The green team won!!! Yeheyyyy.
by missP on Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:27 am

The final game for the Philippine Volleyball competition in Frankfurt am Main, Germany for the ladies, ended yesterday. The Sports committee decided to end the games a week earlier because of the weather conditions. It has been a cold and short summer. The original plan was to finish the season during the first week of September. Just before the Basketball season starts. The yellow and the green teams competed for the trophy. Best of 5 sets was the aim. It was a very tight fight. We ended at two all. At the last game, the Green team scored 8 to zero. Making the green team the champion for this year. Applause bravo Applause bravo Applause bravo

Nobody expected that the green team would make it. At the onset of the games, the green team had very good defense but poor offense. I couldn't miss the game. I needed to be there to give the whole team members support and cheer for them. Even if I was in pain because of the cold weather, I sat there at the park and cheered for my team. Hubby took me there, complete with my sleeping bag-cum-blanket, my own pillow and he made some sort of lean-to for me right where I could have a good view of the game. Nobody could believe it, but, .... WE WON!!! bananas trophy bananas trophy bananas trophy bananas

The awarding ceremony will be next Saturday at the same venue. The male teams will still compete and after their game comes the giving of awards. Dancing clapping Dancing clapping Dancing clapping Dancing