Sep 2005

My name is....
by missP on Thu Sep 01, 2005 9:23 pm
What should your name really be??? (for girls)

I got this from Miss Jennie?s site. I have always been asked about my name. Who gave it to me or where it originated from and what it means are the questions I get most of the time.

***Kimmy*** is your inner name because you are cheerful and outgoing. You also look on the positive side and have lots of friends.

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My real name is Hannahlou Ilaliv. The first name is given to me by my mother. It is a version of Hannah which actually means ?graceful? in Biblical terms. The second name is from my dad, a combination of Isabel from his mom and Liv- the name of an actress that he liked. ?Ila? derived from ?Isabel?+?Liv?. Most of the time, my dad would ask me what happened to the ?Eve? because apparently, he wanted me to have that name as well. Why they wanted me to have all their favorite names, I really don?t know.

When I was in elementary, I only carried the name ?Ila? in school. I was so glad that I didn?t have to spend so much time just writing my name especially when it was ?quiz time?. I remember, I had classmates with the name ?Evangeline? or ?Jacqueline? or ?Maria Dolores? and I thought then, that I was very lucky to have such a short name. Little did I know that I was under the wrong impression? Those girls always had the problem of NOT getting the first questions answered simply because they didn?t hear it since they were still busy writing their long names properly. They had to resort to writing their names way ahead, preparing ? and ? sheets of paper which were always necessary then. Remember those times when the teacher would announce, ?class get a ? sheet of paper? or ? depends on the time of quiz they?d be giving out and the whole class would ask in unison, ?Ma?am, one-half? or ?one-fourth ma?am?? Yeah, I mean those days. It worked perfectly for them. Since it was a very good idea, I started doing the same. I prepared ? and ? sheets of paper with my name already written on them.

The first problem I had with the ?system? was when a bully asked me for a sheet of paper. I didn?t have any extra without my name written on it, but I gave him one anyway. After the quiz, the teacher called us both to her desk. It turned out that the boy forgot to change the name to his, so I had two quiz sheets in my name and he didn?t have any. The teacher probably thought I was playing a prank on her and scolded me right I n front of everybody. The sad part was the boy didn?t even bother to help me explain the situation to the teacher. I ended up having to clean the blackboard each time the class finished as punishment I got from the teacher.

The second problem I encountered was during grade six. You know, the time when we all start feeling like we are adults just because we will be going to high school after a year. One teacher I had, (she was new and was very strict with us), recorded Hannnahlou Olib as absent all the time I got therefore no grades because she said that in my class card I was registered as such and not as Ila. The grades that ?Ila? made were simply disregarded. At the end of the second grading, the principal asked me what happened, why I was failing. I said that I had no idea, since I was ever present every school day since classes started. Eventually, she found out the reason after talking to the teacher about it. The teacher told me that I should no longer use ?Ila?, instead I should learn to write the whole, (apparently, in my class card, the ?Liv? was omitted) Hannnahlou Ila. I had to get rid of all the ? and ? (crosswise & lengthwise, mind you) sheets of paper with the name ?Ila? written on them. I was in such a foul mad then. I spent several days just before school started that year in preparing those sheets. I had to buy a fresh batch of Pad paper and spent one whole weekend just preparing it in the desired size with my whole brand new name.

At the end of that year, I learned by experience how it is when one goes through an ?Identity crisis?. Imagine, from knowing myself as Ila, I suddenly felt I was someone else. If you think about it now, Hannnahlou Ila was born only until I turned 11 years old. That means I am only 20+ years old? Laughing Laughing Laughing
Short break
by missP on Sat Sep 03, 2005 9:11 am
It was dark as we came to the town that was to be our temporary residence for the next several days. Birkenhof Vogler in Moos is what it is called. Around 439 km from Frankfurt, in the opposite direction of Belgium where I would normally prefer to spend a few days vacation we ended up in this Spa farm one evening last week. As we came to the parking, I felt a tingling sensation inside me. The magic, with butterflies flittering in your stomach ecstasy is somehow back or maybe it is just the place. For sometime we were driving along the ?Romantic Road? passing by a lot of hotels and little apartments. We also passed by several castles some of them turned into hotel/restaurants and some into museums. Well, as I think about it now, I think the reason it is called ?Romantic Road? is because of the hotels and castles where one can spend a romantic get-away, a silly affair in some cases. But in reality, it is called ?Romantic Road? because of the walled cities, castles, elaborate churches & dense forest is situated at the foot of the Alps. It is indeed beautiful but totally infested with tourists.

As we were preparing to get off the car, I noticed that the light of the reception house suddenly went off. Well, somebody turned it off, at least. We rang the bell to the house just the same, ignoring the cold brush off of the receptionist. We thought she is probably angry because we said over the phone when we made the reservations that we would be coming between 6-7 pm. It was already 8 pm when we eventually turned up. She didn?t like it at all.

When she eventually showed up after some minutes, she told us to go to the neighboring town instead. Well, yeah, I guess that is how they do business here. We tried to explain that not only did we get ourselves stuck in a traffic jam along the highway, we also got lost after we got off the highway. But she didn?t seem to believe this. Hubby insisted that we will take the apartment we reserved anyway. I, on the other hand, was already quite willing to look for another accommodation. Not only was this one expensive with 60 square meters for just two people is blasphemous, the people here, I thought to myself, are also unreasonable. I finished my cigarette as hubby dear tried to haggle with the woman. Finally, she resisted and gave us the key to the apartment. Yes, believe it or not, we had to force ourselves to her. Is that how they treat a customer here? Probably so, but hubby and I were both determined to have a relaxed time together in this bucolic and chivalrous backwaters the ?Romantic Road? has to offer that we did not really mind her making a big fuss out of our tardiness.

The vacation, though short, was very worthwhile. The pictures are posted in the gallery, but some will be posted here as well, as soon as I have the time to put them words and pics together. He, he, he. blackteeth
Talking about brain or breast implant?
by missP on Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:33 am
This morning, like every other mornings, I woke up to the sound of Filipino music, Aiza Seguerra, Bhong Navarro, Apo and some more. I am really getting used to it now. I guess if there is anything that hubby and I would have difficulty parting with in this life, it would be our Personal Computer.

Aside from it's usual purposes of internet surfing, cd burning, news magazine, video-phone, calendar planner and journal. With the use of a wireless video transmitter, hubby managed to program our computer for playing DVD and VCD, karaoke, radio and alarm clock. But the most important thing for us is that it has also become our digital album where we save all of our photos and music collections/compliations. Isn?t it amazing how technology has developed over the years? Our computer is programmed so that it would reconnect or refresh the internet connection every 24 hours. So it would show that we are online all the time, therefore giving the impression that we are always at home, when we are actually out. I never thought this was possible. Of course, you have to consider how techno-bobo I am.

Pretty soon, we will all be living like robots in this world. We let machines do all the work for us. Well, in Britain, they are even doing research now into putting electronics in peoples? bodies. They print into the skin ?electronics that can pick up and send impulses to neurons?called "Ecto-Skin" or the "Brain Scanner" that they implant into the brain. In 15 to twenty years, these will all be possible. Give a few more years and they will start copying our brains as well. Talking about getting breast implants or brain implants, whichever you need the most. With the brain silicon, British futurologist, Ian Pearson says, ?if your brain dies because you died, it?s no big deal. Now you have a backup that you can use in an android. It?s electronic immortality.? Check out the September issue of

Wink Wink Wink
Who can help?
by missP on Mon Sep 19, 2005 12:05 pm
Hubby bid me adieu, as he left our house to walk 2 minutes to the Rathaus where he casted his vote for the General elections yesterday. Yes, Germany just had elections, wherein the old and unpopular leader of the country, Herr Gerhard Schr?der from the SPD party is quite in danger of loosing his place to CDU’s Frau Angela Merkel.

As a newcomer to the country, without really knowing all the full issues except for every bit and pieces that I catch on TV and radio, which hubby would have to explain to me the history of the said issue, I really cannot tell much nor judge whoever is in power.

I also admit that, I am not really very much interested in the current status of the country’s politics, simply because, first, I have no plans of becoming a citizen, second, we don’t plan to stay here long, and third, whatever is decided by the majority, doesn’t really affect me and hubby greatly. Should the greater German population decide on Schr?der running the country again, it wouldn’t help us as much in the near future as it did yesterday. On the other hand, with the contending politician, Frau Angela Merkel, what her agenda is for the new government would also not affect hubby and me in a positive way. I guess, one could say it is a matter of choosing between the lesser of two evils. Which is more favorable to our situation and which is not, I really can’t tell. Suffice it to say, that whatever happens after this election, the whole of Germany, likewise the new leader will need every help and cooperation they can get to bring the country’s economy back up.

Immediately after some minutes of yesterdays elections, people where already saying, Schr?der has won. Well, I have bad news for some of you. He may be leading the initial poll survey, but he has not won yet because not the whole of Germany has voted already. Bear in mind that Dresden will only vote in two weeks time. Till then, we all keep our hopes up and pray that whoever who will be chosen to lead, the most important thing is that the parties would be able to reconcile their differences in the office. Herr Gerhard Schr?der may win again, but if the Bundesrat doesn't agree with his moves, with his decisions and does not pass the new laws that he wants to implement, to better the country’s economic conditions, then the country will really decline, gradually but surely! Time to call for REUNIFICATION!
Mangoes, anyone?
by missP on Tue Sep 20, 2005 9:45 am
Life is a mystery,
everyone must stand alone
I hear you call my name
And it feels like home...

No, I didn?t go anywhere at all. I was here all the time. I have been busy with work, at least, during the last months, I try to show how hard working I am. (He, he, he,) with the preparation for hubby?s trips, plus my normal weekly errands, believe you me it makes my days go really fast.

Nothing much to blog really, except for the experience I had at the cargo center in Frankfurt airport last week. My sister found a contact who can supply her with fresh mangoes from the Philippines to Belgium. When sis gave me the news, I told her I also want to try it here in Germany, since it is very seldom that one can buy Philippine Mangoes here. Furthermore, I told sis we should get a sample first of the quality of mangoes that they have. If they are really big and sweet. The deal was made and sealed and before I knew it, I got a phone call from the Philippines about the arrival of the mangoes. I was supposed to pick up the mangoes from Qatar Airways Cargo at the airport. The airway bill number was given to me by email together with the invoice of the mangoes and shipment, so I could provide it to the cargo officer. He then proceeded to trace the status of the mangoes. After finding out from the records on the computer, he printed some documents and told me to go to the Perishable center in Tor 25 to pick up the mangoes from there. So, I went to the building described to me by the officer, thinking, ?well that went fast?. Little did I know that it was only the beginning of a complicated and unorganized process of getting a cargo released from customs here in Germany.

I traveled between Tor 25 and Tor 26 several times that day. The unfriendly service at the customs didn't help at all. Go into the office of customs and you will be greeted by a loud, barking: "who's next?" You wouldn't even know who is talking to you or if you should reply, because you will not see the face from where the bark came from. After a few seconds, the face will come out, naturally frowning or growling. It's as if these government employees are not being paid by the tax payers! And they serve you like shit! (Correct me if I am wrong, but they are governement employees, right? So they should be paid for by the tax payers). Oh yes, it's not only in our country that these things happens, also here in Europe. Unbelievable but true.

I eventually got the mangoes, all 135 pieces in four separate boxes. Their big, sweet and smells really good. Yes, I miss that mango scent. There were some that are already overripe. We couldn?t do much about them. When my friends saw them mangoes, it must have smelled like home. When they ate it, it probably felt like being in the Philippines again. At least, that?s how I felt when I ate the overripe ones. Sayang kaya kung itatapon lang yun! Wink
I still rely on maps, do you?
by missP on Wed Sep 21, 2005 1:22 am
Our love for driving brings hubby and me to a lot of interesting out of the way places. Yes, we drive to Paris and surrounding areas, to the Netherlands, to Belgium, to Luxemburg, to Austria, to Italy and to several places in Germany. In fact, next plan is to travel to Spain by car. Whenever we have to fly to a certain country, we always try to rent a vehicle for the duration of our stay there, so we can go and visit not just one but several places. We of course, along the way, stop by to take pictures, not just to show to friends and relatives that we were there, but to help us remind ourselves of the place and what we saw there. Hubby loves taking pictures, and I love to drive around, so it is really quite convenient for us. A good team, so to speak.

Yes, in most cases, I end up as the assigned driver and hubby navigates our route. He is anyway, much better at reading the map & compass than me, so what the heck! Nowadays though, one doesn?t need to undergo reading the map, turning it upside to find out the current location and which direction or road to take next. Most of the new cars are equipped with the Navigator. For a certain price, one can have this handheld device that can also be mounted on the dashboard of your car for a better view and hands free operation. A new technology, that up till now, I am still pessimistic about. Why? Because, several times, it has lead people to the same street name but different town. I remember, when sis-in-law and hubby came to visit us, it took them more than 2 hours to finally find our place. And they had to use the map in the end which finally brought them to us. Funny, this new technology is supposed to make our life easier, but no, to some it just made life more complicated. That?s why hubby and I still rather have the good old maps & compass in the car ready. Our maps, though torn in some pages and a few are even missing, but we can definitely rely on them. Plus with the compass which always come handy whenever the road does not show in the map anymore. So far, we have been satisfied and happy, and it has definitely brought us to some really exciting and beautiful places.

4 weeks and 6 days
by missP on Sun Sep 25, 2005 11:39 am
boxedin Four Weeks and Six Days

(This entry is password protected. Access to read this entry needs registration and admin approval. Just let me know...)
The Neuschwanstein Castle
by missP on Tue Sep 27, 2005 11:43 am

The Neuschwanstein castle located in the southern part of Germany is one of the most visited castles of the country. This is apparently because the very popular fairy tale castle in Disneyland all over the world was built based on this very same castle. Built in the year 1800?s for the King Ludwig II, the castle was only actually used by the king for 172 nights. It took 17 years to build this extra eccentric castle for the King who later became insane and was dethroned. On the day of his dethronement, he went out of the castle, went for a walk with his psychiatrist along the lake and drowned himself.

*Note: Never go out for a walk with your shrink along the river banks or anywhere near a body of water!*

The extravagant castle situated atop the hill can be reached in several ways: by foot, by coach, by bike and by bus. It is a long, steep, winding paved road through the forest but Hubby and I managed to walk up the 5 kilometer stretch with me stopping after every few minutes, panting, grasping my breath only to find out that the tickets to get into the castle can only be bought at the ticket center way down below the hill. Darn that sign! Why couldn't they have made it cleare? I swear it said: "ticket sales at the castle".

I guess I got excited about the castle, that I didn?t read the sign properly. .. okay, okay, no more excuses. I simply didn?t read the sign properly! I was quite upset about it at first and then realized that we could also enjoy the visit just outside the castle as well. WE could have taken the bus from the Marien Bridge to get back to the ticket center down below, but thought it was better to walk around, take some pictures and enjoy the panoramic view of the town and surrounding areas. We planned instead to go back the following day to do the tour. It was definitely a good decision.

The walk to the Marien Bridge where one could see the castle from a very beautiful and enchanting view is a very steep uphill that takes about 20 minutes from the Neuschwanstein castle itself. On weekends, midway to the bridge, a man in medieval costume playing a Harp can be found under a tree playing very beautiful soothing music to the visitors. I tried to record his music through my handy, but the noise of the visitors was too much, overcoming the angelic music that the Harp man was playing.

We also managed to get into the neighboring castle, the Hohenschwangau which was actually the castle where the King as a boy grew up in. The only thing, was during the tour inside both castles, no one is allowed to take pictures.
Which is better?
by missP on Wed Sep 28, 2005 8:58 am

Both films are about the love story of a couple and how they conquered the trials that seemed to be hindering them from their love for each other and be together...forever! Both films being funny, sad and heart breaking, yet you end up feeling happy and "in-love". What type of movie are you? Incidentally, according to this quizz that i took, (i know, i'm a sucker for online quizzes) I am "The Notebook". A hopeless romantic and lover of movies that make one cry!!! I love to have fun and am very emotional, daw, oh!?

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“You should always look your best, no matter where
by missP on Thu Sep 29, 2005 1:34 am
sabi yan ng Lola ko sa akin nung bata pa ako. Kahit saan daw ako pumunta, I should dress up for the occasion…or … wait, I should dress up, (syempers, bawal ang naka hubad…baka ma sensor) “Kahit sa palengke lang ang punta mo, you have to be presentable enough. You never know who or what you bump into. It can be an opportunity in disguise”.

Having aheemmmm… “nice legs” myself (huwag mag taas ng kilay, Wink ang mag react, babarilin ko! hehehe) I started wearing mini-skirts since I can remember. Until, late last spring when I started having leg cramps that wearing skirts just made me look funny with my limp, not to mention the extra several kilos that I gained from taking medications. Then I switched back to the good old jeans. I prefer to wear jeans again as to the slacks or skirts that I have become accustomed to for some time now. It helped a lot. Only thing was, I realized that the jeans that have gone into the deepest parts of my cupboards are a tad smaller now than before. (ahemmm… who said I got bigger?!?) Jeans are good. They may change in style, but they have always been in the “good to be seen in” list in fashion. Of course, one cannot possibly wear them to a formal affair, but for everyday wear, matched with the proper top, jeans always gets a thumb’s up or two.

The first one I tried on went up to the thighs, but would not budge further. The next one would not even go higher than my knees. The next several jeans, I just raised them up to above eye level, check out the tags and saw that they were similar sizes to the ones I have tested and decided (shamefully), to fold them one at a time back into the cabinets. I thought, “never mind, I can send them to the Philippines”. I can’t bear throwing them away, but to give them to somebody who may still have good use for them, why not? Silently thinking, perhaps I will have to get new ones soon or sometime around the “sale” season.

Then, as luck seems to be with me always, on our way to our short vac, we passed by Wertheim Village. Hubby and I went to check the place out. Having heard previously of the greatly discounted shops there, we went looking for Levi’s jeans. True to their word in the ads, we got good bargains from the place. Wertheim Village outlet shopping is similar the Outlet-shopping arcades in the U.S. They have branded/signature items available for very low prices. Most of them are almost up to 70% less from the original price. It was outrageous. Hubby and I left there several Euros poorer than before, but quite happy with the goods that we had in tow Wink!

According to the Chinese Almanac . . .
by missP on Fri Sep 30, 2005 11:07 am
“Your upbringing does not determine your potential. You have a choice in life.”

The rays of the sun and ironically the chilly morning draft woke me up today filled with promises of a new beginning. Although, my diary is filled with a long list of errands, appointments and work, I still believe that this day is a blessing. To wake up in the morning, breathe fresh air, (yes, where I live, that is quite possible) and enjoy the morning peace with a mug of freshly brewed coffee and the smell of the fresh baked bread rolls in the oven are more than enough GOOD BLESSINGS already. Am I a shallow person for appreciating such things? I don’t think so. What I know is that, somewhere else in the world, people are sick and dying. In the next continent, one or more didn’t have the chance to wake up to another beautiful day like today. In the distant neighboring country, people have hunger and cannot even afford to have coffee or something to eat for breakfast, but just the same, they live to survive and will have to work for the rest of the day to be able to earn some dollar or two for a cup of coffee and a piece of bread. Depressing? Yes, it is. But it cannot be denied. I am not on the same boat hence I am grateful and happy that I lived to survive the previous time of slumber.

It is for this reason that I choose to promise myself to make today the most of what I can productively. Perhaps help a stranger or two in whichever way I can. Be a listening ear to someone who is burdened and needs to unload his/her heavy heart. Be a physical companion who is alone, try to be patient to arrogant, obnoxious people (hehe, esp. at work), try to be a good person and become a soldier of peace to this world we live in.

At the end of the day, I go back home to where a love one awaits me. We tell each other what happened and what we did during the time we were apart, the highs & lows over a good wine and a bowlful of salad. Until the time comes when we fall back in a contented slumber, praying and hoping that tomorrow will be another day of full existence.

I pray…