Apr 2005

The Boy
by missP on Thu Apr 07, 2005 9:59 am
The street is deserted. On one side of the street are a row houses made of bricks straightly aligned by the lamp posts in front of each. Some are two stories some are three. On most days, the street would be filled with children from families living in the houses. But today, there are none. Everything is so quiet. Not even a radio could be heard from any of the houses.

The wind is blowing a bit of chill and leaves are flying every now and then from the tree branches across. Dusk is setting in. Then a little boy about seven came out from one of the two story house. With a ball in his hand and a little limp, he came out of the door with a big smile. His face a little flushed. He?s the only son of the couple living in the area for almost 13 years. A love child, he is a bundle of joy. With a mixture of limp and hop, he rushed to the park across the street. Suddenly, in the middle of the road, he stopped. AS if sensing something, he looked around from left to right and then back again to the left. He knew he heard something. Or at least he felt something. He could sense it now coming. But he was glued to the pavement. He couldn?t move anymore. It was like as if, he was planted there like a statue. Then the headlights of the red sportscar came in view.
Hango sa ...
by missP on Mon Apr 11, 2005 9:48 am
Hango pa sa Chinese Almanac

You have the ability to choose what you think and how you feel. Remember that.

My Turn to answer the question: Why Do I Blog?
by missP on Tue Apr 12, 2005 6:59 pm
On a sunny day, like this, it is such a waste to just sit in front of the PC and vegetate, but what the heck! Hubby is back from his trip to the U.S. not feeling well and maybe coming up with some virus or something. For a couple of days now, he has been in bed feeling weak and sickly. Hopefully, he?ll get better soon and we can enjoy the sunshine together come weekend again. Till then, I am going to vegetate here as long as I want! Hehehe...

After doing my normal rounds of blog hopping, answering mails and catching up on the reading, I thought I should also answer the question: clapping ?Why Do I Blog??

I started blogging almost two years ago. brainwash I know, in my archives it?s only been a little more than a year. That?s because, I did not include the entries that I made with e-bloggy, blogger and Diaryland. With e-bloggy, I had INSOMIA as the blog name. It was just a few articles about how I fought with my own sickness. I had some pointers, some things I did whenever sleep was hard to get by. In blogger, I called it ?Just About Anything?. After a couple more entries, I discovered other blogs. Blogs that were very interesting and so popular that I thought, okay, I can?t compete with those. Insecurity settled in and I lost the appetite for blogging. Although I still blog hopped every now and then, believe you me, the ?then? sunked in more often until I discovered the community of Filipino bloggers. I got motivated again. I started another blog with Upsaid Journal, having learned that they give out blogging space for free accounts. After two or three articles, Upsaid closed their basic accounts. I then moved on to Movabletype, where I lasted for some months. By this time, I have become a frequent visitor to the other Pinoy blog sites. I have also gathered up enough courage to leave a comment or just let the owner know that I dropped by their site. My first blogging intrigue came. I was accused of flaming someone who has been blogging for years. That was quite an interesting experience. I let go of the issue and avoided it like one would a plague or something. I lost a friend though in the process. And although I have already talked to that lady again after some months, yes, it took us months to patch up, with the help of some other bloggers namely Elaine and Thess, I have a feeling that the friendship will never be the same again. I fear that so many people have gotten in between us and that so much has happened, yet they were not supposed to. time

After all the chaos, why do I blog? I blog for several reasons.

First, it?s to pass the time away. I was new in this country where hubby and I have to settle in for the time being. With no work and still learning the language, I needed something else to occupy myself with. Although, in the beginning I was not that of an enthusiast, I still managed to do it. Writing, second to math is my waterloo. Contradictingly unbelievable & untrue because when I was still studying, I used to join the National News Writing Conferences in the Philippines. I was also a member of the journalism club in High School. Well, in fairness, I did have the talent, as what my advisors told me then, but I didn?t have the zest for it. I was too lazy to put words into sentences, paragraphs or compose something. Though I was good in Essay writing I only wrote one if necessary, like for example, so I could pass a subject. I have my English teachers who can attest to that given the grades I got. Then again, I also stated somewhere that I am a journalist-wannabe, but that was only because I had a very big crush on the newspaper editor at school then. Yes, now it can be told! I used to stay longer hours at school just to be with the guy who didn?t seem to notice me. Who?s mind seemed to be so pre-occupied with only two things in general: the love of his life, Jessica and the things he would do or make in his lifetime. He had big plans. Well, he was the Valedictorean of his batch, so, what else could one expect of him. Anyway, when he graduated, I suddenly lost interest in journalism and switched to Drama. And that was the end of my journalism years but not for blogging Wink!

Second, I blog, because it is so interesting what other people think, what they feel in certain situations, how they react to some actions of others. It?s like doing Psychology and Sociology 101 experiments. I blog because I am a sucker for other people?s stories. Yes, admittedly. I could sit down and read or listen to other people telling me their life stories and later break it down to cause and effect situations. What I learn from it, will stay with me, for sure. What discourages or disappoints me from the stories, I simply forget. bouncenburn

Third, I blog because I know that some people come to visit me in my blogsite. AS a proof to this, I have my sitemeter. There are days, when I feel so down or so upset and they would feel it in the entry I made and they would leave me comforting words and things to laugh at to ease the heavy heart I have. No man is an island. Not one can survive alone. I first learned that from my grandmother who has repeatedly instilled it in us. Living in a foreign country with no real family except for my hubby who has put up with all my crazy ideas and cheered me up on some days when depression sets in on me, I need others to tell me comforting words and give me constructive criticisms. So, I Blog. overclocking

Another reason why I blog is because this is my way of reflecting on myself. I was also once a brat, immature, self centered person?and blogging has helped me to open up my mind and widen my outlook into things, ideas and situations. It is nice to read about the old self and then realize that I have changed. That I have learned to let go of the bad me and in it?s place is now a responsible, God fearing, mature adult trying always to reflect to others the Lord?s goodness and wonders in my life. I am not saying that blogging changed me. I am stating that reading what I have written in my blog helped me get to know myself better. blush

I am not really a very materialistic person, duck but in blogging , as I have mentioned before helps me widen my horizon?(to the point of being Vain), to find new things, new ideas, when it comes to fashion as well. Try to bloghop and find out that half if not most of the bloggers would feature some new cellphones, camera, bag, dress, make up powder, lipstick eyeshadows, etc., etc. The list could go on and on?It really is quite fun. I crawl in the web looking out who is reading which book, who went on vacation to Timbukto and whoever had a fight with the bosses at work. Silly little things? Well yes maybe. But it helps me unwind as well as heals my aching heart when I am blue, lifts up my spirits when I am down in the dumps or takes out the best in me as a writer, there's a laugh! bananas bananas bananas
Need I remind you?
by missP on Fri Apr 15, 2005 12:18 pm
ASk me a question or something that I have to do right here, right now, I'd be happy to do it. BUt if ask me to remind you of something that you or i have to do later on, don't expect a lot! I myself needs constant reminding of things that I have scheduled myself to do or plans that I promised myself that I would accomplish before the raven turns white and you of all people should know that! bif

Springtime woes...
by missP on Wed Apr 20, 2005 10:26 am
Here I am again. It is another gloomy day in Germany. It?s raining, windy and a bit cold. I am sitting in front of the PC, just surfing, browsing, bloghopping. Having done all of my household chores yesterday, I am left with only the note groceries for today. But I am in no mood to go out there yet. I sit by the window, I see the cherry tree in our backyard, blossoming again. Spring is really here. There?s no escaping it notmyfault . hmmn I don?t really like spring as much as I like Summer or Fall. But I don't dread it as much as I do Winter. With spring comes new hope, normally, after three whole dreadful months of cold, icy and sometimes very rough weather free . But with spring also comes POLLEN allergies and nose bleeding. doctor Yep, my nose bleeding always starts around the same time as my pollen allergies starts coming out. My eyes are all the time red, dry and therefore itchy. My lip is swollen bubbles , dry all the time and feels heavy. blackteeth It feels like, each time I would open my mouth, the lips would crack. So, I cannot even laugh really loud or open my mouth so wide for fear that it would also start bleeding. bummer

The first drop of blood I had was last Sunday. blush As I was rushing to the airport to meet Elaine since she and hubby were flying to the Philippines via Frankfurt Airport. The problem is that I don?t get some kind of a sign that my nose is bleeding or will start bleeding. boxedin Nope, the blood just slowly drips down like tears falling. I remember last year, I had to go to the airport clinic because my nose wouldn?t stop bleeding. The nurse there noticed me and asked me if I was there as well the previous year for the same problem. bash I said, yes. After that they gave me a suppository for the nose. I stuck one in and the extra one, they said I was supposed to stick it into my nose the minute the bleeding starts again. Then, they gave me a recommendation to go see a specialist for the problem. Well, I think they over acted a little. I have always had the problem, but didn?t really think of it as something grave. It?s just a little messy each time it happens, crazy if you know what I mean? Imagine you, walking around the mall, with only a pack of tissue in your bag. While browsing and scavenging from the piles/stacks of clothes, shoes or books, you suddenly see blood droplets on the floor or unluckily on the stacks of whatever it is you are buying. threadhead You struggle to get the tissue in your bag and in the process, dropping some more blood on the products spook . Then, finally, you found the tissue, but they are not enough, so you have to go to the washroom and continue cleaning yourself there. The target is unfortunately nowhere around the area where you are now. You have to run like 50 to 100 meters to get there. crossfingers Do you get the picture? On top of that, the embarrassment on meeting other people looking at you, with that suspicious stare and judging glare as if you have been beaten by hubby or boyfriend or whatever silly reason. Speak to the hand weep
bananas basket
So, anyway, this morning, as I was washing my face and doing my morning rituals, my nose started bleeding again. confused I grabbed a face towel, wet it with cold water and placed it on my forehead. That?s the advantage of having the same sickness over and over again. One knows what to do whenever the situation arises. I cleaned my face and just sat down for a while. I am not supposed to tip my head over to avoid that the blood would clog the nostrils nor am I supposed to blow the nose so the rest of the blood would come out. NO! I am only supposed to sit still, wet towel on the forehead and wait until the bleeding stops. Then as suddenly as it started, the bleeding just stopped. confused3 Good that today, I am staying at home and not working, but what about tomorrow or the day after, or the rest of the week or months, for that matter? Pray
Queens on Fire .... in DC!
by missP on Thu Apr 21, 2005 10:41 am
Regine Velasquez & Pos Fernandez will be performing in Washington DC on the 23rd of this month. I was hoping I could get a short vacation to be able to see the Queens…on Fire concert of the Philippines’ most popular Divas. Unfortunately, I could not get away from work this month. No leaves are being approved at the moment, so I guess I will just have to satisfy myself with the video of the said concert, if ever they would sell out one.

It’s in times like this that I wish I am living somewhere else, like in New York. Boy, how I envy Victoria who lives right in the center of the universe…(Living Bigger Than Life...entry), hehehe.

Speaking of which, I was just wondering why our local artists very seldom have concerts in Europe, specifically, Germany, blackteeth ? I have heard that some bands and actors or actresses perform concert tours most often in the U.S. than in Europe. Has it got something to do with the demand or the money or what gives? I am just so na?ve I have got to ask.
blush blush blush
The Coin Castle
by missP on Tue Apr 26, 2005 2:18 am
king thankyou
Located a few kilometers away from my home, the castle Muenzenberg ( 2cents) is place where locals threadhead and tourists threadhead alike spend their weekends and sunny days together. More on the castle here. Drool Just before getting into the castle grounds, the villagers have their own souvenir market where one can get mini castles, t-shirts and plenty more to remember the visit by.
woops Thanks to ML for being so diligent in taking pictures, I now have a new springtime banner. Wink

Laughing warts


I may have gained disappointed a couple of kilos during the last few months. I have not been to the gym for some months now, nor have I renewed my contract with them. I loved going there, trust me, but somehow, I slowly felt like I didn't have or couldn't find the time to go there anymore. Whichever is the case, I'm glad I don't have one of those contracts that doesn't expire until you tell the management that you want to quit going there. That would mean, they would continue deducting from your account the charges automatically, irregardless of wether you still go or not. Mine had a limit of one year. If and when I want to continue, I just need to let them know that I would go on with the program. Otherwise, they cut it off immediately. No strings attached. Laughing Laughing

For now, angel I am trying (my darn best blackteeth ) the old method that I used since I was a teenager with baby fats, until in my early twenties, when I slowly gained some unwanted fats from the chocolates that i stuffed myself with barf . The trick..., no meals after six p.m. bananas It definitely worked for me then yep yep ... but somehow, now that I am doing it again, the effort is already double than before, alien but the effect is definitely not even an iota of what I lost previously!
mad disappointed Crying or Very sad
My sister blogger C'est Une Blague found out about this detox dieting that I thought I should try crossfingers , but it seems to me like I'll be harboring Ulcer when I start practicing it. Why? Well, just check it out here. bouncenburn