Mind your sign language
by missP on Fri Jul 28, 2006 9:10 am
As soon as we entered the airport in Manila, the man at the security entrance shouted to my husband: “your bag” and then started swinging his hands from the front of his legs further forward. Apparently, he was tying to tell my husband to place the bags on the conveyor belt where it has to be x-rayed. Or perhaps he also meant push it inside the x-ray machines? sneaky sneaky sneaky

As a reaction, hubby stood in front of the man and returned to him back the same gesture. To this, the security man got upset. He went really boiling up and told me, “teach your husband”. What should I teach him? Perhaps you need training on how to communicate to guests. Might I remind you, that people coming to the airport are not just “promdi’s” that you can fool around or you can loot from. Be professional in talking to your guests and you will be treated the same.” With this I left the guard fuming. shrug shrug shrug