Jun 2009

A night of cultural difference
by missP on Sun Jun 21, 2009 11:10 pm
Been craving for champorado the whole day. Unfortunately, I don't have "tabliya" (cooa tablet - made from pure Philippine cacao) stocked in my pantry. Kaya nag tiis nalanag ako. The worst part was i could smell the champorado from somewhere. Don't ask me from wherever the aroma was coming from, but boy, I couldn't escape it the whole day.

Hay, anyway... perhaps tomorrow I will drop by at the Asian shop and try to get that champorado mix imported from the Philippines (of course!).

Oh yes, the whole day! First time ever in months that I actually stayed at home. I have several days off which started yesterday. To kick it off, I went to the city after lunch and mingled or should I say got lost in the crowd of Thailanders and Germans and other Nationalities who attended the 3 days Thai Festival at the Hauptwache in Frankfurt am Main. Tagging hubby along, I met with my friends in the city and together we went on food trip. Visiting tent after tent, checking out the delicacies that was offered. Actually, except for hubby and the partner of another Filipina, we three girls were on food trip. We tried the Thai soup, but it was too bland for our taste. After the soup, we watched a bit of the Cultural show that was prepared for the event. It was very interesting, really. But our stomach was still grumbling so we we then went on with the Rice with chicken, shrimps vegetables in yellow curry sauce and then the Thai salad. Somehow, we were not really satisfied with what we ate so we went looking for sweets for dessert. We went through all the tents from one end of the street to the other end and finally found one tent selling not rice and viand but assorted stuff from Thailand.

They had fresh "buko" juice (young coconut juice) and in can. They also had some Mango juice from the Philipines in can and the a lot of other delicacies from Asia. Dried fish, vegetables and other canned goods (preserves). There were also some prawn chips, fried banana chips, sweet twisted bread sticks, spices and fresh vegies. The highlight was the fruit stand: Mangoes, Rambutan, Mangosteen, and Lanzones! Even hubby almost shrieked at seeing them here in Germnay. He tasted the fruit during our visits to the Philippines, so he was acquainted with them already. I didn't have to think twice about getting them. It just took me longer to choose "good ones". Paid and thanked the lady selling, we all started attacking our treats. It was heavenly. The lanzones' is sweet. The mangosteen was lovely. I must admit I really missed those fruits. I brought some home as well and was happy with my goodies.

Around 7:30 pm, one of the girls had to go home because she had to wake up early the following day for work. I was happy that I didn't have to go to work, so when the other one declared that she and her partner were going to the Australian Bar just a block away from the fest, I convinced hubby to join them. After all, it was the first time I had a night life after several months. The good thing was the place serves great food plus they have a karaoke later in the night. That was IT... the deciding point for me.

When we got there, I immediately ordered for Grill platter for two! Yes, still on food trip... ahem! I ordered some drink and when my food came I just dived, hehehe. After dinner, we went down to the lower level of the area where the Karaoke would be held. We waited for about an hour and a half until they would open the stage for the karaoke. Finally, got rolling at around half past ten, whereas it was supposed to start at 10 pm. Much to our disappointment, the accoustics was very bad. The songs were okay, but it was not really a place for karaoke. Actually, it was probably karaoke but more like chorale-oke. The guests were always singing in groups. Finally there was one girl who had a very good voice and sang really well. She was with the group, but somehow, she managed to give justice to the song that her voice was standing out from the crowd. Bravo to her, I thought.

When it was my friend's turn to sing i went with her to the stage to be able to see the TV monitors. Since from where we were seated we couldn't see anything. Just the heads of some guests and backsides of some girls... hehehe. After my friend did her number, the girl who sang earlier said something that sounded like "salamat". As I turned to look, i saw that she is also a Filipina. Then I thought no wonder she could sing well. Despite the bad sound effects and terrible microphones that they had there. Afterwards, the group singing started again. It was probably fun but it didn't really give justice to the Karaoke concept that I knew.

So much for a night of different cultures. Thai food, Australian cuisine and Japanese ( or is it Korean?) entertainment European style.
It's that time of year again!!!
by missP on Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:17 am
No, I am neither referring to Christmas nor my birthday. Smile Smile Smile

I'm talking about being on a short vacation, yeheeey!!!

I'm visiting my sibs in Brussels, Belgium. My niece is finishing grade school and the commencement exercises will be this coming Friday. I'm not going to miss this event. We were scheduled to be in Brussels by Friday morning, but seeing that there are still a lot to be prepared, hubby and I decided to leave Germany earlier than planned. Although at work, I still have not asked for permission from my boss, I decided to leave anyway.

I made sure that all my load at work was accomplished. My boss is still on vacation, enjoying sunshine and good weather at the southernpart of Europe. He has been there since the 10th of the Month. So, I grabbed the chance and packed my stuff. I only called him on the day I was driving to Belgium. I informed him about the workload, what was accomplished and what needed attention still, which was actually, NIL! He was quiet glad that everything was okay during his absence. That was my signal. Fortunately, after explaining to him my situation, and informed him that I already called people who could takeover my shifts for me, he finally said it is okay for me to go as long as all holes are already taken covered anyway. The fifteen minute phone-in update and explanation as to why I need to leave on such short notice ended with a grin on my face.

I guess my luck has not run out yet, thank goodness!!!

Again Yipeeeeey!
Dito lang
by missP on Fri Jun 26, 2009 8:42 am
Masayang Huwebes po sa inyong lahat. Grabe, ang dami ko nang Huwebes na namiss sa LP. Pero ok lang, cos i'm back to yak, hehehe!

Chinese dragon w/white chinamen, (hehehe). In fairness, there is one Asian looking guy in the group. Hanapin... (can you spot him?)

The street in front of my sibs' house. It was closed to traffic the whole day. Cars had to be parrked somewhere else, phewww!

Square dancing with the Americans.

The main attraction girls from Brazil. This is supposed to be my entry for the "Impossibe Ba Ito" (LP62) week. In wintertime, take note of the two girls dancing barefoot and almost naked to the bones Wink