a big success for me. Especially since, I can't draw and my handwriting is just terrible. Then I learned to read, and never stopped since. It would have been nice if we could say, "Okay, that's it. I don't have to do anything anymore. I have reached already the ultimate goal in my life". Honestly, don't any of you wish that, that's all there should be to life? Unfortunately, life is not as simple as just learning your ABC's and counting 123's.

Life means growing old, getting into relationships, taking on responsibilities, achieving more than what is expected of us. As we grow older, we also get dictated by the necessities of change. We get molded into, go with the flow or go against the flow of evolution. Depends which path we take as an individual. It's a long, hard and bumpy ride. One thing I noticed though, once we have achieved a certain level of difficulties, we can't seem to stop moving on to the next more difficult challenge. But what about the little mundane things or projects that gets left behind or forgotten? Well, eto, nakalimutan ko na nga ang blog ko and all my plans for it. Kasi nga, nagpaka-karir woman daw ako. Chuvanes lang naman talaga ito!!!

O, akala niyo very deep and profiound itong entry na ito anoh? Nagpapa cute lang po Wink

Have a great week every one!