by missP on Sat Aug 16, 2008 3:06 pm
My first day at the hospital (almost) went quiet boring. I arrived at the admissions office to give the missing papers that was necessary for my admittance. The lady who said she would come by to pick it up from me a little before seven did not arrive until 10 after. Had I not asked the man who was passing bye, whom I assumed was also a staff of the hospital to look for the lady inside their office, I would probably be there until the 8 or 9 a.m. Okay it’s an exaggeration! But apparently, the lady forgot that I would be dropping by because she was already inside having breakfast. She came out to get the paper works from me with her mouth half full of cereals. So much for professionalism!

Then, I was told to go upstairs to the 14th floor. I, together with some other guests had to wait for almost ten minutes for the elevator. I can’t say if it’s because the building is old or if it’s because the hospital is not properly maintained, hence, the bad impression of the guests. For the record, I am here not by choice but by recommendation, ok?! The Gynecologist suggested this hospital to us. He said that he has already sent a lot of his patients to this hospital for OP’s and other checks. The hospital which is located just at the border of Frankfurt am Main and another city called OFFENBACH is by far, the second best in Offenbach. According to some, it is only second best because of it’s old buildings, mind you. The other one was built only several years ago. Therefore, this one where I am admitted (which has been in operation since when the Filipinos could enter Germany without Visa), comes only second. But they are now constructing new buildings just beside the old ones. Not so high but definitely quiet stylish. With a heli-pad at the rooftop of the main building. And I guess, the doctor recommended it because they have really good doctors and not because of the buildings.

Unfortunately, it goes together. Nobody would want to be treated in a place where they think the building would collapse anytime soon. At least, hopefully, not until they get better.
Speaking of Filipina’s, yes, there are also several Filipinas working here as nurse’s aides. They came since 20-30 years ago. A friend of mine, who is also an ex-colleague came to see me and told me that her mother used to work in the very same hospital. She could still tell me some tales about the hospital and somehow, a few myths, (hehehe), about the buildings.

Although the hospital is only second in rank, it seems that it is still very popular because the rooms are forever full. Where I was first stationed, I also had to wait first before I got my own spot in the room. I said spot, because once you get admitted in the hospital, you are immediately assigned a bed which they roll to wherever you would need to go to, for example, the x-ray room, operating room, etc. The bedroom where I was supposed to stay is normally just for two therefore I had to wait until the other patient checked out. It didn’t really matter much, since I was in the operating room most of the time that day. It was only when I came out, that the lady was also gone, so, I was directly rolled over to her spot. be continued po Smile