Ibalik niyo pera ko or....
by missP on Thu Nov 16, 2006 11:11 pm
... i will tell santa that you've all been naughty and was never nice!

I am no Good Samaritan. I don’t just give away money that I worked so hard for. I don’t stand for more than eight hours at work and then at the end of the day just go home and say, “thanks for the great day, boss”. No-no-no. That’s why I am so angry at the moment. The company where I used to work still owes me money. For the third time this week, I called them this morning about it. They keep on telling me that the mistake has to be verified and an approval from the person responsible for the “salaries” is necessary before they can give me back my money.

In fairness, they promised that I would definitely get my money back. Of course, they can always say what they want. Thing is, until now, I still don’t have it. The f*****g i****s owed me the money since September. I am just glad that I am not connected with them anymore, but darn it, I want my money back! Okay, I am not starving yet, but hey, I worked myself to death for that dough. Kaya, dapat lang na ibalik nila sa akin ang “dinero” ko.