Copy-Cat in a box!
by missP on Wed May 10, 2006 4:16 pm
Absentee blogger logging in today!

I am jumping on the bandwagon and follow the "chain" that other bloggers are into at the moment...ta.....da!!!!

When it comes to watching films, I'm a couch potato! Admittedly, I can sit in on four to five films in a row. Talk about being a bummer, ehhh. Just give me a bowl of buttered popcorn (or two) and a bottle, nope...make that three bottles of my favorite limonade and i am happy, you bet! That's me... bad, bad me, Wink

Here are some of my all-time favorites:

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Which is better?
by missP on Wed Sep 28, 2005 8:58 am

Both films are about the love story of a couple and how they conquered the trials that seemed to be hindering them from their love for each other and be together...forever! Both films being funny, sad and heart breaking, yet you end up feeling happy and "in-love". What type of movie are you? Incidentally, according to this quizz that i took, (i know, i'm a sucker for online quizzes) I am "The Notebook". A hopeless romantic and lover of movies that make one cry!!! I love to have fun and am very emotional, daw, oh!?

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A hunk of an Angel
by missP on Fri Aug 19, 2005 8:34 am
?Miracles happen to those who expect them?

That?s the advice of the day I got from the Chinese Almanac for today. My day looks auspicious, too. That?s good news for a change. For weeks, I have received mostly bad news.

First, the bad news that our company will be closing down its Frankfurt am Main station by end of October this year. Next came the death of a longtime friend, then the tragedy of my other friend and her baby. ?Bad luck always comes in three?s? they say. Well, I think this is a perfect example for the saying. Can you just imagine how happy I am to find the fresh ?advice of the day? with new hope? Who knows? I am still hopping for hope for the company, I am still hoping that my friend who lost a baby will get pregnant again and I am still hoping and praying that my friend who passed away is now happy beside the Lord where he is supposed to have eternal peace.

On a lighter shade, how would you feel if you knew your guardian angel is as handsome as Nicolas Cage? Saw his film City of Angels last night and I fell? I fell in love with the story. Well, Nicolas Cage became a ?crush? overnight. Although I have seen some of his movies before, like: Con Air,Snake Eyes,The Family Man,Captain Corelli?s Mandolin,Face Off with John TRavolta, Leaving Las Vegas and It Could Happen To You I never thought he was such a good actor. I honestly don?t think he is still so great one should drool over him, but after watching the City Of Angels, I just fell! He, he, he.

According to my personal Feng Shui advice: ?Miracles happen to those who expect them?? maybe, if I expect to have a guardian angel like the hunk Nicolas Cage, maybe, if I believe, maybe?. Just maybe! How I wish!!! But, hubby and me still think we have our own guardian angel. The lady has been watching over us, since the day we met. Until now, we still have her photograph in our bedroom.
Getting GaGa over the moon
by missP on Wed May 25, 2005 2:59 am
If you happen to pass by a dimlit house somewhere in Wetterau-Kreis at three a.m. and you see a shadow of someone roaming around inside how would you react? Oh, please, don't call the police. That's probably just me, wondering around our home, with my limp looking for something to eat in the fridge.

Yap, because of the medication and vitamins that I am taking right now, I cannot seem to stop stuffing myself. I feel hungry all the time. If not, it's the time to take my pain reliever anyway and I'm not supposed to take it with an empty stomach. So, either way, I end up in the kitchen, in front of our fridge, by the window facing the main road of the house where I live. And during weird times at night too. A night like tonight. Having everything I need from the fridge, I then limped over to the computer room, where I sit and blog while munching on my finds...hahaha...I'm being a pig, I know! But, I am excused..may sakit ako eh, hahaha.

Sitting in front of the PC now, looking out of the window, I notice the round, yellow, full moon, partly covered with clouds which also seems to be moving towards southwest.

I stare at it, .... still looking.... still looking....Definitely, moving to the southwest direction. I am sure of it now! hahaha... I think I am getting gaga over the moon. It must be the medicine. No, its like that ice cream movie The Stuff back in the late 80's that the people seemed to be addicted to, not knowing that the The Stuff was slowly taking control of the brains. Gosh, this is not the only crazy thing that this illness made me do today. To read more about the film go here Arrow The 80's Movies Rewind

Actually, I went to visit my eye doctor today. Well, my GP sent me there anyway, for fear of complications that may have been caused by the bacteria they found in my body. So, like the (dis)obedient patient that I am, I did. Hubby arranged for the appointment timings, since he would have to drive me back home afterwards. The second doctor that advised me not to drive. The check-up/consultation took almost an hour. They had to put stuff on my eyes that would make me "blind for a few minutes". Now I know why I am not supposed to drive afterwards. Imagine, at the grocery, where hubby and I had to drop by, I almost went into the gent's toilet. I swear, I looked at the signs. I just didnT see them properly. Wala po talaga akong balak pasukin ang kubeta ng mga Men, kaya lang,ewan ko ba, dinala ako doon ng aking mga feet... Laughing Laughing Laughing muwahahaha. Good thing, ML who was running behind me, got there in time to warn me, that I was trying to get into the men's room, instead of the lady's room right baside it. yikes
Aishite Imasu - Mahal Kita
by missP on Sun May 08, 2005 9:45 pm
The story happened in a town called San Nicolas, somewhere in the Philippines during the time of the Japanese occupation. It revolves around three friends' LOVE: love for the country, for the husband and for the friend. They all fell in love at around the same time. Edilberto, who became a communist leader, had a great love for his land, his freedom and for the family that he so longed for. A dream that he once shared with Inya but that dream slowly faded when his parents and siblings were killed by the Japanese soldiers. His love turned to anger and revenge. His rage was so great that his love for his wife Inya was left a shadow that he hardly recognized anymore.

Inya is a young and beautiful wife who suffered a lot during the war. She had two miscarriages, a tragedy that made her hate the war and the Japanese enemy. Her husband was never around and in result she slowly felt ignored and left behind. She shared the love of her husband with her country, a rival that she could hardly compete with. When her husband died in one of the encounters with the enemy, she turned to help the NPA?s as well although she hated the NPA comrades for fear that they have gone far beyond just helping the other Filipinos. She thought that the NPA's were slowly getting paranoid and started accusing the other Filipinos of being spies and traitors. She was also once accused of the same sin. Although, deep in her heart, the only sin she committed was the jealousy that she felt for her own country.

Ignacio, the homosexual friend of Inya and Edilberto, was in love with the latter as well, but considering the situation, Ignacio was brave enough to sacrifice his mind, body and love for his friends and his country when the Japanese leader, Itchiru, fell in love with him. He pretended to be Inya until he finally fell in love with him and slowly revealed his whole personality and feelings. The Japanese leader accepted him as he is, professing that he knew even from the beginning of Ignacio's secret. A twist in the story that was somewhat unexpected.

Love kept their friendship, love helped them fight for their motherland and love urged them to move on. Those who have survived the war with Inya, ended up with deep physical and emotional wounds. Some of them came out in the open with their individual dark secrets: things that happened to them in the hands of the Japanese that they never told anyone before. Their lives are forever scarred by the nightmare that they experienced and brought with them to their graves.

This film of love and betrayal is good to pass the time. Although it is somehow based on history, one can hardly consider it as a documentary of such. Nevertheless, this film by Joel Lamangan has once again won the hearts of the many Filipinos, for looking back to this painful part of our history and showing the hardships of war and occupation for the ordinary people. It was winner of the 2004 Metro Manila Film Festival and presented the Gender Sensitivity Award.