Fat chance!
by missP on Fri Aug 12, 2005 9:48 am
Got home to a dark and empty flat last night, which I find strange coz, hubby should have been home ages ago. I switched on the lights first in the hall, then from the bedroom, computer room, bathroom room, living room, dining room, kitchen and yes, even the lights in the pantry. Nozhing! Zip! Nada! No hubby. I looked around for his stuff that he takes to work with him and noticed that they are at the place where he always puts them each time he comes home from work, then, I noticed his wallet on its usual place together with the house and car keys. He is home or was. Maybe he went to get something from the gasoline station, but at 23:05 at night, WHAT? We are not the type who would go out in the night hunting for something that we can have the following day instead. If we don?t have it, then we don?t have it period. So, where the heck is he? I decided to change into my comfortable t-shirt and shorts, something fitted for a summer night? it is still summer here; although, the weather has been changing rapidly each day. First windy, then rainy and then again mr. sunshine decided to come out.

I decided to prepare dinner. Since I didn?t get to eat any decent meal at work, I thought I deserved to have rice tonight. A few minutes more, hubby came in, sweating and puffing. ?You should exercise?, he announced. ?I was just in the basement with the exerciser.? Oh, that! I have forgotten we have it. I only managed to use that a few times in Belgium. Since we moved here in Germany, I never even touched it. We decided to use one of our basement rooms as an exercise room, but I never went there to exercise. Only hubby did every now and then. Tonight was another ?then?.

?What happened?? I asked.
?Just getting fat,? was the quick reply. He is actually NOT FAT! He has no beer belly and is not even more then 80 kilos.
?Okay?, I said. ?So, can we eat? I am starving and we?re having duck!?

Newsflash: The calories that you just burned will be replaced by the ones waiting on the table. Ha! Ha! Ha!