Paperback or Audiobook?
by missP on Thu Jan 22, 2009 2:43 pm
I have been getting used to listening to audio books for several months now, no, actually for almost two years now. Well, at least since all those mp3's with more space capacity limits, came out in the market i just don't listen to music anymore when i am in the car on my way to work, exercising or wandering. Hubby introduced me to audio books and since then I got hooked. But since I started taking the train to work, I noticed that there are still a lot of people who prefer to read rather than listen to audio books. I take the 4:20 a.m train from my place to the airport almost everyday now, except weekends. And each time, I noticed that most of my co-commuters, once they get themselves settled in their seats, they immediately take out their paperbacks or hardbound and start reading. Of course there are also others who read newspapers rather than books in the train. Or the younger gen group prefer to listen to music with their mp3's or iPod's. Whilst in the topic, I often wondered if these people are deaf or having hearing difficulties, since even if they have headsets on, I could also hear the noise that the are listening to. but I digress!

Anyway, thing is, i started feeling out of place. HUH??? Out of place, in the train??? Yes, I don't know how or why yet I feel like an alien amongst the earthlings. Me with my big brown eyes, shiny black hair and soft and smooth brown skin, nyahahaha! Anyway, another thing I noticed was that several times already, was the same title of the book, ERAGON. I slowly wondered what was so interesting about it. Then last Christmas, I got my very own copy of the book. This was, I couldn't start on it since I was always very busy with work, trainings and more work, hehehe. Excuses, excuses! I finally finished it. While searching the net for the next serie of the book, i noticed that it has also an audio clip, this means that it is also available as audio book, hmmmnnnn.. Think, think. Below is an excerpt of the book.


"ERAGON" by Christopher Paolini. The story about the relationship of the Elves, Dwarves, Dragons and humans in the past times in the land of Alagaesia, is very captivating. There is no boring page in it.

I am now thinking of getting the "ELDEST", book Two of the Inheritance Cycle. I thought I'd get the paperback version, but I am also tempted to look for the audio book version. Then I don't have to carry the book all the time which is also bulky for me. Well, I am in no rush. When I have time to spare, I might just go over to Hugendubel in the Zeil in Frankfurt am Main and look around for the same title in paperback... or if I can't find time, I may just purchase the downloadable audiobook version of the same title. Below is the audio clip of the "Elsdest".


The Inheritance cycle is composed of: ERAGON, ELDEST and BRISINGR. But I couldn't find an excerpt of Brisingr as audiobook. Hence no sample here , unlike the first two.

You can read more here.

Taking a break from Mitch
by missP on Tue Nov 21, 2006 3:03 am
Signing in from the comforts of my bed tonight, taking a break from the book i started reading. Another one of Mitch Albom's called Tuesday's with Morie. This one is filled with so many lessons in life, it can be suffocating. I'm not averse to his words of wisdom, but it just seems too much to take in all in one sitting. Thing is, i promised a friend that i would lend her the book once I am finished reading it. I guess she'll just have to wait a few more days, hehehe, you know who you are Wink
The Broom Power
by missP on Sat May 21, 2005 12:52 pm
In Albert Low's Modern living with Feng Shui section 59 is the part where he shares the Chinese belief: It is bad luck to sweep the house on the first day of the Lunar New Year. I have a little problem with this, since I always believed that the house should be clean when the new year starts. We all know how difficult one can maintain this during the holidays with all the parties, the visitors coming and going. So, I always end up, cleaning the house on the first day of the year. Thank God, Christians actually use the Gregorian Calendar. I don't have to clean my house on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

More Chinese beliefs on the Broom Power:

* Bringing an old broom into a new house would chase away the potential wealth of the location;

* Making a wish while using a new broom would make the wish come true;

* Jumping over a broom nine times within a year would enable a person to get a life partner;

* Swinging a broom over your head in the outdoors would bring the rain;

* Lightning is attracted by brooms, so putting a broom on the porch during a lightning storm would ensure that you have a lightning rod to protect the house;

* Hitting someone with a broom is to inflict bad luck on him;

* Reversing a broom and standing it against the door will prevent burglrs from breaking in;

* Placing a miniature broom beneath the pillow of babies and children will block psychic attacks and nightmares;

* Stepping over a broomstick will stop the hauntings of an unfriendly ghost;

* Sweeping the floor at night would affect your good fortune and disturb the spirits of the deceased who walk about during those hours.

So that's why my mother always left the old cleaning materials behind (or threw them away) whenever we moved into a new place. Or do you remember that Philippine TV commercial where a househelper was shown sweeping the floor and the Madame of the house was shouting: "Inday,, ibalik ang suwerte!" Because Inday was absentmindedly sweeping the floor towards the main door which means luck would be swept out of the house.
by missP on Sun Jan 23, 2005 10:23 am
I am currently reading a very interesting book, a gift from my sister-in-law. Although I have read a variety of books, I was never interested in sci-fi. I thought, i can live with romantic fictional stories or thriller/suspense books to pass the time away or to relax myself before going to sleep or fill myself with self-help books by Leo Buscaglia, Joyce Meyer, Gillian Butler, John Gray, Allan & Barbara Pease, specially when I am feeling somewhat down.

Anyway, this book called "Lost in a Good Book" by Jasper Fforde is a story where the Neanderthals, mammoths & dodos being a part of the human civilization at present time. A book where one can get lost being transported from New York to Sydney, Australia or to Tokyo in two hours via the Gravitube. Or travel through time and back for a quick meal and a show.

Would we ever reach that point in time where technology is so much advanced that travelling anywhere and anytime will only take a blink of an eye? It's like being beamed up by Scotty. Well, who can tell. Right now, technology has changed so much. Such a small thing like a PDA can be, in a few years time become a TRICORDER with which one can even scan a person's genetic code or can scan for any bio-signs from a great distance.

When that day comes, I hope I get to experience it. Hehehehe, let me see, if these things happen in the next 100 years, that would then make me like a 133 years old. Nyahhhh! I haven't even finished the book, and here I am already thinking about weird things.

La lang, nagpapaka jologs lang po! Very Happy