Apr 2009

Noong kami'y mga bata pa...
by missP on Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:43 am
Lunes na pala, ang bilis talaga ng panahon. Bagong topic na naman sa Litratong Pinoy. Ang paborito kong litrato? Hmmm, hindi ako ang kumuha nito, pero pabarito ko talaga ito. Kaarawan ito ng bro ko. Kasama namin ang mga pinsan ko sa side ng nanay ko.

So pagkaka alam namin, kami ang unang apat na panganay na apo ng Lola namin. Sabay sabay kaming lumaki. Kami-kami ang magkakasamang naglalaro sa bakuran, nag re-renta ng sapatos na de gulong sa plaza, minsan naman ay bisekleta. Kami-kami din ang magkakasamang nanonood ng sine noon. Paborito naming dalawang babae ang mga palabas ni Sharon Cuneta, hehehe.. OO Shawie fan ako. Nagpakuha pa nga ako ng litratong may autograph ni Tita Shawie noon sa Tita ko na writer na nakatira sa Maynila.

Siyempre, yung dalawang lalaki, naba-baduyan dawsa paborito naming panoorin na mga palabas ni Sharon, kaya ang ginagawa namin, sabay kaming nagpupunta sa sine, tapos, hiwalay na kami ng pianpanood na palabas. Nag-uusap kami na magkita-kita nalang sa laabs ng sinehan pagkatapos panoorin ang pelikula. Ang usapan, dahil may double namana ang mga palabas sa probinsiya, pagkatapos na 4 oras, dapat nasa meeting place na namin kami. Hahaha, o diva, bongga kaming magpi pinsan.

Ang mesa na nasa litrato ay isa ding napakahalaga na mesa sa buhay naming magpi pinsan. Halos lahat ng espesyal na okasyon sa buhay namin na aming pinaghandaan ay sa mesa na iyan ilatag. Yan ang naka to-ka na mesa para sa amin mga yagit (yan ang tawag ng mga tita at tito namin sa aming apat). Bawat bertdey, komunyon, at kung anu-ano pang ka ek-ekan na pinaghandaan namin sa aming mga munting paraan ay dito namin pinagdiwang sa mesa na ito. Buhay pa rin ang mesa na ito. Kaya paborito ko ito kasi talaga namang napaka memorable ng litratong ito para sa akin. Sa tuwing pinag mamasdan ko ang litratong ito, bumabalik sa isipan ko ang aking kabataan...Ang sarap! Ang saya!

Goodbye, Vatti...
by missP on Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:09 pm
I wanted to greet everyone Happy Easter, but I am not really in a very HAPPY mood today. Actually, since yesterday.

My father in law passed away yesterday from a very long sickness. It was actually sudden death despite the fact that he has been sick during the last 35 years or so. We never expected it to happen this year. After the doctors declared him dying some 35 years ago, who would expect it to happen only now, right?

So, my hubby was there with him when he passed away, since it was already previously planned that hubby would be spending his Easter vacation with his parents. Me on the other hand, having had to work during the holidays, stayed behind here in Frankfurt.

As I parted with my hubby last Friday morning, I even ordered him not to tease his father so much. I remember I told him to "be nice to father!" This was because father has been nagging his kids for a satellite dish that he wanted set up at home. He has been going on about it for almost two weeks I think, hence, the kids were slowly getting irritated. Besides, we all thought that it would not be good for him, since he needed to get out of his lair to get some fresh air and a bit of exercise. But of course, stubborn as he is, he never listened to our reasons. In the end, his kids consented to give him something else. A DVD player where he could play all the documentary series and more other stuff which will be provided for by his kids of course. After several telephone discussions about it, father said okay to the idea. So, when hubby was ready to go, I reminded him again to be nice to father after all those hoollabalu about the dish. He said, he would.

When he got to his parents' house, he called me and we chatted for sometime over the phone. I also talked to my father in law very shortly. He said that he was happy that ML was there and also not so happy that I couldn't make it to be with them. I told him that there will be other times. He sounded so healthy and so happy at that time. There was even a bounce to his voice that did not really make me worry or so. After I talked to him, I chatted with may MIL for awhile and then we said our goodbyes.

It was not until the following day at around lunch time of Saturday that my hubby called me again and told me that something happened. I was so worried, that I asked him what. He then gave me the sad news. I asked if maybe father was just sleeping. But he said no, that the medics was already there. The doctor declared him dead already dead . They were just waiting for the people who will take father to the place where he will lay until after Easter. Then there will be a Memorial service to be followed by the burning of the remains. But the exact schedule was not yet defined.

I remember the first time I met this sweet, cranky old man almost 10 years ago. He was immediately very kind to me. He made me feel like I have been a member of the family for such a longtime already. He welcomed me with such a big heart and offered only nothing but kindness to me. When my sisters came to visit the whole family, he and his wife, my mother in law were so nice to them, too. When my mom came to visit, it was like no boundaries were between the two cultures except of course for the language.

Speaking of language, he had only one wish that he told me after I met him the first time. He said that he would wait 10 years until I would be able to converse with him in German. I promised him that in 5 years I would be able to do it already.

Indeed, after almost 10 years, (9 years and 9 months) to be exact, he left us never to come back again. We will cherish his memories and photos in our hearts. I'll remember the days where I used to go with him, Mutti and hubby through the forest for our little walks. We used to sing and do some exercise along the way. Up and down the hilly path of the small forest there in Gäfenthal, through the old fabric factories, old railway tracks with his little Anka. the I will always remember him as a funny loving person, who survived the dictated world he was in and fought his sickness for such a longtime.
During service at the church this morning, I was so sad. I know I should be happy that at long last, my FIL is not feeling any pains anymore, that he is together with our Creator by now. An that he is already at peace. Still I couldn't help feeling sad. For now I know that I wouldn't be able to share with him lessons about life. That I would not be able to hear his sometimes harsh but really funny jokes. Because despite the fact that he has been sick for so long, he still managed to see good things in life.

And of course, he was also cranky at times, but hey, who wouldn't be? If I were in his shoes, I don't even think I would managed to last let alone a couple of years. And I would be cranky and grouchy all the time. But in my Father-in-Law's case, after he was diagnose ill, not even insurance companies would take him anymore, because they thought he wouldn't last for another 6 months or so. But he survived for more than 35 years until it finally happened.

To my dear Vatti, wherever you maybe now, I will always love you and remember you. And you will always have a spot in my heart where you will live forever. May your soul rest in peace!