Lumitaw na po ulit... sa Manila
by missP on Tue Jun 27, 2006 3:42 am
After a very hectic week of packing, work and squeezing grill parties in between, finally, im sweating it out even by not doing anything. Feels like I lost 10 kilos in just a week despite the almost daily grill invites after work. With three huge bags weighing more than 90 kilos and two hand-carries weighing fifteen kilos each, hubby and I finally made it to the gate on time to board the aircraft bound to Manila at 10:05 pm last June 22nd.

Though, since I got here 5 days ago, I feel like I gained 20 kilos in lieu. Non-stop eating is what I have been doing. Having missed so much the Filipino cuisine, (unlike most of you out there, I am a bummer when it comes to cooking Philippine cuisine...) hence, I feel like I have not eaten in several decades each time my sense of smell is alerted of the cooking aroma that father is making up in the kitchen.

The constant declaration of my dear bro that he wants to gain more wait is not helping me at all, much more, when I see him all the time sitted at the dining table. I wonder what happened to him. A few years back, it was so difficult to make him eat anything. He simply didn't have any appetite. But now, boy!!! You can't even stop him from finishing alone a big platter of fried rice mixed with Swift Hotdogs and eggs. Nevertheless, I am so happy to see him like this rather than before, when mom, my sisters and I were constantly nagging him to eat more.


We went to Fort Bonifacio - The Global City two nights ago. Was so curious as to how the place looks like after two years. Basically, still the same. Except, there are more restaurants now. When I went there a couple of years ago, the place was not yet totally developed. Although some restaurants were already in operation then. The crowd, composed mostly of teenagers were all too busy with their handy's and outfits. Weird combination?? Yes, I think so, too. As a teenager, I remember, when I went out to discos and and bar's back then (without the knowledge of my parents of course), the most important thing was to enjoy the night. Never mind the scolding that I would get later on if caught. The outfit didn't matter as much. Of course handy's were non-existent then. But pagers were discreetly hidden in the bag. When the first ever wireless came out, (remember those mobiline and alcatel cellular phones that looked like you need to carry a car battery with you all the time as well?) yap...they were too big to carry in small purses, so they were a burden instead of an accessory to look cool. I guess, I am really getting old now. Hubby and myself ended up having pizza at Gourdo's at 2:30 in the morning while watching the football match of Mexico and Argentina. The pizza was really good paired with beer for hubby ?t mango shake pour moi.

Here's a funny one though. While at Gourdo's, three teeners came into the restaurant and sat at the table next to ours. The two boys took charge in ordering their pizza while the girl was busy taking pictures from her handy. In between she was either telephoning or texting. When their order finally came, they started taking their slices from the Pizza. It was not only after one thay have tasted their pizzas, that they noticed they got the wrong order. They called the attention of the waiter and asked him to bring them their right order. So far, all went okay. It was of course their right. The waiter took away the pizza which seemed to me either it was some kind of margherita or hawaiian. It had no olives on it. When their right order came, it was with olives. They must have ordered super supreme or something similar to it. It was only later that I noticed something strange. On the sides of their plates were the olives. Not one of them ate olives. Why in the world would, somebody who doesn't eat olives, order pizzza with olives on it? Much more, make a fuss about having been served the wrong order. Yakyakyakyak... Pa-C?


I had planned to go to Davao with hubby this month. The Pearl Farm to be specific. But I will have to cancel that. As it turns out, we don't have enough time to visit two places this time. I actually thought that since my parents are celebrating their birthdays at the same month, it would be economical for me, kasi isang uwian lang.) But then, I just found out that I would need to allot minimum of six weeks to eight, of vacation time. Nonetheless, the celebration will continue. Pearl Farm will have to wait till the next scheduled vacation. For next week, hubby and I will be visiting Balicasag Dive Resort in Bohol instead.

For now, I bid you adieu!