Another chance?
by missP on Tue Nov 27, 2007 12:04 pm
“It must have been my youth or childhood… I must have done something good!“

This song lyrics from the "Sound of Music" sung by Julie Andrews kept repeating in my head as I was on my way home this morning after I had the unfortunate accident. I was on my way to work as usual at around 04:00 this morning. I missed the train in Offenbach where I was supposed to leave my car since I would be going to the gym in the same area after work. I then thought I could still catch the train in the Frankfurt Commerz Bank Arena (stadion station) in Frankfurt am main. Unknowingly, just a few meters before I could reach the train station, just at the curve, my car slid and swerved in the middle of the road. I lost control of the steering until the car romped at the metal road plank.

I was in shock. The car behind me also had the same difficulty with his steering but could react just at the right time so that the driver did not bump into me. The driver got out to ask me if I was okay. I said I’m fine. After that several cars passed by and they also had difficulty at exactly the same area where I slid. It was quite clear that the road was icy. It was not sprayed with salt the night before which is normally done so as to avoid such accidents. I immediately called my boss, the ADAC and of course my hubby. Yes, in such order. I had to alarm my boss that I couldn't be at work on time, so he could still call somebody to open the place. Or he could do it himself.

Then I had to call the ADAC to inform them that I would need assistance with the towing of my car. The ADAC personnel then told me to call the police and inform them of my predicament as it is the protocol. Luckily, there is a couple of officers patrolling the area. They got there just a couple of minutes after the accident. I informed the lady on the phone that the police was already there, making the report and getting my data. Then I called my hubby last. Well, I didn’t want to alarm him and make him worry. I was anyway in good condition. Thank goodness for that! But the car wasn’t.

After dealing with the police protocol, I then sat in the car and waited for the "abschlepper" (tower) to pick me up and bring my car to the garage. During this time, I kept thinking and re-thinking about what I may or may not have done. I definitely did not fall asleep nor was I driving more than the allowed limit in that area. Nothing comes to mind. As if a light in my head lit, I immediately realized that instead of thinking about what I did wrong, I should start thinking about the fact that I am safe despite the accident. I started praying and thanking the Lord for being with me when the accident happened. Only then did my body start to relax. As if the tension in my whole body was relieved by some cosmic hand. Then I remembered that at the impact of the car in the plank, I certainly felt like I was cushioned by a very big, fluffy pillow. And no, I don't mean the airbags in this case!!!