Happy Heart's day
by missP on Wed Feb 14, 2007 10:29 am
Waking up to the doorbell text message alert of my phone and the standard beeping of my smart roaming at 06.00 a.m. this morning was weird. Yes, weird since I am on vacation and don't normally get out of bed till 09:00, unless I have an early appointment for the day.

We went to bed very late last night or should I say quite early in the morning already. I arrived late from my Brussels trip. Hubby on the other hand, got back from Russia a few hours ahead of me. So, we both planned to stay longer in bed today. But No. This plan was rudely interrupted by the text messsages. I got out to check was they were about. Half mumbling, half worried that it is not a bad news or something. There were some picture messages that I, unfortunately cannot share here, since I don't know how to transfer them. All Valentine's day greetings. That's when I remembered. Gosh! How time flies. We just recently celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ and welcomed the new year 2007... and now it's HEART's day again. Pretty soon, tatanda na ang pamangkin ko at magkaka boyfriend na siguro. I am not going to say ako ang tatanda.. AYOKO TUMANDA... waaaaaa groan groan .. but i guess it's nature and therefore unavoidable. shrug d'oh! Laughing

Anyway, let me share a couple of the messages i recieved this morning. Oh, huwag na kayong umangal at ku-montra. Read nalang kayo. Laughing Laughing Laughing

HOney, kung ginawa akong puzzle, for sure ikaw ang missing piece Kc U COMPLETE ME!

Huwag ka tawa... pede ba lentine kta? (i almost didn't get this one)

Life comes just once, so let's make the most of it.God didn't give us everything to enjoy life, but He gave us LIFE to enjoy everything!

Today is St. Valentine's day, ask the LOVE bug about your Valentine problems... click here.