33 random facts about me:
by missP on Sat Oct 22, 2005 8:29 am
1. i am a right-handed person
2. i wear my wrist watch on my right-wrist as well
3. i find that to be left-handed is cute
4. i am a feng shui fanatic
5. i love to read about dreams and their meanings
6. i am quick to offer assistance w/c gets me into trouble most of the time
7. i have lived in three countries w/in my 33 years of existence
8. i like my egg sunny side up/over easy
9. i like toast instead of something sweet for breakfast(cake or fruits)
10. i have two favorite nieces & one favorite nephew
11. i can be vulnerable at times
12. i like to live in the country rather in the city
13. i have no pets at all at home
14. i smoke
15. i drink white wine
16. i don't like beer and red wine
17. i cannot swim
18. i have a dream that i can see no future of; which, until now, i am pursuing
19. i am a very transparent person
20. i sometimes loose my train of thought in the middle of a sentence
21. i fit into a size 8 but most of the time i buy size ten
22. i think i have a psychosomatic sickness
23. i sing while driving
24. i am not materialistic
25. i am a compulsive buyer though
26. i love to read self help books
27. i like thongs but can stand the pantyshield made for them
28. i don't like to use tampoons
29. i have some dreams that are only half-accomplished
30. i procrastinate - big time!
31. i am the second child, but the ledest among the girls in my family
32. i like to bloghop and read about other people's lives, their ideas and experiences
33. i still have a crush on someone i met 10 years ago but the person doesn't know it.

Having thought about these things, i sometimes think i still don't know myself that well. I honestly wonder if other people are the same. But then again, i think to live your life 33 years is not long enough to realize exactly who and what you are. Although, some may think they do, I try not to fool myself with the some idea. I may be aware of what I may and may have not yet accomplished, what I want to do and what I have done before, wjat i like and don't like, still it is not enough to say: this is the Hannahlou that is today. Because i believe that every person is made complicated and completely different from others. And to know one's true self, feelings and understand ones behaviour is like knowing every single cell and composition of one's body... to which I think only God can do.