Feet-some blah, blah!
by missP on Mon Jul 18, 2005 10:34 am
Woke up to the rays of sunshine this morning and slowly limped towards the bathroom (he, he, he,) Do not worry for I am not going to rant about being sick again! Slowly, I did my morning rituals, took my medicine and went back to bed to put my legs up again. Sometimes it helps ease the uncomfortable feeling and sometimes not, but I try to do it anyway, every morning after taking the meds. Hubby was still in bed doze and started to massage my legs, after two and a half months of doing this, it has become a habit of his. Not that I complain, he, he, he. Kahit nakapikit ang mga mata niya, minamasahe niya ang binti ko. Knowing full well that the legs are most painful in the mornings he tries to help ease the pain away by caressing the legs until I fall asleep again. But this morning I did not fall asleep again. I was staring at my legs and feet while contemplating the pain I would probably have during the first day of work. I was also hoping fervently that it would not be so bad or that I would not have any pain at all.

Anyway, after a few minutes of just staring at my lower extremities, my eyes got glued to my feet. Staring at it blankly, I asked hubby if I had beautiful legs. He acknowledged positively. clapping I asked him then, if I should get them insured, (of course this was just blah, blah) like Tina Turner?s. To this I got a snore for a reply. frown HmmmP! Typical! Acting out like I am offended, okay, what about my feet? Do you find them beautiful? I asked again, while poking his arms a little. To this, he replied: sarcasm ?feet are feet, I never looked at a person's feet and frankly, as long as they don't touch me, I don't care if they are as black as coal or as rough as an unpaved road. I definitely never tried to evaluate who has nice feet who has not?. Arrrrgggh! confused3 But I have nice feet. I have always gotten comments about how slim and smooth my legs and feet are. And you, my hubby, the man who claims he loves me, the whole of my body, doesn?t think I have beautiful feet! mad To this, I got out of the bed and limped toward the kitchen to slowly prepare breakfast. And hubby? Well, he went back to sleep as if nothing happened! brickwall

I scold to myself, that was what I got for trying to being shallow & vain. He loves me, I know that but sometimes men just don?t get it. A woman needs to be vain sometimes. It helps make us feel better. Well, at least, speaking for myself, that is how I am. Mind you, not all the time, but sometimes, I have these little bouts of craziness in me?and my vanity level goes up. This time, I really flunked though.

Still, I didn?t see any reason why I should sulk over the whole ?feet vanity? so I decided to transfer my energy into doing the last-minute preparation for hubby?s flight which is today. We still have some time to eat breakfast, pack the car and then drive off to the airport. From then on, I work and wait.