Raindrops fell...
by missP on Tue Nov 01, 2005 10:50 am
Raindrops fell, thoughts swirling inside her head, she asked herself: “why?”

The storm finally subsided and the little tired girl slowly crept into slumber. What will happen tomorrow, no one knows. Not even the rats, bugs or strayed cats & dogs hiding in the corner of the shanties where she decided to stay for the night knows. Not a single living thing would know. Perhaps there will be sunshine, perhaps the bright clouds will bring with it some hope. But, who knows. For now, she sleeps. Rests herself from the long journey that seems at the time being to be endless and worthless. Cold, hunger and exhaustion will just have to be forgotten. Whatever she may encounter tomorrow or the next day, she will just lift them all to the Lord. Like she has always done before. It can only be so.
Dream of finding gold or winning the lotto, instead!
by missP on Tue Jun 21, 2005 5:01 pm
Waking up to the ray of sunshine this morning gave me a slight headache. I should really do something about that drape that i have been planning to make for the bedroom windows. I actually have the materials ready but I simply didn't have or couldn't find the time to do it. Besides, I didn't really need the drapes that much during wintertime, so the project just got moved down to the end of the "to do" list during the last couple of months. I am regretting it now, though, shrug shrug shrug

Groggily and very slowly, I got out of the bed, careful not to jump on my legs, since I have not taken the meds yet and walked towards the kitchen to get a glass of water and the 1st set of meds for the day. As I swallowed the meds down, my mind wondered back to the dream I had. It was a normal dream. Nothing dramatic like ending up crying or shouting...you know, it's not the kind that leaves one exhausted and weak. groovin groovin groovin

Anyway, in my dream, I found myself looking at a new, silver, foldable cellular phone with camera. In my dream, it belonged to my hubby. Hubby, by the way, doesn't have such a phone in reality. But in my dream, I had the impression that the phone was his. As I was about to confront him about having the new phone without telling me about it, my sister suddenly showed up and told me that my hubby did have that phone for sometime already and that we (hubby & me) bought it together from a shop in Belgium. I was staring at it for a while and I was wondering if it was true, when suddenly the phone started ringing. I rushed over to where hubby was, in my dream, and gave him the phone. He took it quite casually and then went to talk to the person who was calling him. phonecall phonecall
Then I woke up.

"Communication is the basis of dreaming, since dreams are messages from ourselves to ourselves. However, when it emerges in a recognizable form our unconscious seems to be making an effort to convey a message in a way we should find easy to understand."
--The Complete Book of Dreams by: J. & D. Parker

In the same book, it said:

The "telephone" is the classic "message" dream symbol. In your dream, who was on the end of the line? Consider what this person means to you and what they stand for in your waking life. If you were making the call, your dream maybe concentrating on the message that you are trying to convey to someone in your waking life. You must ask yourself what that message is and at whom it is aimed. If in your dream, you were desperately trying to get through to someone and had difficulty in doing so, you are probably getting frustrated in waking life...do not forget that you could be the telephone itself, trying to convey a message.

The "visitor": You should give a great deal of thought to a visitor that appears in your dream. Was the visitor a stranger or someone you know and admire? If it was the former, you maybe searching for new interests and adventure; while if it was the latter, you may want to embrace the admirable characteristics or skills of the person concerned.

That about gives me the points that I need to use to help me interpret my dream, right? So, it should not be so difficult. The thing is, in my dream, the next two or three pointers did not happen. I was not making a call, I was not talking to somebody over the phone, nor was I trying to convey a message to anybody else. So, as I think about it now, I am stuck with the realization that the meaning of the dream is simply: That i would be getting/receiving a message.

Considering the "visitor", which happens to be my sister, I guess, it does not really make such a big issue because I have always admired her and her great qualities. I guess, this means, that part has also nothing to do with the dream...or if indeed it was trying to tell me something, I definitely have no idea what is, since I am already fully aware of the traits that I admire in her.

I was still trying to figure out what the dream really meant, when the doorbell suddenly rang. At first, I thought it was probably the postman with the neighbor's package again. I went to open the door and was surprised to see the lady who lives downstairs. She was asking if my hubby was working from home today. I said yes, but he is currently in a phone conference. I went on to ask if I could help her instead. She then narrated to me that as my hubby went to drive her son to her mother's place the night before, her son may have left his cellular phone in hubby's car. They were not sure if this was true, but it would be nice if they could look for the phone in the car. I grabbed the keys and went out to check first in hubby's car, finding nothing I then went to see if perhaps, hubby used my car last night to drive the boy to his grandma's place. I opened the car from the passenger seat and asked the lady to look in herself since I have no idea how the cellular phone looked like. After like twenty seconds, she showed me a phone that she picked up under the seat. A new, silver, foldable phone with camera! For a minute there, I froze. It was so weird! When I came back upstairs, I rushed immediately to tell hubby about the whole thing.

"My love", he said, "I think it was just either: sneaky sneaky you missed a dream, in which I announced to everybody that I have now a new phone or your sixth sense is getting sharp again... wink wink now, why don't you go back to bed and try to dream of finding gold instead or perhaps, find out which lotto numbers will come up." bouncenburn bouncenburn
The Boy
by missP on Thu Apr 07, 2005 9:59 am
The street is deserted. On one side of the street are a row houses made of bricks straightly aligned by the lamp posts in front of each. Some are two stories some are three. On most days, the street would be filled with children from families living in the houses. But today, there are none. Everything is so quiet. Not even a radio could be heard from any of the houses.

The wind is blowing a bit of chill and leaves are flying every now and then from the tree branches across. Dusk is setting in. Then a little boy about seven came out from one of the two story house. With a ball in his hand and a little limp, he came out of the door with a big smile. His face a little flushed. He?s the only son of the couple living in the area for almost 13 years. A love child, he is a bundle of joy. With a mixture of limp and hop, he rushed to the park across the street. Suddenly, in the middle of the road, he stopped. AS if sensing something, he looked around from left to right and then back again to the left. He knew he heard something. Or at least he felt something. He could sense it now coming. But he was glued to the pavement. He couldn?t move anymore. It was like as if, he was planted there like a statue. Then the headlights of the red sportscar came in view.