Apr 2007

So, I?m back. But I am so missing the Philippines already.
by missP on Tue Apr 10, 2007 5:58 pm
The warm weather, the friendly smiles and yes, even the arrogant and obnoxious drivers. Yes, my most unforgettable experience in Manila a couple of weeks ago happened when I was trying to park the car in the underground parking of Circle C in Quezon City.

If you happened to pass along Congressional avenue in Quezon City, then you may have noticed that right beside the Cherry Foodarama grocery store is Robinson?s Circle C. It?s some sort of a little Greenhills in Q.C. where one can get almost everything. From clothes, cellphone housing, bags, shoes to computer gadgets and yes, even get your facial and scrubbing done. I was going to pick up my eyeglasses and because when I was there the first time, I didn?t have a car with me, I was not aware of how difficult it is to maneuver parking a Toyota Adventure in their underground parking area. And because some people are just arrogant and stupid enough not to bring their manners with them when they get out of their humble abodes, naturally, I only ended up in an ugly yelling and giving the dirty finger sign at a smartass down under.

Going down the somewhat tight slope into their underground level parking, I already noticed the tight space that they call convenient parking area. As I was trying to park the car in a space I finally found after circling the area two times, a****le suddenly started honking at me, signaling for me to stay on the side so that he could pass. The dumbass driver was like three cars behind me. The funny thing was, the other cars that were directly behind waited patiently noticing that the parking area is tight. Of course, the s****d id**t did not stop honking his car until I finally rolled down my car window and shouted at him to stop harassing me. He then told me to stay on the side. To which I was already boiling mad, I told him quiet frankly that I didn?t want to stay on one side, but that I wanted to park the darn automobile. He did not seem to hear what I was saying and started honking again. At which point I gave him a dirty finger sign and told him to bug off. Finally I could park the car properly and the other vehicles were slowly moving pass by me. I smiled at them and said sorry for the inconvenience. When the monkey driver who was harassing me finally came to, I told him quiet frankly, that just because he was able to buy a big brand new car it does not necessarily mean he also owns the whole building or the Philippines for that matter. (If indeed he was the owner of the building, then I would have happily informed him of the discomfort that they give the customers with their very tight parking spaces). He was not. I was still harassed and was fumigating until I got to the optical shop where I had my eye glasses made.

On a lighter note: I like my new eyewear. I had difficulty choosing the right color for me but since the price for two glasses was still less than for the price of one here in Germany, I opted to get two instead. I got this white and yellow combination and a silver/indigo combination of the same style. At least I would have a reserve or something? hehehe.

At dahil pa rin sa gigil ko sa a**hole driver, I decided to go to a spa parlor and had a body scrub done. Nakatulong naman sa pagpa pa relax sa akin. Nag pa pamper ako sa kanila at sa magandang serbiyso ng NISCE. Lumabas ako ng NISCE na magaan ang kalooban. Masaya akong nag tuloy sa Robinson?s para mag grocery. Pagkatos ay dali-dali na akong lumabas and guess who I met downstairs again? Siyempre, yung damuhong nag harass sa akin sa pag paparada ko ng sasakyan. This time, he was arguing with another vehicle owner. Apparently, nag ka scratch yung kotse niya at nagasgasan daw nung isang mama habang papalabas ito ng parking area.

O diba, na karma siya?! Si Lord talaga has a funny sense of humor. Dumaan ako sa harap nung unggoy na damuho and I gave him a very sweet smile. Sana gumanda na ang araw niya at nang hindi na siya nakaka perwisyo sa ibang tao.

The quest for the missing Castle
by missP on Fri Apr 20, 2007 12:21 pm
We've had sunny days these last couple of weeks. What I noticed was, we had a not so cold winter, a warm spring breeze and it seems like just a few days since Springtime officially started, it feels like summer already. The weather has been acting strange. Summer came early. Im not complaining. mMore like appreciating it actually. The warm weather means I could once again go for walks and castle hunting with hubby. So, last Wednesday (just the week before hubby left), after being cooped up in the house for almost a week, hubby and I decided to go visit the Castle R?mer. It is supposed to be located just about 40 kilometers from our house. Since it is marked clearly in our map that the castle does exist, we geared ourselves up and left just after lunch. It was also a good exercise for us, since we just finished a heavy lunch prepared naturally, by the Chinese fast-food locale just a few minutes drive near our place. With our cameras, map, monocular and compass, we headed for one of the oldest castles which supposedly existed during the Roman times. First we drove for like 30 minutes up to the nearest village where we could leave the car and walk all the way towards the castle which was supposed to be about 3 kilometers towards some kind of small forest.

We walked. Then we sat on a bench just at an intersection of the open fields surrounding us to rest for awhile. Then we walked further and further. Until finally we found a place where there was a cluster of trees. I assumed it was already the small forest that was indicated on the map. We went inside the forest. It was not difficult since, the forest was not so thick. Actually, it was almost barren. We followed a path that seemed to be paved by a tractor, judging from the thickness of the tracks. We walked around the place, cut through diagonally, horizontally. I didn’t want to admit that the castle does not exist anymore. But after sometime, hubby and I finally found a big hole where we assumed the castle probably was erected hundreds of years ago. What happened? Where has it gone? Normally, the castles here in Europe are preserved for hundreds of years. This one disappeared or perhaps was torn down. The only sign that indeed something once stood in the middle of that little forest was the dried up well which is now filled up. Near the old well was the pile of rotten potatoes or perhaps sugar beets that was emanating a sweet, foul smell.

Unfortunately, we couldn't ask anybody there, since the place was just surrounded by open fields. There were no villagers in the area. There certainly wasn't anybody to ask about the missing castle. Every now and then, some cars would drive pass the place, but we couldn't just hail them to stop and inquire about the castle that was not there. In the Philippines, one can probably do that, of course you are not sure if you get the real story about the castle, because we tend to make several versions of one "pandesal" so to say. But here in Europe, I don't think it is wise to flag down a passerby just to ask about the castle that does not exist. They would probabyl just tell you. "Do you see it there? If not then there is no castle!" And off they would be.