Paltalk-in mo baby!
by missP on Fri Dec 08, 2006 6:20 pm
I have been trying to get into my website since 07:00 yesterday morning. I couldn’t get into the system. It keeps giving me the message: “Critical Error”. Talagang critical error, kasi nagtataka na siguro ang host ko dahil ang tagal tagal ko nang hindi na update ang blog ko. Well, those who came to lurk and visit, you know the reason. At least, that is if you scanned the last entry Wink. But, finally I am in now, hehehe.

Actually, it is not the only reason. I am also getting hooked on PALTALK. VoIP where one can chat and sing as well. Yes, karaoke on the web. It’s fun. I never liked chatting before. A friend asked me one day to help her download paltalk on her computer. She heard about it from a co-chatter. I tried it out, checked and scanned the rooms available there et v?ila: I GOT HOOKED!

Try it out folks. Sing your hearts out and meet a new community on the web. They’re “the singing chatters”.

PALTALK can be downloaded from here.