Much ado about nothing....really!
by missP on Thu Jan 04, 2007 1:13 pm
Wie geht’s? or the formal form Wie geht es Ihnnen? (How goes?) Is a question that we use as greeting to somebody we know here in Germany. It’s like “kamusta ka?” in tagalog. What bugs me the most is when people say this to you, seeing that your eyes are red, your nose is runny and you are coughing incoherently. What do they want to say with this? Is this a statement/question like: “I see that you are dying, can you confirm?”

As I arrived at work yesterday, I was limping since my rheumatism is attacking again. Yes, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and yes, this also attacks younger people aged 20 and upwards. Don’t raise your eyebrows, read a book about it or better yet, since you are already online, check it out on the web and look for JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis).

Anyway, aside from the limp, my eyes have dark circles around them, my nose was dripping like a water pipe and I was coughing like my lungs would pop out anytime from my back. Okay, you ask why I went to work still despite the condition I was in? Because of two reasons, the time I would spend waiting at a doctor’s office would just be about the same number of my working hours, hence, I rather go to work than while it away at the doctor’s office. Also because, I only had to go one more day to work then I would have two days off ahead. Besides I am going on vacation starting middle of the month and actually for this month, I only have to work 7 days. Seven f*****g days but spread out until the 16th of the month. Can you imagine? I digress.

So, I arrived at work just about a minute late. I blame that on the “most of the time” punctual trains here in Germany. One by one, my colleagues asked me the same two questions: Wie geht’s dir? (How goes you?) or Geht’ es Ihnnen Gut?(Goes you well?) So, I reply and tried to explain how I am really feeling, which was actually like s**t! Thank you for asking. And they all have the same reply, btw, which was “Oh you poor child.” And they would go on and on about how bad it feels, like what medicine or tea to take, or who had something similar last week, last month or just recently and then asks questions like why did you come to work still? and so on and so fort.

I mean, it is really good deed what they are doing. It shows interest in you, as a colleague. But why ask it what is already very obvious? Why not just say directly, “you look like s**t, did you take medicine or something?” I would prefer it said like that. There is nothing fancy or fake about it. An old friend way back in my Duty Free Philippines (DFP) working years, Gerry, was like that. That was what I liked in him most. It may sound rude to others, but it was actually his way of not showing too much fakeness. No dramas, no fuss about something as plain and as simple as being sick. In this situation, he would say something like: “Psst, oy, maglakad ka na papunta sa cementeryo at pagdating mo dun, mag hukay ka na rin…” To some it even sounded funny. To the others, they just say, “Ikaw talaga, Gerry”. And then that would be it. End of discussion.

Am I being too harsh here? No, I just don’t like too much ado about nothing really.