The Philippines: Tambakan ng Basura ng mga Dayuhan?
by missP on Thu Nov 23, 2006 2:51 pm
“For days, my daughter was throwing up and had diarrhea. The next morning she died. She was only three years old and was very lovable. But is there anything we can do when we already drank the water and the poisons are now all over our bodies?” - (Inheritors of the Earth – a book published by: People’s Task Force for Bases Cleanup).

"The effect of the toxic wastes left by the Americans in Clark and Subic are still victimizing the children and people living within the vicinitycurrently. The heart breaking stories of kids born suffering from mental disorders, weakened immune system and leukemia are just examples of what the toxic wastes are doing to our brothers and sisters living around the area."

Now, there is a letter published here saying that the Philippines will be come a dumping place for toxic wastes from Japan or perhaprs it has already started. Let us join efforts in making our voices heard. As Filipinos, we are responsible for our country. We should take care for it's great abundant nature and for our own people. We don’t want our country to become the next “dumpsite” of toxic wastes from other countries. Not in exchange for these co-called “jobs”. Anong uri lang naman na trabaho ang natatangap ng mga Pilipino mula sa bansang ito? May trabaho nga ang Pinoy pero, api naman sila ng mga amo nilang abusado. Ang iba ay mina-maltrato pa ng amo nilang dayuhan. And as if kulang pa ito, papayagan pa ba nating gawing tambakan ng basura ang bansa natin? Gumising po tayo. Tulong-tulong tayong pigilan ang pag mo molestia sa ating bayan. Suporthahan po natin ang petisyon na ito:

Petition: Stop making the Philippines the dumping site of toxic wastes

Ito pa po ang karagdagang babasahin ukol sa isyu:

1. JPEPA to encourage trade in hazardous and toxic waste
2. Negotiator admits prohibited waste on list

Mag tulungan po tayo. Pangalagaan ang kapaligiran at ang ating Bayan!

"An Apple a day takes the Doctor away..."
by missP on Fri Dec 02, 2005 8:35 pm
Apparently this is not true for me. I have problems with apples. Red, green or even the ones turning yellow, I cannot tolerate them. So bad luck for the evil step-mom, for she can never poison me with the shiniest red apple in the whole universe. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say no to my MIL. On our way back from a long weekend with them, she gave hubby and me a bag of apples from her garden. I wanted to say “no” to her but didn’t have the heart for it, so I just accepted the bag thinking I could make compote out of them, or if I can find the time, maybe marmalade. Simply eating the apple as it is, is a no-go for me. Once, when I ate them, I got a sore throat. I thought, maybe it was only by chance or maybe it was because I forgot to wash the apple before eating it. So the next time I ate it, I made sure it was properly washed and even peeled but then, I got itchy tongue instead. Then, I tried it again, thinking it can’t be that I am allergic to apples, but the last time, I went red and with spots all over the body. SO, I decided, to totally forego apples. I never had it since.

Today though, it completely slipped my mind that I am not supposed to eat them. A friend and her partner came by the house to pick up the baby crib that I had in my basement for sometime now. I know, I don’t have a child, never had, but I have the crib in my basement! I know, I am weird, hehehe. Anyway, I digress.

As they were having their coffee, I absent mindedly started peeling the apple, sliced it and placed it on the table, just in case. I had some cookies served out as well. I honestly don’t know what came into my mind. As my friends and I were talking, I unknowingly, reached out and took a slice of the apple on the table and started eating it.

With the first bite, there was no reaction. With the second, no itchy tongue or throat, no red dots on the face or arms. Suddenly after like twenty minutes or perhaps less, my eyes started feeling warm. I rushed over to the bathroom to sprinkle water on them. I felt relieved for awhile. Thank goodness. To my dismay, after a few more minutes, I found myself partially blinded. I couldn’t see clearly anymore. When I rushed back to the bathroom to check, I was shocked that my eyes were swollen. The lids became bigger than the luggage that I always take whenever I fly back home to visit. Not only that, they were also bloody red.

Hubby almost panicking, ordered me to go to bed, lie still and put eye drops on my eyes. I was then forced to close my eyes and not move. Friends had to depart quite hurriedly, but only after reassurances from hubby that I will be okay.

As of writing this entry, my eyes are still swollen, but I could already see better and I managed at least to convince hubby that indeed I am fine. And whilst composing this entry, I not only promised myself to never again make the same mistake of eating an apple but also swear to never again will I NOT say “no” when I know that I should, to avoid the same accident from happening again.
Don't dare
by missP on Wed Aug 24, 2005 10:44 am
aflame aflame aflame

Have you ever had days when your hormones are working overtime and you just can?t control your reactions to every actions and words from someone else? Well, this is one of those days. I have very little patience lately. My hormones are definitely acting up big-time! If you have been around me these last few days, you would know what I am talking about. I just can?t seem to help it. I have no patience to people: Stupid or otherwise! beep beep Try to make a sly comment to me and I will definitely cut your head off. Yep, that?s a warning. bouncenburn bouncenburn Don?t ever make the mistake of coming close to me if you cannot understand what I am telling you the first time, because, the second time I will say it, it will be with sharp, deep cutting words, you would wish you never got to know me.

argue argue argue

And by the way, it is not full moon and I am not ovulating, but in case you wonder and plan to ask why I am like this, lately, well I?ve got news for you honey: DON?T ASK! In fact, don?t ever bother talking to me if you have nothing to say that is very important, because, I hate to talk to people who are criticizing everything I say or do.
overclocking overclocking overclocking

Ambot sa langaw...
by missP on Mon Jul 11, 2005 10:37 am

Bali laging kalisod aning akong kahimtang karon. Nabuyong nako sa mag tambal nga akong gi-inom pero wa gahapo?y maayong resulta. Mao ra gihapon ang sakit. Mawa lang ug doblehon nako ang dosage sa akong tambal nga gina-inom. Pastang laaya jud bai! Mao nga karong hapon, excited no ako. Magsugod nako sa akong accupuncture treatment.
bananas bananas

Sa nabalaka lang ug unsa ang nahitabo: sugod katapusan sa bulan Abril, nag sakit na kining akong mga batiis. Hangtud karon mao lang gihapon ang sakit. Nagbalik-balik na kao sa akong duktor, naka kuha na sad ko ug ikaduhang opinyun, asta ikatulo pa jud, pero hangtud karon, wala gihapon nila masulti kanako ug unsa?y akong sakit. Hing adto na sad ko sa espesiyalista sa Ugat-ugat, sa rayuma, sa bukog ug sa dugo pero, sa kasamaang palad, mao ra gihapon. Wala sila mahibalo ug ngano nga nagsakit ang akong mga batiis. Mao nga nag desisyun na lang ko nga mag pa accupuncture na lang.

Naa man gud naka hisgot kanako nga maka tangtang kuno ug sakit ang akupunktyur. Gipangutana nako akong uktor ug tinuod ba kani , kay ug mao man gani, gusto ko mag sulay ani nga paagi. Wa man sad siya mo balibad. Pero iyang gi eksplika kanako nga makapawala ug sakit ang akupiunktyur pero dili namo mahibaw-an ug unsa?y sinugdan sa sakit, labaw, ug unsa jud akong sakit. Sa akong pag pugos niya, gihatagan ko niya ug eskedyul para sa tulo ka sesyon. Makig sapalaran na lang ko, kay dili na man ko ka-agwanta sa sakit nga akong gipamati. Gi undangan na sad kanako ang pag inom sa cortisones kay hing burot man akong lawas, labaw pa akong nawong. Abi tuod sa uban nga na mabdus na ko? hay? wa lang mo kahibalo!
bash bash

Ug buot huna-hunaon, kung tua pa ako sa Pilipinas karon, dugay nang nawala ang sakit nga akong gipamati. Sa atoa pa, ipahilot ra dayon sa manghihilot, human sa duha ka balik, mayo na.Pero diri sa Alemanya, dili sila motoo sa hilot. Nag ingon na baya ko sa akong doktor nga irekomenda ko niya sa klinik para i pa masahe na lang nako, pero wa siya hing sugot. Dili kuno ni madala ug hilot. Ang sa ako lang pod, aber, na unsa man kaha niya pag ka hibalo nga dili kani madala ug hilot samtang wa man siya nasayud ug unsa kaning akong sakit?
Tubag: Ambot sa langaw sa langaw pila?y edad sa uk-uk!

bouncenburn bouncenburn
Just Another DAy
by missP on Sat Jun 04, 2005 10:09 pm
It rained, it hailed (north-east part of the country), the clouds were all over us the whole day, ?well, not really. Sometime around after lunch, Mr. Sunshine finally decided to show up. Somewhere a few hundred kilometers away from us, around L?beck, a county in the north, four 18 year olds died on a head-on collision. The driver of a BMW convertible overtook their car at a blind curved. The teenagers died on the spot and the driver of the BMW is still in critical condition at a hospital. This was on the news the whole afternoon. It definitely triggered an angry reaction, which resulted to some words which are better left unwritten/unpublished, hahaha! Crazy people! Just because they drive a fast car, doesn?t mean they have sole ownership and rights to the road.

Anyway, today seems to be a very long day for me. After making sure I did my leg exercises and taking my medicine on time, I ended up in front of the PC again. Something that hubby thought I would not do, but since I did, he made sure that I wouldn?t have a single minute of peace whilst browsing and bloghopping! NAhhh, just kidding. Of course, I had my peace and was left in perfect silence and unbothered during the three or four hours of surfing.

I was just thinking about my next entry, when the thought came to my mind. Does blogging have its rules and regulatios that bloggers, new and veterans alike have to follow? Is there really some kind of bible for the blogging fanatics? Do we also have our own commandments to abide by? Well, the only way to find out was to search the web for answers. The results came back with this:

This guy said: "that as bloggers, we are not supposed to write about ourselves, about our friends, about our pets, or travels. As a blogger, we are also journalists and should therefore try to write like one. Typos aren?t supposed to be taken taken for granted; to blog, we should be aware of the meaning of the word and try to live up to the expectations of others ? etc., etc". Oh boy, this made me shrink. How was I supposed to know that blogging is this serious? I thought, having a host, links and a place to write about or topic to dissect was enough to define a blog.

I scrolled down the list of search results, and found this one which I thought was so vague, I didn?t really get it what the guy was talking about. Hehehe?umiral ang pag ka boba ko..

In my desperation to justify my personal and private blog, a place on the net where I do write about myself, my work ? my sicknesses, my state of depression and homesickness; what I experience living and working in a foreign land, places I travel, etc., etc. I ended up reading this blog. Hah! that was a relief!!!

Like for example, some weeks back, I made an entry which I afterwards felt so guilty about. I didn't want to be accused of stealing or copying an idea, but somehow, i felt like i did. So, what i did was, wrote to Mavic and asked for an apology. The thing is, I am quite new to the blogging world. In the wide open sea of the blogging world, I am like one of the dogs struggling to thread in the deep blue sea, trying to fetch a piece of stick afloat, which was thrown into the water absentmindedly by the master, amidst deep conversation about world economy and politics aboard a luxurious cruise liner. (That sounds so cruel!) Like many others, I am also trying to figure out how this thing goes. So, I sniff around and thread a bit for clues from the veterans and not so veterans in blogging. Naturally, they would know the rules having been in the scene far longer than I have been. I have seen some bickerings, and arguments in blogging. Something unthinkable as having a blog-war of some sorts. BUt then again, I could be wrong. Maybe it is only a harmless exchange of ideas, theories or principles. Nevertheless, I found it really interesting, did entertain me a bit, but this has not helped me at all. I am still left hanging.

Oh well, it's just another day for me. Now I prepare myself to bed.
Is there still hope?
by missP on Tue May 10, 2005 9:02 am
Being at home most days during the past two weeks, I roam around in our humble abode, thinking what to do. It seems that I have been cooped up so long at home, or no, maybe not. Maybe I am just so used to going to work everyday that now my restlessness is setting in on me. AS I limped to and fro, (hmmm, come to think of it as a way to exercise my bad legs), I stumbled upon the old December issue of a local newspaper Die Zeit. There is an article about the "Batpeople" in Manila. I didn't want to read it at first. I was trying to disregard the newspaper that was lying around in the living room since hubby brought it home months back. I know what the story was about. I didn't want to read it because I knew I would just feel upset, depressed and enraged by what I will find there. Yes, Upset, because, no matter how we Filipinos (who are now living here in Europe or elsewhere) try to promote our own country and say that not all of the Philippines is a pile of garbage dump as what is always written in the magazines or newspapers, somehow, it is all for nothing. At least speaking for myself, I still try to promote the Philippines to the local nationals as well as to other foreigners I encounter and/or get acquainted with. Upon glancing at the said newspaper, I saw immediately the half-the-page picture of a cemented bridge somewhere in Manila with the rails turned black from the ashes and pollution. Under the bridge are shanties three or four families. Floating on the water together with the rest of the dumps from somewhere else and I assume from the families living there as well. How can one survive living in such an unhealthy environment? Floating on the water or hanging under the bridge? As if it really matters?

picture is a cropped version of the one in Die Zeit Dez. issue.

I succumb to the temptation of reading the article. It started with the story about the boy, sleeping on the dilapidated flooring of the shanties with the garbage and the cockroaches around him. It didn't matter. He was told that he should just sleep whenever he got tired. There on the floor. What kind of parents would do that to their child? I couldn't go on reading. It was indeed depressing and so painful to read or to accept the fact that this is reality in the Philippines. But, IT IS! The article continued on about the stories of the other families living in the area. How they survive in their day to day needs without a real job with a proper income, health questions and education...etc., etc.

Now, what is the government doing about this problem? Poverty is still widespread in the country. Unemployment is the main cause of the giant problem that until now is still unresolved or even lessened. Because the people couldn't afford to have a decent and clean life, health issues are also getting rampant. Malnourished children, sick people who cannot even afford to buy medicines or go to the clinic for treatment. They just die from the illnesses that are normally, nowadays, curable. The government is trying to help small entrepreneurs of the country, but what about the people or families who cannot afford to start a small business even if they want to, so they can also partake or in the program. Gosh! They cannot even afford to have three decent meals per day!

As an individual citizen, whatever I may say or do will never make a difference. I try to do my share of the responsibility by trying to help in my own small way. I don't mean promoting the Philippines as a beautiful country worth to visit and spend vacations in. No. I mean, help like: a child who is begging on the streets. Instead of giving them money, I bring them inside a fast food chain and buy them meals. Yes. I think it is better to do it in kind than give the child monetary help. Who knows what kind of parents they have? Maybe, they are even left there on the streets to beg for money so their sick parents go gamble it away or buy alcohol with the little earnings they make. AS I slowly think more about the topic, my heart just bleeds out to them. But what can a simple individual do to help?
Springtime woes...
by missP on Wed Apr 20, 2005 10:26 am
Here I am again. It is another gloomy day in Germany. It?s raining, windy and a bit cold. I am sitting in front of the PC, just surfing, browsing, bloghopping. Having done all of my household chores yesterday, I am left with only the note groceries for today. But I am in no mood to go out there yet. I sit by the window, I see the cherry tree in our backyard, blossoming again. Spring is really here. There?s no escaping it notmyfault . hmmn I don?t really like spring as much as I like Summer or Fall. But I don't dread it as much as I do Winter. With spring comes new hope, normally, after three whole dreadful months of cold, icy and sometimes very rough weather free . But with spring also comes POLLEN allergies and nose bleeding. doctor Yep, my nose bleeding always starts around the same time as my pollen allergies starts coming out. My eyes are all the time red, dry and therefore itchy. My lip is swollen bubbles , dry all the time and feels heavy. blackteeth It feels like, each time I would open my mouth, the lips would crack. So, I cannot even laugh really loud or open my mouth so wide for fear that it would also start bleeding. bummer

The first drop of blood I had was last Sunday. blush As I was rushing to the airport to meet Elaine since she and hubby were flying to the Philippines via Frankfurt Airport. The problem is that I don?t get some kind of a sign that my nose is bleeding or will start bleeding. boxedin Nope, the blood just slowly drips down like tears falling. I remember last year, I had to go to the airport clinic because my nose wouldn?t stop bleeding. The nurse there noticed me and asked me if I was there as well the previous year for the same problem. bash I said, yes. After that they gave me a suppository for the nose. I stuck one in and the extra one, they said I was supposed to stick it into my nose the minute the bleeding starts again. Then, they gave me a recommendation to go see a specialist for the problem. Well, I think they over acted a little. I have always had the problem, but didn?t really think of it as something grave. It?s just a little messy each time it happens, crazy if you know what I mean? Imagine you, walking around the mall, with only a pack of tissue in your bag. While browsing and scavenging from the piles/stacks of clothes, shoes or books, you suddenly see blood droplets on the floor or unluckily on the stacks of whatever it is you are buying. threadhead You struggle to get the tissue in your bag and in the process, dropping some more blood on the products spook . Then, finally, you found the tissue, but they are not enough, so you have to go to the washroom and continue cleaning yourself there. The target is unfortunately nowhere around the area where you are now. You have to run like 50 to 100 meters to get there. crossfingers Do you get the picture? On top of that, the embarrassment on meeting other people looking at you, with that suspicious stare and judging glare as if you have been beaten by hubby or boyfriend or whatever silly reason. Speak to the hand weep
bananas basket
So, anyway, this morning, as I was washing my face and doing my morning rituals, my nose started bleeding again. confused I grabbed a face towel, wet it with cold water and placed it on my forehead. That?s the advantage of having the same sickness over and over again. One knows what to do whenever the situation arises. I cleaned my face and just sat down for a while. I am not supposed to tip my head over to avoid that the blood would clog the nostrils nor am I supposed to blow the nose so the rest of the blood would come out. NO! I am only supposed to sit still, wet towel on the forehead and wait until the bleeding stops. Then as suddenly as it started, the bleeding just stopped. confused3 Good that today, I am staying at home and not working, but what about tomorrow or the day after, or the rest of the week or months, for that matter? Pray
Need I remind you?
by missP on Fri Apr 15, 2005 12:18 pm
ASk me a question or something that I have to do right here, right now, I'd be happy to do it. BUt if ask me to remind you of something that you or i have to do later on, don't expect a lot! I myself needs constant reminding of things that I have scheduled myself to do or plans that I promised myself that I would accomplish before the raven turns white and you of all people should know that! bif