Just for kicks, maybe…

Okay, I’m just chilling and songs kept going through in my head… like a broken record.. “Some guys have all the luck!”. (Rod Stewart) Yes, according to the song. Luck comes to them like in a breeze. Sometimes served on a silver platter. Other times, by chance. And in some… Continue reading

Birthday blues…

My birthday is coming up…  I’m turning a page over… I will. I’m claiming the key to fulfill my dream. In this process, I am also building my faith and confidence in my Savior again. A decision that I made some 3 decades ago— I do believe that everything is… Continue reading

Blowing or Belching

Tapos na ang weekend. Ang araw ng Linggo ko ay natapos sa  pag pa plano kung ano ang kakainin namin at sa pagluluto nito. Sa hindi ko naman maipaliwanag na pangyayari, mga bandang alas siyete ng gabi, biglang sunod-sunod ang pag dighay ko. Hindi ko naman ito mapigilan kasi masarap… Continue reading

Remembering first of May

Listening to Bee Gees’ song, I remember how it was in the Bendijo-Zamora residence in the southern parts of the country I was born in. My mom’s sibling were scattered to different state and universities in the country. They each followed their own calling. It didn’t matter much what field… Continue reading

Trekking or Cycling

Cycling – I can do anytime outdoors or in our living room.  Trekking – I prefer to go to a foreign place and explore it by foot while enjoying the food,the culture and the scenery of the area. Yes, more like a vacation destination or adventure. It does take more… Continue reading

New Dawn

The deep darkness of the night slowly creeps into the light of the dawn. Holding thine hand under the thick blanket of warmth and happiness. Slowly sliding like a slippery eel crawling in the blue waters. Slowly receding from the nets woven. Entwined, engulfed in the scenes I let go…… Continue reading