Dec 2008

New Year .... a New Beginning
by missP on Fri Dec 26, 2008 8:49 am
I have been very quiet again, I know. Anyway, thanks for those who dropped by here. The lurkers and as well as to those who left their tracks. Belated Christmas greeting I send to you all, too.

Am not in Germany at the moment. Hubby and I are here in Belgium since the 23rd of the month. After which, we will be going to Switzerland for Hubby's appointments there. From then on, we will be dropping by in Munich for another interview and then to see a couple who used to live in Frankfurt.

It will be a very hectic vacation for us... but a vacation anyway. I thought it would not push through anymore, since my vacation request was only approved last minute. I submitted it last May 11th of this year, and I only got confirmation on the 21st of the month that I actually could take a vacation during the Holiday season. Thank goodness for that!

After we get back to Germany (which will only be by the end of the month), there will still be a lot of things to do. Documents to send to the U.S. and to other parts of the world. Then, hubby and I will need to sit down and talk about our move for the next year, 2009. There is a big chance that we will be staying in Germany, but there's also a big probability that we'll be moving somewhere else.

In general, life has been good to us. We really can't complain, we are doing well since we have been together. So far, we never had problems or complications such as between our jobs or family matters. I am hoping that it will stay the same.

But the move next year is inevitable. It will have to be so. By staying optimistic about it helps me a lot. Although, I will be giving up a lot of things that I worked for here in Germany settling in. I am sure it will still work out good for the both of us wherever we end up. I will have to quit my jobs and then once I have settled-in in the new place, look for something to do there again. But before doing so, I will try to enjoy first by getting to know the place where we will be staying for the next five years (minimum) or so of our lives.

I guess it is just in time... New Year, hence New Beginning to us!