May 2006

Copy-Cat in a box!
by missP on Wed May 10, 2006 4:16 pm
Absentee blogger logging in today!

I am jumping on the bandwagon and follow the "chain" that other bloggers are into at the moment...ta.....da!!!!

When it comes to watching films, I'm a couch potato! Admittedly, I can sit in on four to five films in a row. Talk about being a bummer, ehhh. Just give me a bowl of buttered popcorn (or two) and a bottle, nope...make that three bottles of my favorite limonade and i am happy, you bet! That's me... bad, bad me, Wink

Here are some of my all-time favorites:

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by missP on Sun May 14, 2006 11:23 am


Back from haggling with the merchants (NOT) of Venice
by missP on Mon May 29, 2006 10:52 pm

I had fun, the minute I stepped out of the plane in Ataturk Airport. The old Turkish people who were on the same flight as I, who could hardly walk towards the boarding gate at Frankfurt Airport, were shockingly the first ones out of the plane. They went out so fast, that I didn't even see them go through passport control. It was not until much, much later, after going through immigration, that I saw them again waiting impatiently for their luggages at the baggage conveyor area.

I ask myself, If i am the same? Can it be the weather? Or simply the eagerness to be home again with family and friends? In my case, it is definitely the last reason. Whilst here in Germany, away from family and "true good friends", I whine all the time. NOt to mention me being sick three quarters of the year. Then suddenly, when I am back home, all the supposed "sickness" disappear.

Anyways, I had a grand vacation, walking through the very old, historical places in Istanbul. Visiting each nook and corner of the once biggest center of Trade in Europe way back in the Byzantine period. I never really imagined that Turkey was once a very rich country. I fell in love walking through the huge City. For days, I would take the tram up to a certain part and just walk back towards the hotel passing through all of the places which Istanbul is quiet famous for. Not to mention the bazaars that never seem to close. From Spices, leather jackets, carpets, bags to jewelry and sweets. One can get it all at a very reasonable price. Of course, one has to bargain with the prices. Otherwise one would end up feeling swiped from buying an imitation leather bag from Louis Vuitton, for example. I ended up buying one large suitcase for 20 E€ for all the stuff I bought from there. I had fun haggling with the merchants, too. From the original price of 380€ for a red, leather jacket, I ended up having it for 230€, not bad, eh? In the end, they always gave me big discount rates. Funny thing was, not one of them missed asking where I came from. And I always say, with a winning smile (naturally), from the beautiful land of the PHILIPPINES!!!

by missP on Wed May 31, 2006 7:21 am
It is said that four things do not come back:

* the spoken word
* the sped arrow
* the past life
* the neglected opportunity