May 2005

A Favorite Hymn
by missP on Wed May 04, 2005 9:54 am
• Receptivity helps you better understand life.

Boo hoo! Boo hoo! Boo hoo!

As the deer pants for the water,
so my soul longs after You.
You alone are my heart’s desire
and I long to worship You.
You alone are my strength, my shield,
to You alone may my spirit yield.
You alone are my heart’s desire
and I long to worship You.

I want You more than gold or silver,
only You can satisfy.
You alone are the real joy-giver
and the apple of my eye.
You alone are my strength, my shield,
to You alone may my spirit yield.
You alone are my heart’s desire
and I long to worship You.

You’re my Friend and You’re my Brother,
even though You are a king.
I love You more than any other,
so much more than anything.
You alone are my strength, my shield,
to You alone may my spirit yield.
You alone are my heart’s desire
and I long to worship You.

quizz time ...
by missP on Sat May 07, 2005 7:37 pm

Your Birthdate: October 23
With a birthday on the 23rd of the month (5 energy) you
are inclined to work well with people and enjoy them.
You are talented and versatile, very good at presenting
ideas. You may have a tendency to get itchy feet at times
and need change and travel. You tend to be very progressive,
imaginative and adaptable. Your mind is quick, clever and
analytical. A restlessness in your nature may make you
a bit impatient and easily bored with routine. You may
have a tendency to shirk responsibility. Very sociable,
you make friends easily and you are an excellent traveling
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

bouncenburn bingo basket case!!!
well, it's been quite a while. was banned from the computer for a few weeks. why??? well, not that i am complaining again...but, groan groan groan i have been having problems with my calf for almost three weeks now. i was only allowed to sit in front of the PC for a few minutes, and that was just to check out mails and see if bro and sis were online to chat either over skype or YM.

so, threadhead i was at the doctor's office the previous saturday and then again this friday threadhead , although the leg problems started since the 23rd of april. can you imagine the howling crybaby crybaby i was doing specially at the end of the day and very early in the morning when i have to get out of the bed? you betcha!!! it felt like i was going to lose them already. sounds really bad actually. the substitute doctor that i went to last 30.04. said she couldn't tell me much about what was wrong. told me to come back the following monday to see my own doctor! Brick wall Brick wall

luckily, my own doctor is back. he changed the pain reliever prescription rtfm that i got from the sub doctor because they were hardly working out for me, and when the pain was less in the legs, then i was having stomach aches from the medicine. this time, the meds work, but since it is very strong, i am only allowed to take one per day. so, here i am again, sick sick sick
Aishite Imasu - Mahal Kita
by missP on Sun May 08, 2005 9:45 pm
The story happened in a town called San Nicolas, somewhere in the Philippines during the time of the Japanese occupation. It revolves around three friends' LOVE: love for the country, for the husband and for the friend. They all fell in love at around the same time. Edilberto, who became a communist leader, had a great love for his land, his freedom and for the family that he so longed for. A dream that he once shared with Inya but that dream slowly faded when his parents and siblings were killed by the Japanese soldiers. His love turned to anger and revenge. His rage was so great that his love for his wife Inya was left a shadow that he hardly recognized anymore.

Inya is a young and beautiful wife who suffered a lot during the war. She had two miscarriages, a tragedy that made her hate the war and the Japanese enemy. Her husband was never around and in result she slowly felt ignored and left behind. She shared the love of her husband with her country, a rival that she could hardly compete with. When her husband died in one of the encounters with the enemy, she turned to help the NPA?s as well although she hated the NPA comrades for fear that they have gone far beyond just helping the other Filipinos. She thought that the NPA's were slowly getting paranoid and started accusing the other Filipinos of being spies and traitors. She was also once accused of the same sin. Although, deep in her heart, the only sin she committed was the jealousy that she felt for her own country.

Ignacio, the homosexual friend of Inya and Edilberto, was in love with the latter as well, but considering the situation, Ignacio was brave enough to sacrifice his mind, body and love for his friends and his country when the Japanese leader, Itchiru, fell in love with him. He pretended to be Inya until he finally fell in love with him and slowly revealed his whole personality and feelings. The Japanese leader accepted him as he is, professing that he knew even from the beginning of Ignacio's secret. A twist in the story that was somewhat unexpected.

Love kept their friendship, love helped them fight for their motherland and love urged them to move on. Those who have survived the war with Inya, ended up with deep physical and emotional wounds. Some of them came out in the open with their individual dark secrets: things that happened to them in the hands of the Japanese that they never told anyone before. Their lives are forever scarred by the nightmare that they experienced and brought with them to their graves.

This film of love and betrayal is good to pass the time. Although it is somehow based on history, one can hardly consider it as a documentary of such. Nevertheless, this film by Joel Lamangan has once again won the hearts of the many Filipinos, for looking back to this painful part of our history and showing the hardships of war and occupation for the ordinary people. It was winner of the 2004 Metro Manila Film Festival and presented the Gender Sensitivity Award.
quizz time... ulit :woops:
by missP on Mon May 09, 2005 3:37 pm
Wink Wink Wink
Just finished watching another film with Aga Muhlach and Claudine Barretto. Nope, I am not going to make another review on it. Actually, I have had that film since a couple of years ago, i've seen it not just two times, but I decided to watch it again today... why? kasi, nag crave ako for Filipino food. Since I am not a good cook myself of our own Filipino cuisine, i satisfied myself with watching our actors and actresses cook and prepare their recipes of life dramas and love stories in the Philippines. The Title: Kailangan Kita... hhhmmmnn... and the verdict??? Busog na busog naman ako!
Dancing Dancing Dancing
This one is something that I lifted from madame thess.

Lechon Baboy: Roasted to a crisp.
The main act on a Filipino buffet repertoire.

brought to you by Quizilla
Which Filipino Food Are You?

Grabe!!! bouncenburn Anybody knows how to make paksiw without cooking lechon first? bash kasi, mas mahirap mag lechon dito sa alemanya....nyahahaahhahaa! blackteeth yeah, i know... Speak to the hand Brick wall Speak to the hand Brick wall Speak to the hand
Is there still hope?
by missP on Tue May 10, 2005 9:02 am
Being at home most days during the past two weeks, I roam around in our humble abode, thinking what to do. It seems that I have been cooped up so long at home, or no, maybe not. Maybe I am just so used to going to work everyday that now my restlessness is setting in on me. AS I limped to and fro, (hmmm, come to think of it as a way to exercise my bad legs), I stumbled upon the old December issue of a local newspaper Die Zeit. There is an article about the "Batpeople" in Manila. I didn't want to read it at first. I was trying to disregard the newspaper that was lying around in the living room since hubby brought it home months back. I know what the story was about. I didn't want to read it because I knew I would just feel upset, depressed and enraged by what I will find there. Yes, Upset, because, no matter how we Filipinos (who are now living here in Europe or elsewhere) try to promote our own country and say that not all of the Philippines is a pile of garbage dump as what is always written in the magazines or newspapers, somehow, it is all for nothing. At least speaking for myself, I still try to promote the Philippines to the local nationals as well as to other foreigners I encounter and/or get acquainted with. Upon glancing at the said newspaper, I saw immediately the half-the-page picture of a cemented bridge somewhere in Manila with the rails turned black from the ashes and pollution. Under the bridge are shanties three or four families. Floating on the water together with the rest of the dumps from somewhere else and I assume from the families living there as well. How can one survive living in such an unhealthy environment? Floating on the water or hanging under the bridge? As if it really matters?

picture is a cropped version of the one in Die Zeit Dez. issue.

I succumb to the temptation of reading the article. It started with the story about the boy, sleeping on the dilapidated flooring of the shanties with the garbage and the cockroaches around him. It didn't matter. He was told that he should just sleep whenever he got tired. There on the floor. What kind of parents would do that to their child? I couldn't go on reading. It was indeed depressing and so painful to read or to accept the fact that this is reality in the Philippines. But, IT IS! The article continued on about the stories of the other families living in the area. How they survive in their day to day needs without a real job with a proper income, health questions and education...etc., etc.

Now, what is the government doing about this problem? Poverty is still widespread in the country. Unemployment is the main cause of the giant problem that until now is still unresolved or even lessened. Because the people couldn't afford to have a decent and clean life, health issues are also getting rampant. Malnourished children, sick people who cannot even afford to buy medicines or go to the clinic for treatment. They just die from the illnesses that are normally, nowadays, curable. The government is trying to help small entrepreneurs of the country, but what about the people or families who cannot afford to start a small business even if they want to, so they can also partake or in the program. Gosh! They cannot even afford to have three decent meals per day!

As an individual citizen, whatever I may say or do will never make a difference. I try to do my share of the responsibility by trying to help in my own small way. I don't mean promoting the Philippines as a beautiful country worth to visit and spend vacations in. No. I mean, help like: a child who is begging on the streets. Instead of giving them money, I bring them inside a fast food chain and buy them meals. Yes. I think it is better to do it in kind than give the child monetary help. Who knows what kind of parents they have? Maybe, they are even left there on the streets to beg for money so their sick parents go gamble it away or buy alcohol with the little earnings they make. AS I slowly think more about the topic, my heart just bleeds out to them. But what can a simple individual do to help?
To a dear sister. . .
by missP on Fri May 13, 2005 3:17 pm

When we were kids, we used to have our petty quarrels. You being the youngest among the girls and me being the eldest, we hardly came eye to eye with everything. From the littlest of things like what to have for breakfast or for any meal for that matter; up to the exact details as to how the furniture & appliances in the house should be arranged, the arguments was endless.

But, my dear sis, you know why we never agreed on those things? I couldn?t accept the fact that you are better than me in a lot of things. A good cook, a good interior designer, although you turned out to be a Dental Technician. (Why? I really can?t tell.) You dress and carry yourself well in every situation... and most of all, you are the best single mom I ever know.

Now, I see you in the disposition you are in, and I must say, I admire you. A strong woman, with a beautiful, loving and very obedient child, you have gone a long way, my dear sister. Gone are those days when we used to have fights and hide notebooks, journals and other things from each other because of some silly disagreements. Gone are those days when we would steal each other?s ice candy while the other was having afternoon nap.

Today is your birthday and I couldn?t help but notice how the years sped by. No, I will not remind you brutally of our age, wink, but I will lovingly reminisce the days when were growing up. Ewan ko din, but I do know that what we have, what we went through and experienced while growing up, and what more we will encounter in the near future, all these kept us together. Our friendship and bond is now deeper and although we live a few hundred kilometers apart, there is no day that we don?t talk to each other.

Your gntle touch, your thoughtful way, the love in all you do, brings joy to those around you... may that joy return to you!"
Happy Birthday, Diday!

Getting paranoid on drugs!!!
by missP on Sun May 15, 2005 12:45 am
The last two weeks has been quite an ordeal to me. Being almost invalid, to the point of hardly standing erect, limping all the time; plus the sleepless nights from the pain, I feel like the day that I will go back to work is going to be some sort of freedom and revelation for me. I now welcome the change with more zest and am actually anxious about going back to work. The last 15 days felt actually more like eternity. Although the doctor said, he would decide after my next appointment with him on the 19th of this month, if I can already go back to work, I am already hopeful that he will give me the green light ahead.

You see, after 30 tablets of diclac dispers, 10 tablets of Corticosteroid, 9 Tagalog new films, 8 tablets of Clarithrobeta500mg, 7 visits to the doctor, 3 blood tests, an x-ray & tomography session, I think I have had enough of being sick for the rest of the year.

Believe me, the medications made me feel even sicker than how I probably actually felt. Meaning, if the problem in the beginning was just the muscles, I think, while taking medications and trying to find out what was actually the main cause of the problem, I became even more ill barf and was gradually feeling weak and helpless during the process. I first took diclac dispers to help me deal with the pain in my lower back & legs. I had to take it after meal each time. Although, trying to eat something before taking medicine was already tiring enough, I was forced to do it for two reasons: It was as how the doctor prescribed it to me and second, my stomach was not strong enough to handle the medicine. If I didn?t eat anything before I would take the medicine, I would end up with two dilemmas: the pain in my legs and the pain in my stomach. I finished the diclac pack but made sure that I would get a different prescription of pain killer when I had to go back to the doctor. This time, I was given predni H 50mg. This was better for me, although I was quite aware of the side effects of the medicine. It helped ease the pain, and I could actually walk and stand up two hours after taking the pill. The pain was the worst enemy for me. With it came depression and irritability. It became an ordeal just to forget the pain as well. I watched 9 Tagalog films and stayed in bed all the time. Thanks to my colleague from work who brought me those films, it helped me while the time away and kept my mind from thinking about the pain and being sick all the time.

On the days when I had to go to the doctor, my hubby had to drive me to and fro. I couldn?t take the public transportation for walking, sitting for a long period of time and getting on and off the bus or train was just unimaginable for me. So, it was also a trial for my hubby as well as for me. Because of this, my guilty conscience was bothering me all the time: hubby couldn?t go to work or couldn?t go to an appointment because he had to drive me back home after the visit. AS each day passed by, I was feeling guilty, helpless, useless, old and not to mention paranoid. I started feeling paranoid, because my doctor at first couldn?t tell me what was the problem. It was only after several tests that he eventually passed the verdict. he said that there is some slight abnormality in my spinal column, ...subalit hindi naman ito ang dahilan ng pananakit ng aking mga bintiI had some sort of spinal muscular atrophy. Simply put: Cramps. Cramps lang PO!

Well, okay, the blood test results also showed some sort of bacteria in my body. Whatever that means? To kill the bacteria, I am supposed to take Clarithrobeta500mg. The antibiotic is so strong that I get dizzy after taking it. After 6 days of medication I will have to go back to him for another check up.

Not naman that i sound impertinent or nagmamarunong, pero,eh, what if.... brickwall eh, kung uminom na lang kaya ako ng LYSOL?


Storing & Disposing of Drugs

Since I am on sick mode...i fancy, i can also claim to be ignorant or misinformed, stupidme rather about drug storage and disposal. Here's a bit of tip on what to do best with excess, leftover & expired drugs that are slowly turning into little gems inside the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. here's what I found out: shy shy

*Contrary to common practice, the warm and humid bathroom medicine cabinet is not the best place to store medicines. A better place is high in a kitchen cabinet or a bedroom closet, keeping in mind away from humidity and high temperature extremes and most of all, out of the reach of children. Think
*Never keep medicines near your bedside table, in a drowsy state, you could mistakenly take another dosage of medication that you took earlier.
*Go through your medicine cabinet once a year and throw away those that have expired or are more than a year old. Those that have chnaged color, odor or consistency are best thrown away. Some drugs can lose their potency and can degrade into harmful substances.
*Discard any tablets or capsules that are cracked, crumbling or stuck together. Dispose of old drugs by flushing them down the toilet. toilet
*Dispose of ointments, creams, or lotions that are discolored, hardened, or separated or whose containers are punctured. yikes
*Do not use liquid medications such as cough syrup if they are more than a year old. They are specially likely to spoil. Rolling Eyes
*Never use prescription or non-prescription eyedrops that have been opened or unused for more than 6 months. Bacteria can breed in the vial and can infect your eyes.
shrug flee

Avoid purchasing over the counter drugs in large quantities. It is safer to buy only as much as you will use within 6 months to a year.

clapping Source: Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide
80's Pinoy Style
by missP on Thu May 19, 2005 7:26 pm
This was sent to me via e-mail. I like this stuff. It helps me remember my childhood. I did most of them and I enjoyed it too.

I loved to climb or try to reach for the aratilis (sinusungkit) in our neighbors yard. My cousin Czar and i used to play with those gumamela flowers that our grandma religiuosly watered with children's urine every morning.Gross?! YEs, probabably, but that kept the plants, especially the orchids blooming all year through. WE made bubbles out of those flowers or even pretended we were cooking something and used it as oil. When we were not at the town plaza with our roller skates, we were out with our bikes or just play patintero, agawan base, langit-lupa along the street in front of our house.

I miss those days. WAy back when we didn't have to worry about anything else other than to get good grades and be able to go to the beach during the weekend. Or play under the moonlight, especially when there was Power failure. Yep, those were also rampant and believe it or not, I miss those brown-outs as well.
Naalala mo pa ba ang 80s, pinoy-style?
(Huwag kang magpanggap na 'di mo naabutan ang 80s!)

You had a barkada around your neighborhood and all of you had bikes.

You ate all the aratilis in your neighborhood.

You plucked all the gumamelas in the area for soap bubbles.

You know all the street games - patintero, agawan base, langit-lupa, etc.

You owned a family computer.

You know this code by heart:

start for players).

You owned a superhero costume (especially a superman costume).

You had "stone-washed" jeans, with "artistic patches".

You had a sticker book especially that Age of Dinosaurs sticker book.

You were addicted to rainbow brite, carebears, my little pony & friends,
thundercats, bioman, voltes v, mazinger z, daimos, etc., etc.

You've spent hours in the afternoon catching tutubi... yellow-green was the easiest to catch, blue being finicky, and red being a rare breed...

You know the catoon show, Beverly Hills Teens.

You watch Uncle Bob's Lucky Seven Club You used AQUA NET to fashion ur 2-inch-high bangs.

Your blouses had paddings.

You owned wide studded colorful belts.

You watched some of your favorite movies on betamax.

You collected and "swapped" perfumed stationeries with your classmates
and friends, but followed the unwritten rule that you never write on them.

The only place you go to for summer vacation is BAGUIO!
On that note, Camp John Hay served the BEST ice cream.

Most of us were brought to the EDSA revolution.

You remember what Ricky Martin used to look like back then.

You know all the Bagets and Ninja Kids.

You were taught to comb your hair one-sided.

You've collected matangpusa and mongo beans so you can have ammunition for sumpit.

You knew who madam bola and sitsiritsit and alibangbang was.

Every Christmas you anticipate going to BIG Bang sa Alabang and slide down the giant slide.

You had Mighty Kid shoes and Greg shoes.

You sucked all the nectar from the santan plant hence your mother got really pissed at you for destroying the santan plant.

You played with marbles, tatching, and text (yung cards ha!!!)

For girls: You wore denim miniskirts with rubber shoes... For guys: You had
those bitin na pantalon which you wore with high-top rubber shoes!!!

You loved cheezels and chicakdees because of the great prizes it had!
Puffy cone still existed!!!
Sosi ka if you bought a Magnolia drumstick.
Twin Popsies were meant to be shared with a friend.
Ice Drop was the cheapest treat.

You know who Alf is. Also Larry and Balky.
Idol mo si McGyver.

"That's Entertainment" ang "the bomb" nung mga panahon na yun.

[color=dark red]Sikat ka kapag alam mo ang wordstar at lotus 1-2-3.[/color]

Six digits lang ang telephone number niyo dati.

Cute pa si Aiza non sa Eat Bulaga.

You drank Chocolate milk from the Magnolia glass bottle which you kept
for holding water in your ref. Brown Cow tasted better than Hersheys!

"Shake Rattle and Roll" and "Gabi Ng Lagim" were the most horrifying movies ever.

The most comfortable shoes for you is still Sperry Topsiders.
Dress shoes mo eh loafers pa rin.

You show off your pencil case which have hidden compartments that pop-out at the press of a button.
You have Bensia pencils which are refillable.

Nakakasakay ka pa sa kotseng walang aircon.

You know the lyrics ng "Tinapang Bangus" at "Alagang-alaga namin si Puti" ng Batibot.

You know these commercials:
a. YCBIKINIBRIEF - remember this one? Ycbikinibrief / ycbikinibrief / ycbikinibrief for the man who packs a wallop / YC has fashion / YC has style...
b. RA Homevideo - those guys from cash and carry makati couldn't have done it better. Sports. Adventure. Cartoons. Award Winners and More. Featuring the voice talent of Frankie Evangelista.
c. La Germania Mama Mia commercials.

Bumibili ka ng caramel candy, texas or bazooka bubblegum, tira-tira at tootsie roll sa tindahan.

You're familiar with this song: si nena ay bata pa, kaya ang sabi niya ay um-ah-um-ah-ah. Hanggang patanda siya nang patanda at pabastos ng pabastos hehehe!
The Broom Power
by missP on Sat May 21, 2005 12:52 pm
In Albert Low's Modern living with Feng Shui section 59 is the part where he shares the Chinese belief: It is bad luck to sweep the house on the first day of the Lunar New Year. I have a little problem with this, since I always believed that the house should be clean when the new year starts. We all know how difficult one can maintain this during the holidays with all the parties, the visitors coming and going. So, I always end up, cleaning the house on the first day of the year. Thank God, Christians actually use the Gregorian Calendar. I don't have to clean my house on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

More Chinese beliefs on the Broom Power:

* Bringing an old broom into a new house would chase away the potential wealth of the location;

* Making a wish while using a new broom would make the wish come true;

* Jumping over a broom nine times within a year would enable a person to get a life partner;

* Swinging a broom over your head in the outdoors would bring the rain;

* Lightning is attracted by brooms, so putting a broom on the porch during a lightning storm would ensure that you have a lightning rod to protect the house;

* Hitting someone with a broom is to inflict bad luck on him;

* Reversing a broom and standing it against the door will prevent burglrs from breaking in;

* Placing a miniature broom beneath the pillow of babies and children will block psychic attacks and nightmares;

* Stepping over a broomstick will stop the hauntings of an unfriendly ghost;

* Sweeping the floor at night would affect your good fortune and disturb the spirits of the deceased who walk about during those hours.

So that's why my mother always left the old cleaning materials behind (or threw them away) whenever we moved into a new place. Or do you remember that Philippine TV commercial where a househelper was shown sweeping the floor and the Madame of the house was shouting: "Inday,, ibalik ang suwerte!" Because Inday was absentmindedly sweeping the floor towards the main door which means luck would be swept out of the house.
50th EuroVision Song Contest
by missP on Sun May 22, 2005 12:53 am
I just finished watching the Euro Vision 2005 Song Contest where Greece's Helena Paparizou won among the 24 grand finalists in the Eurovision 2005 held tonight in Kiev, Ukraine. With her fastbeat "My Number One" song and simple but seductive outfit matched with a gorgeous body, she grabbed the Title from 23 other finalists.

This year's show turned out to be much better than the previous year. With more of a Southern theme, the entry songs are at least to my liking. There were a couple of those rock songs that I totally didn't like, except for Romania's entry "Let me TRy" performed by Luminita, and the rest, were actually great.

My personal favorites were: Malta's rep singer, Chiara, with her very powerful voice she performed alone on stage without backup dancers or singers. It was definitely clear how talented she is.

Denmark's Jakob, Grecce's Helena Paparizou, Israel's Shiri, and Latvia's Walters & Kazha who had their own messages in their songs made an impression on me. I am no expert myself, but after hearing France's rendition of their song ‘Chacun pense ? soi’, I thought Hungary had a much better chance, if only it was a dance contest. Okay, let's just say I am somehow more of a ballad person than a rock fan. But i can definitely tell my left from my right arm, so to speak.

Somehow, i feel that the contest should be about what the person wants to say out to the public. A new song, a new style of music that should somehow still reflect the tradition, culture and heart of the singer/composers of the song. If this is the case, then I would at least try to understand what Germany's representative Gracia was trying to convey to the viewers/voters. As it is, Germany was last in the rating. AS Thomas Hermanns mentioned at the Grand Prix Party"never in history has it happened that Gemany came in last in the Eurovision Contest". Tja, better luck next time, Germany!
Birthday, again?!?
by missP on Mon May 23, 2005 2:09 am
Having two beautiful sisters is a blessing. Having twins for sisters is divine.
But what do you call having sisters who are not twins but have the same age 10 days of their lives each year? Mine, is miraculously special. A divine blessing. I love them both...To my sister, Hazel...fondly called Fonggay, Ponggay, or Pongs. Who's nickname/s were given by my grandfather,
who loved the classic "Facifica Falayfay" film of Dolphy. She didn't turn out to be a comedian, but she became a wonderful friend, best sister and a great mom...

You can read a book in one sitting,
Then make an essay with an ?A? rating;
You can finish a crossword without gloating,
Or do your stitches, your hems and bastings.

To sing,
For you comes naturally;
You play the guitar,
Something which I have always envied;

No matter what I did,
You were always better at it than me,
You shone like a light behind me,
It was simply too difficult to compete.

You got into QCSHS without any extra effort,
You passed UPCAT with flying colors,
And though I was better at the NCEE,
That fact you disregarded naturally... wink

Vain, you were not!
Someone special, definitely!
Plain & simple, that would be me,
A fact I have learned to accept, willingly!

My sister, Hazel

The times when I thought I have failed you,
The times when I couldn?t go on and defend you
Those fights and bickerings that we had
They have brought nothing but pain in my heart!

Today is your birthday,
A special day indeed,
I wish you happiness, success and good health,
I wish you simply the BEST!

Look what came via the yellow thingy?
by missP on Mon May 23, 2005 4:56 pm
cloud9 cloud9 cloud9
my brand new slippers from Dubai . . .

and . . . fancy bra straps...hehehehe... kikay!! blush blush

Anxious Anxious Anxious can't wait for summer to come...could have worn them already, but it is still too darn cold to wear something showy! tja, sarcasm sarcasm can't project anyway because of the, no need to rant then, eh? blackteeth
Getting GaGa over the moon
by missP on Wed May 25, 2005 2:59 am
If you happen to pass by a dimlit house somewhere in Wetterau-Kreis at three a.m. and you see a shadow of someone roaming around inside how would you react? Oh, please, don't call the police. That's probably just me, wondering around our home, with my limp looking for something to eat in the fridge.

Yap, because of the medication and vitamins that I am taking right now, I cannot seem to stop stuffing myself. I feel hungry all the time. If not, it's the time to take my pain reliever anyway and I'm not supposed to take it with an empty stomach. So, either way, I end up in the kitchen, in front of our fridge, by the window facing the main road of the house where I live. And during weird times at night too. A night like tonight. Having everything I need from the fridge, I then limped over to the computer room, where I sit and blog while munching on my finds...hahaha...I'm being a pig, I know! But, I am excused..may sakit ako eh, hahaha.

Sitting in front of the PC now, looking out of the window, I notice the round, yellow, full moon, partly covered with clouds which also seems to be moving towards southwest.

I stare at it, .... still looking.... still looking....Definitely, moving to the southwest direction. I am sure of it now! hahaha... I think I am getting gaga over the moon. It must be the medicine. No, its like that ice cream movie The Stuff back in the late 80's that the people seemed to be addicted to, not knowing that the The Stuff was slowly taking control of the brains. Gosh, this is not the only crazy thing that this illness made me do today. To read more about the film go here Arrow The 80's Movies Rewind

Actually, I went to visit my eye doctor today. Well, my GP sent me there anyway, for fear of complications that may have been caused by the bacteria they found in my body. So, like the (dis)obedient patient that I am, I did. Hubby arranged for the appointment timings, since he would have to drive me back home afterwards. The second doctor that advised me not to drive. The check-up/consultation took almost an hour. They had to put stuff on my eyes that would make me "blind for a few minutes". Now I know why I am not supposed to drive afterwards. Imagine, at the grocery, where hubby and I had to drop by, I almost went into the gent's toilet. I swear, I looked at the signs. I just didnT see them properly. Wala po talaga akong balak pasukin ang kubeta ng mga Men, kaya lang,ewan ko ba, dinala ako doon ng aking mga feet... Laughing Laughing Laughing muwahahaha. Good thing, ML who was running behind me, got there in time to warn me, that I was trying to get into the men's room, instead of the lady's room right baside it. yikes
by missP on Thu May 26, 2005 12:24 pm
Waking up one day and finding a bloated face with dark circles set around the wide eye features of wife, husband said:

sneaky sneaky
?Honey, something must be really wrong?.
(He actually wanted to say ? YOU LOOK UGLY!?)

liar Drool
?You should not take more than the prescribed dosage of medicine that the doctor gave you?.
(Meaning: ?Look at your face in the mirror. I can?t see this every morning upon waking up. It would just ruin my day!?)

Wife?s reply to husband, with the ever sweetest smile on her flounder face: clever clever

?Darling, if it bothers you that much, I can always go on vacation somewhere while I?m on medication. You don?t have to suffer seeing my ugly, bloated face everyday. I can go to Teneriffa, Fuerte Ventura or somewhere nearer perhaps a 7 days booking at a Beauty Farm?? blackteeth