More hospital episodes...
by missP on Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:18 pm
I stayed with the lady a few more days in the same room. Then we were moved to the Urologie section of the building because the Frauenklinik (Gynecologie section) was getting overbooked every day. And since, according to the staff, we (my roommate and I) were already getting better, we were the ones kicked out of the place.

The 11th floor is at least a bit cooler than the 14th. But that is the only advantage of the place. We had to share toilet with the men in the same station. Plus, the bathroom is quiet far from our room. My roommate asked me where it is and I told her I found it on the other end during one of my walks. It’s been several days, and we both hadn’t taken a shower yet and we are dying to take one. Okay, at least she is. I can’t take a shower yet because I am not supposed to get my wound wet. Or I should keep them dry at least. She went to check it out. Halfway to the bathroom, she came back and said she wasn’t going to walk all the way to Frankfurt to take a shower. Hahaha. That made me laugh. And of course, I was in pain again. My roommate had to go to the nurse’s station to get the pain reliever for me because it took them forever to respond to our “s.o.s.” light.

The room where we moved into is for three persons. Mine is in the middle, to my right is the nice, funny woman and to my left is empty. Until a Russian woman came in on Thursday. She walked in like the wife of Tsar Ivan, hahaha. Joking. But really, she has an air with her. She was told to take off everything including jewelries. She immediately declared that she has already done everything at home. Hmmm… this means she came into the hospital without, ahemm, panties??? Just a thought. I am really bad. I think I can still blame it as an effect of the operation. Meanieee!!!