August 10, 2004

kidnapped...part 2 (interpretation)

I started trying to analize my dreams since a couple of years back. You
see, I used to have recurring dreams all the time. They were not some
kind of nightmares, but they kept coming back. I also noticed a pattern.
For example, each time I dream about "me being pregnant", which is by
the way, at that time cannot be considered as "wish fulfillment" because
I was only in my teens then, I find out after a while that somebody
close to me, a relative or a friend is really pregnant. In this case, it
is like a pre-monition. Some relatives and some friends can attest to
this. Anyways, I started reading books about it. From where, I learned
how to remember and record every minute details i saw in my dream. The
feelings I felt, the colors, the atmosphere. The people that one sees in
the dream is not really important, since it can be just a representation
of something or someone.

In The Meaning of Dreams
The colors indicates that: I am a person who enjoys inner peace & contentment and gathers great pleasures from simple things. I have an abundance of energy and vitality to the projects which I am very enthusiastic about. I have great passion & sensitivity not only in my emotional life but in every aspect of my existence. People can feel that they can rely on me.

Seeing the "BALD" head of my hubby in the dream denotes threatened
misery and loss will be avoided by wise action. Although, the "HEAD"
normally indicates understanding & intellect. The cause of this misery,
I guess is from being careless in my personal affairs and losing
advancement by neglecting mental application, which is indicated by the
"HAIR" of the guy who punched me in the face. The punch I got in my face
from that guy means either I will receive good information/news and
monetary gain or face family quarrels. (I really find funny and

The "kidnapping" incident reffers to a change in
environment, loss of independence and freedom and fear to assume
responsibilities. This is probably triggered by this silly idea I have
about having kids. I have fears that I would not be able to do things
that I love to do whilst still single. I believe that having kids
somehow, would make our lives confined only to places activities
centering around children. I know, I am being selfish feeling and
thinking like this. Besides, I am a very impulsive person. I want to be
on the go all the time. Having a child would then make my life slower. The other fear that I have currently has something to do with my work. Right now, I cannot elaborate on it yet for confidential reasons. I guess in a months time, I can also blog about it once the deal is sealed.

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August 05, 2004


Today, I woke up from a very weird dream. In my dream, it looked like i was in a province. At least, the setting didn't look like I was in a city. There was green fields, fruit trees & the house that I saw was made of wood. Not necessarily bamboo, but it was wood and it was varnished with rusty color.

In the first scene of my dream, I was with some friends. We were somehow just talking and laughing, but I couldn't figure out about what or why we were laughing. Then suddenly, somebody came out from nowhere, grabbed one of my friends and disappeared. I shouted for help from my husband. When he came, I was so shocked because he had let his head shaved off. It looked liked Mr. Clean's head, very bald and very shiny!

In the second scene, my hubby and I with two other girlfriends were walking toward this house where we knew our abducted friend was. It was some sort of a hideout for the abductors. What was weird was, they (the abductors) seemed to be having a party. Well, at least it look like they had some visitors. As we were walking towards the house I told my hubby to put his cap on, so they would not manage to identify him if ever we were sighted. At that time, I also felt confused as to why my dear hubby had his hair shaved off but I didn't bother to discuss it then. I just thought, after we finish what we have to do, which was to rescue my friend back, I would definitely confront him about the "shaved haed" thing. Right now, we have to concentrate on what we were supposed to do.

The third scene, it was so funny, becaeuse the rescuig was not so difficult at all. I went inside the house, sighted my friend who was seated in the dining room, together with the kidnappers. The kidnappers were having fun, eating, drinking and talking baout the incident when they kidnapped my friend. My friend on the other hand, sat there motionless, her face expressionless but her eyes was roaming. As if she was trying to imprint in her mind how the whole place looked like. Then, she caught my eyes. She was so still that nobody bothered with her. Then she started eating and drinking as well. I could see her stuff food in her mouth as if she has not eaten for years. Then she asked for something to drink from the hostage keepers. They gave her a blue plastic pitcher (how I knew it was plastic, i don't know. but what registered in my memory was that it was a blue plastic pitcher!) She finished drinking all of what was in that pitcher then stood up and said she wanted to go to the loo. The kidnappers just said, okay, but beware there are snakes in that toilet, then started laughing again.

In the fourth scene, I don't even remember how we did it. How we managed to rescue my friend, because I could only see and feel that we were already walking back to our vehicle with my friend who was kidnapped. I again reminded my hubby to keep his cap on, when I noticed that he wanted to take it off. Then my friend (the kidnap victime) rushed to our vehicle and went inside. I wanted to run after her, but I noticed that as we were walking towards the vehicle, there was a bush on my left side. Somehow, I sensed and felt the presence of someone there. Or subconsciously, I knew one of the kidnappers was hiding there. AS I turned my full body to checked if there was really somebody there, I saw an openned umbrella stucked in the bushes. It was again a blue thing. This time very dark blue. It was like a midnight blue color. The pitcher was very light but shiny blue. From behind the umbrella, a very tall, fat man with curly hair, wearing glasses and in a horizontally striped balck and white oversized shirt & black cargo shorts jumped in front of me. He bent down to my eye level and just said, "this is for you", then punched me right on my face. Then he grabbed me with his left arm and barbarically carried me back to the house. I could still manage to shout for help but then I noticed that my nose was bleeding from the punch and somehow, I became quiet. With the face of that tall fat guy still on mind, I passed out.

The WEIRD part:

When I woke up this morning, I had stains of blood on my right hand. I checked my nose by sticking my finger in it and indeed it bled because I found dried blood traces. I immediately went to the toilet and washed everything off. Then I went back to bed and tried to tell my hubby about the dream. While in bed, I still wanted to go back to sleep but couldn't anymore. So, I decided to check out the meaning of that dream from my "Dream Book". What I discovered from that book will be for the next entry.

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April 20, 2004

Ghosts in dreams

My colleage from work told me yesterday of her dream about seeing dead people. She's been having the same dream for sometime now and feels a little wierd about it. I told her I would check out what it means. This is what I found out:

Dreaming of the dead or ghosts does not necessarily mean somebody will die. It's metaphoric. Normally, seeing ghosts in dreams happens only to children, kids. In their dream, they may see the shadow of their terror teacher whom they are afraid of. To adults, it signifies a change in life, in attitude or in character. It suggest a death of an attitude or trait that once you have but is now gone.

Well, i think the explanation does make sense. So, for those of you who sees ghosts in your dreams, have no fear. It is nothing scary. On the other hand, you should be happy. You may have lost a bad quality in yourself or gained some, meaning you have upgrown immaturity.

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April 18, 2004

Dream analysis part 2

I got a call from my mom last night. Strange co'z I got the call after I had the dream. Now I know it was wise to wait a while before trying to interpret my dream. Now I don't need to go to deep analysis about what it means. I already know the answer.

Four weeks ago, my sisters confided a problem to my mom. They talked and discussed and after awhile came up with a solution. They agreed that my mom would help my sisters in their situation. Last night, my mom called me about the problem. She explained everything to me and in the end asked me if I could help my sisters out. I was confused of what she was talking about at first since I had no idea about the whole thing. In short, she was backing out of the deal that she made with my sisters. Something else came up, which to her analysis is much more important than the "little problem" that my sisters have.

The Baby in the dream was a representation of the deal that my mom made with my sisters. I could remember clearly, that in my dream, "the baby started sucking milk, but then turned his head away from my breasts afterwards". My mom on the other hand, said already to my sisters that she would do something to help them out, but after a while called me and told me she cannot do it anymore and would need my help. I had no idea beforehand of the whole situation, hence the "surprised feeling" in the dream.

My initial reaction was a feeling of slight bitterness that she was like sort of abandoning my sisters in a tight sitaution. I also felt regret that my sisters went to my mom for help instead of to me, which they have been doing for quite sometime now.

The "smoking" part in my dream does not literally mean my bad habbit of smoking. It represented the feelings that I felt in the beginning, being forced into a situation in which I have to consider ideas which I never contemplated on before. But, needless to say, I passed that part with flying colors. Actually, i felt like I handled it quite well when I was to talking to my mom about the whole thing. As I slowly gathered myself and started thinking logically again, i realized that the sitaution was not so bad at all. I tried to tell her of the possible scenario of what could happen and in the end we agreed upon a solution where I could also possibly help. Afterwards, we started talking again as if everything was okay, and there was really no big problem at hand.

There is just one thing left, the meanings of the colors that I saw in my dream.

Dreaming in . . .

Pink denotes tenderness and love. This can only be my love for my family.

White (represented as Caucasian which signifies white-skinned) means people feel they can rely on you. Also means an abundance of energy and vitality. This was probably what my mom felt hence, she called me to ask for help.

Unfortunately, In my referrences, i have no meanings for the cream color. Thus, this is still a question mark for me. What it means or signifies, I can only find out later.

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April 17, 2004

My Dream Analysis

I have always been curious about dreams and their possible meanings ever since I was still in high school. I remember, I used to ask my mom at first for the interpretations of my dreams. My mom is good with it, but the thing is, she wouldn't tell me the complete picture of the meaning of my dreams especially if it happened to be a bad premonition. Just like when she does card reading (yes, tarot even, for her friends or for mine) and yes even palm reading, she always held back the bad meanings. I asked her once why she does this and the reason is; and I quote: "Because palm or card reading and the interpretation of dreams is one big responsibility. It can harm people. It can even ruin lives. The interpreter is responsible to be discreet about what he/she sees in the cards and in the palm. He/she can chose to tell everything, no holds barred, but then again, he/she should be ready for the consequences that goes with it. Besides, guilt is bad vibes which becomes a hindrance or an obstacle for the reader to be able to interpret the meaning of the cards or the dream correctly".

Going back to the meaning of my dream, I had to recall some details in order to find out what it means. Here goes:

1. Mood: Surprised - at the milk dripping from my breasts
Confused - how I got the baby without knowing of being pregnant
Dismay - after the baby didn't seem to like my milk
Regret - about smoking, thinking it was the reason why the baby didn't like the milk

2. Color: everything around me seemed to be salmon pink, I was wearing a cream sleeveles shirt and the baby looked to be caucasian

3. Atmosphere: as if normal

to be continued....

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April 15, 2004


I had a weird dream last night. In it I had a baby. Mind you, i have no kids at the momment and have no plans of having them yet. Anyway, in my dream I saw that milk was dripping out of my nipples. This meant that the baby was either a newborn of a few months old. I didn't realize that i had one until i saw the drips. Suddenly, in the next scene, i was already breastfeeding. But the baby stopped after a few sucks. I thought then, it was probably because i smoke and this affected the taste of the milk. The baby didn't like it. I slowly felt regret from smoking.

The funny part was, I was wondering all the time how I got the baby. Of course I am aware how babies are made...(ha!ha!). Strange how dreams work. Even stranger how they turn up to be right sometimes!

I guess I should just check out my Book Of Dreams. Maybe I can find an explanation for the whole thing. I simply cannot accept that the dream was triggered by my subconscious, simply because I never think about having babies yet. Then again, maybe it is a premonition that somebody I know, a relative or a friend may have another child soon...

Who knows?!

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