Oct 2005

Voxtours features The Philippines
by missP on Mon Oct 03, 2005 11:33 am
During the past week or so, I never get home earlier than half-past one. No, I’m not gallivanting all the time, although, sometimes I wish I did. I come home from work really late. Thank goodness, I only have two more days of the same shift.

Last night, like every other night, hubby waited up for me. He wanted to show me a documentary that he recorded from Vox Tours about the Philippines. They featured Luzon, Palawan and Mindanao as the three biggest island. Hmm, what happened to Visayas, I asked myself.

The program also showed not just the very rich natural beauty of the Philippines, but also the two opposite sides of the society: the rich and the poor part of Makati. The program will be shown again on Oct. 6 – at 3:30 in the morning so prepare your video recorders that you won’t have to get up in the middle of the night.

It is really good that somebody started to feature the Philippines again for adventurous and exotic island vacation destination. They showed how one can experience magnificence of the nature such as in scuba diving, mountain climbing and snorkeling, kayaking as well as featuring some of the Islands' most majestic spots like the Taal volcano, the Rice Terraces of Luzon, and the white sand beach of El Nido in Palawan. Whereas before, the Philippines was already one of the leading countries most targeted as a tourist spot in Asia, after several disasters both natural and human made, the Philippines gradually almost became non-existent. If it was indeed featured in International news programs, it was only to show the negative side of the people and the government. It would be good to also show to the world that there is beauty in our country past beyond what one can imagine.
Your Blog Should Be Blue
by missP on Wed Oct 05, 2005 9:48 pm
Huh?? Somebody left a comment in my Queens on Fire entry stating that Pops Fernandez is in Europe at the moment and asked if I have any news to post about it.

?Pops Fernandez is in Europe right now, any news about her concert ??

Well, I am quite sorry, but after spending sometime scouring the net for any news about it, I couldn?t find any document that confirms this. She was previously here on a European concert tour some years back, but for this year, I have not heard nor read about it.

Anybody have bits and pieces of info about said singer performing in Europe, please, it would be appreciated if you leave a note here. Thanks a lot!

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Packing up old uniforms & stuff
by missP on Fri Oct 07, 2005 5:46 pm
I spent the rest of the afternoon gathering everything that got from the company I work for at the moment. Old trousers, two blazers, some blouses plus the very thick and heavy winter jackets that I used when I was doing Ramp. What I did there? Well, depends, on some days, I am one of the people-cum-blocks used to stop the Planes from rolling off to the middle of the runway. Or sometimes, we make "tulak the airplane pag na aberya sa gitna ng runway", hahahah! At least, that’s what I used to tell people, if they ask me what I do at the airport.

Anyway, I am supposed to return them at the end of this month. Honestly, I can’t wait for the month to be over. After this page of my life is closed and the chapter ended, I will then start with the next steps or moves of the plan I have safely and carefully made and saved in my “to do” list. Hopefully, all will work out well and everything will be smooth sailing. I just hate it when one or two things in my list would not turn out how I want it to. But just the same, I won’t feel down if it would happen. I am ready and have every other alternatives listed as well. So, if plan A doesn’t work, I move on to plan B and/or to plan C until I would finally achieve the goal in mind.

The goal? *grin*… secret.…*grin* But, seriously, you'll soon find it out. I know I won't be able to stop myself from blogging about it, once it has materialized into something concrete. Wish me luck! Wink
by missP on Sat Oct 08, 2005 10:40 am
when you cry...
no one sees your tears.

sad sad sad

when you are in pain...
no one sees your hurt.

hushmouth drop ouch

when you are worried...
no one sees your stress.

duck frown crazy

when you are happy...
no one sees your smile.

cloud9 joy bingo

But FART!! just ONE time...
And everybody knows!!

sick stupidme notmyfault

Update, quick...get your tickets!!!
by missP on Fri Oct 14, 2005 7:21 pm
Hi to all of you,
I would like to invite all of you in behalf of Jelyn from Munich to the first and Concert of the one and only CONCERT QUEEN of THE PHILIPPINES: POPS FERNANDEZ on October 23, 2005 Sunday at 8 pm. The entrance opens at 6 pm. The concert will be at THE NIGHT FLIGHT in Munich near the M?nchen International Airport.

Any details of the concert: please call directly Jelyn in Munich. Or if you are near Stuttgart area call contact person Philip. Just tell them that I gave you their numbers. See you there folks. You will surely enjoy the concert. I will meet Pops next week in Copenhagen, as there wil be also a concert there.

Should you have any questions email me at : jlepke@gmx.net or text me at 0171 447 9859

Regards to all
Jermina Lepke of Ditzingen (Stuttgart)

And another one from Stockholm:

Hi to all,
The Concert Queen of the Philippines- Ms Pops Fernandez will also have a concert in Stockholm on the 16th of October at 3:00 p.m.

For concert information call:
*Chelsin Ledesma
*Caroline Fredriksson +46735 200433
*Emy Parmozeh

Regards to all
Caroline Fredriksson
Stockholm Eight Organization

***This was posted in my comments box for the Queens on Fire...in DC! entry.

Enjoy your weekend, guys!!! Thanks for the info Caroline & Mingming…
My e-a-g-e-r-n-e-s-s to g-r-o-w-u-p gave me g-r-a-y- hairs
by missP on Sat Oct 15, 2005 8:32 am
There are five siblings in my family with only a year’s difference in age, except for the last one who was born 16 years after the youngest of the girls. We were definitely a crowd. All four of us grew up with our maternal grandmother, aunts and uncles who brought us up. The training was strict and very correct. We were not allowed to do anything else after school except do our school assignments and respective household chores. Yes, we started at a very young age learning all the house duties. We were not allowed to listen to radio soap or drama. Worst, almost everything that we heard from them was censored. But we were all quick learners, and so it didn’t take long for them to find out that we could already understand what was going on in the family. The normal chismis up to the financial status and obligations, nothing escaped us. Soon, my aunts and uncles had to say letter per letter of the w-o-r-d-s that they didn’t want us kids to understand. We only spoke either English or Cebuano, by the way, which was somewhat hard and yet very easy for us kids. With cebuano, there was no way out. So they tried it in English.

Like once, I was so moody and didn’t talk to anybody at all for a couple of days, because, when I came home from school one day, I saw that my sisters and brother were eating DIC- dirty ice cream. I still miss that ice cream. Anyway, the ice cream vendor left already before I came home. So, I was left with no choice but to satisfy myself by saying I’d get one the following day. I was so sad, so envious of others, that although they offered me to have a l-i-c-k from their ice cream, I simply declined. Yep, I have also my pride. Another weakness that up to now, I am still suffering from. I was on the verge of crying because they were all teasing me about having a lick from the ice cream of each of my brother’s and sisters’ ice cream that I just ran and hid in one corner of the kitchen. When one of the several uncles came home, he saw me already falling asleep in the corner. So, he asked my aunt what happened. The conversation went like this:

Uncle: Ett’s what h-a-p-p-e-n-e-d?
Aunt: She felt s-a-d, because she d-i-d-n-’t get her I-c–e C-r-e-a-m.
Uncle: Did she at least e-a-t d-I-n-n-e-r?
Aunt: No, she was c-r-ying the whole time.

Or another situation was when I was starting to get curious with the baby bras:

Aunt1: She wants to s-t-a-r-t w-e-a-r-i-n-g- the baby b-r-a already.
Aunt2: Where did she g-e-t the i-d-e-a- from?
Aunt1: She saw it in the c-a-t-a-l-o-g-u-e.
Aunt2: We’ll have to t-e-l-l about it. She just has to w-a-i-t then.

So, that’s how the normal conversation would go. And yes, we are the “kulit” bunch of kids who were so eager to grow up, to make pakialam in the whole family thing even at such an early age. Soon, we learned every meaning of the words that they tried to censor from us. I am happy though that they did it so, because it became some sort of training for me. We got practiced in spelling at an early age. We also learned how to look for the meaning of words from the two huge dictionaries of my granny. I can remember, after hearing a new word from them like this, I would then go to the main room of the house, grab the two volume dictionaries and look for the meaning of the words, while slowly murmuring it repeatedly so that I would not forget it. But, honestly, I think this is also where I got my gray hairs from.
Pinoy internet radio thingy...
by missP on Sun Oct 16, 2005 4:54 pm
One of the things I use the internet for is to listen to Internet radio. I normally tune in to Ifm for the songs. It makes me feel like I am in the Philippines… hehehe.. Habang nangangarap ng gising nang magandang kabuhayan sa ating Inang Bayan. In Ifm, they have this Filipino dictionary time wherein they translate the English words to Tagalog and use them in a sentence, like these two:

Use suspicious in a sentence -

wow pare, ang ganda ganda naman ng bagong bahay niyo. Ang laki pa, so-spasyius

Use contemplate in a sentence -

A boy helper at the carinderia of Tiyo Paeng talking to a Japanese tourist:

ser, ser don’t break the pleyt becos it belongs to our karinderiya and you see we have kontingpleyt left to use to serb to our customers…

I’m shallow, I know. But please allow me to be. Ito ang resulta ng home sickness at full moon…

Enjoy the coming week everyone…. Oissstt! malapit na pala Halloween.

warts Twisted Evil hosed
Chocolates, age and sex
by missP on Wed Oct 19, 2005 10:06 am
“Chocolate is good for man’s libido, I read once.” My colleague told me, while we were at a station at work. He was just munching on bar after bar of chocolates the whole time we were together, that I was afraid he would just burst right in front of me, right there at the station. “ahh, I see, your wife will be in trouble tonight”, I joked back to him. He just gave me this silly grin. As if it really matters to me what will happen to his wife tonight. Thinking to myself, I would not want to be with a person for the rest of my life who is as fat as two barrels of water and could hardly stand anymore. And yet, as if his size doesn’t bother him at all, he still keeps munching on those calories. Don't get me wrong. I am not a mean person. It just seemed weird to me that he didn't appear to be worried about his psysical status. I myself love chocolates, but I would start worrying if I gained those extra pounds. And although, I have read somewhere before that chocolates helps man calm down when in a stressful situation, I couldn’t really believe what he was saying about the libido thing. So, I went to check in the net what the real score is.

Apparently, only "mature men tend to have the anti-errection effect of the chocolates..." than the opposite. For the younger ones though, it is quite an aphrodisiac. Can it be the psychological reason why, when a young lad is after a girl, he will definitely bring chocolates and flowers as present? Flowers to soften up the heart and chocolates to make the girls lusting after the boy? Although the flower can also be the signal of the boy lusting after the vagina of a girl or so I heard somewhere.

Anyway, since I was already on the search for the love food varieties, I decided to look into it more. Which are good, which are bad for the libido. Not that my sex-life is going down in the dumps, mind you. (hehehehe, am I being defensive here?)

Here are some of them:

A classic in the aphrodisiac world. Whether boiled or steamed the asparagus is an effective stimulant. This erotic shaped vegetable is best, cooked and consumed whole. Part of the lily family, asparagus contains plenty of vitamin A and C. Consume over three consecutive days for the most powerful effect.

Associated with passion and fertility, their aroma is alleged to excite women and is therefore a common ingredient in creams and soaps. Almonds are delicious in cakes, biscuits, and pastries.

To the Aztecs this fruit was known as ahucatl, which means 'testicle', but it was left to the Spanish to spread the news of the avocado's stimulating powers. In the confessional Catholic priests forbade it to their parishioners.

As well as an erotic shape the banana has also been associated with erotic energy in the Tantric tradition. Legend has it that the serpent that tempted Eve hid in a bunch of bananas. Bananas are also rich in B vitamins believed to help manufacture sex hormones.

One of the undisputed kings of aphrodisiacs. Chocolate has been used to stoke the flames of passions all over the world. Its powers on the sexual appetite have led to a chocolate ban being imposed in some monasteries. Chocolate contains chemicals thought to effect neurotransmitters in the brain. Legendary bed hopper Casanova was a serious chocolate fanatic and always tucked into some before entering the boudoir.

To read more click here or on the link below.

This was lifted from: Vegetarian Society

33 random facts about me:
by missP on Sat Oct 22, 2005 8:29 am
1. i am a right-handed person
2. i wear my wrist watch on my right-wrist as well
3. i find that to be left-handed is cute
4. i am a feng shui fanatic
5. i love to read about dreams and their meanings
6. i am quick to offer assistance w/c gets me into trouble most of the time
7. i have lived in three countries w/in my 33 years of existence
8. i like my egg sunny side up/over easy
9. i like toast instead of something sweet for breakfast(cake or fruits)
10. i have two favorite nieces & one favorite nephew
11. i can be vulnerable at times
12. i like to live in the country rather in the city
13. i have no pets at all at home
14. i smoke
15. i drink white wine
16. i don't like beer and red wine
17. i cannot swim
18. i have a dream that i can see no future of; which, until now, i am pursuing
19. i am a very transparent person
20. i sometimes loose my train of thought in the middle of a sentence
21. i fit into a size 8 but most of the time i buy size ten
22. i think i have a psychosomatic sickness
23. i sing while driving
24. i am not materialistic
25. i am a compulsive buyer though
26. i love to read self help books
27. i like thongs but can stand the pantyshield made for them
28. i don't like to use tampoons
29. i have some dreams that are only half-accomplished
30. i procrastinate - big time!
31. i am the second child, but the ledest among the girls in my family
32. i like to bloghop and read about other people's lives, their ideas and experiences
33. i still have a crush on someone i met 10 years ago but the person doesn't know it.

Having thought about these things, i sometimes think i still don't know myself that well. I honestly wonder if other people are the same. But then again, i think to live your life 33 years is not long enough to realize exactly who and what you are. Although, some may think they do, I try not to fool myself with the some idea. I may be aware of what I may and may have not yet accomplished, what I want to do and what I have done before, wjat i like and don't like, still it is not enough to say: this is the Hannahlou that is today. Because i believe that every person is made complicated and completely different from others. And to know one's true self, feelings and understand ones behaviour is like knowing every single cell and composition of one's body... to which I think only God can do.
by missP on Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:42 am
At work today, an old American lady came to my colleague to ask for his help. She started telling him the story of her missing passport and ticket. My colleague passed the case to me, explaining that he couldn’t quite understand the old lady. Apparently, in between sobs, puffs and breaths and wiping her sweats, the lady was not making so much sense to him. So, I had to ask the lady again to repeat her story.

I tried to calm her down a bit, explaining that I could only understand her if she did so. After a minute or so, she started retelling step by step exactly what happened. Then suddenly, right in the middle of her explaining, arms waving and finger pointing, another airport employee came to my side and asked me what happened. The man in charge of the baggage carts started butting in. I ordered him firmly to be quite so that I could understand the passenger better. Well, anybody would, I guess, considering how it is at the airport. The noise coming from the other passengers and non-passengers bidding adieu plus the regular flight announcements and warnings, I can hardly hear my self talking. I feel like I am shouting all the time. I guess the noise is one of the reasons why I am so excited to go home and burrow myself in silence. I digress.

From a certain gate in hall A where the lady came in from Venice, she walked slowly towards the transfer check in counters to get her boarding pass, since the airline in Venice couldn’t issue her one for her connecting flight. Now, that’s about 7 to minutes walk, several boarding gates past and not to mention that the area is full of passengers all the time. When she got to the transfer check-in counter, she realized that her tickets and passport were missing. She said, she looked everywhere already but didn’t find the missing items. Her flight was leaving in 50 minutes and she was loosing hope.

When I finally found the time to translate to the baggage cart man what happened, he suddenly said, “ ahh, it’s yours!” while taking something out of his side pocket a passport and a ticket. Upon seeing this, the old lady, in tears said her rightful “thank you” and I could see that she almost wanted to give the man a hug for finding her missing items. As she slowly walked back to the transfer check-in counter, the man who found the items hurriedly asked me to tell the lady that “she should give him a reward”. It’s the law here in Germany, he said. I told him that I was not going to do such a thing. First of all, it was his job to make sure that whatever items he will find in his working area, he is supposed to surrender it to the proper personnel in charge. Second, I do believe it is immoral to do such a thing. Isn’t it enough that the lady said her heartfelt “thanks”? No, he said, it is the law. The lady has to give me money. So I told him that if he really insists, he should go and asked for the reward himself. To which, he did. From a distance, I could hear him saying: "give me money for finding your ticket. it's how it is done here in Germany". The nerve of that man! To me, a reward is something given, (may it be in cash or in kind) by the giver without asking for it.

In the English Oxford dictionary it says:

“Reward” – n. A thing in recognition of service, effort or achievement; a fair return for good or bad behaviour; a sum offered for the detection of a criminal, the restoration of lost property, etc.;

“Reward” – v. (give a reward to) to show one’s appreciation of (an action or quality) by making a gift.

Derivatives: adj. – reward less

Origin: ME: from Anglo-Norman French, variation of Original French “reguard” – “regard, heed”. Also an early sense of the English word.

I went back to my position and informed to my colleague what happened to the old lady and what the other employee said. He then told me that in Germany, it is indeed correct to ask for a “finder’s fee” and it has to be ten percent of the worth of the item found. Absurd! I tried to tell him. Then he continued, “But it is not obligatory to give the reward”. What??? Did I miss something? Isn’t that a bit contradicting? That would cause chaos. What’s the point in making those rules when they are contradicting each other anyway? Haay, until now, I admit I still don’t understand their logic.