Dito lang
by missP on Fri Jun 26, 2009 8:42 am
Masayang Huwebes po sa inyong lahat. Grabe, ang dami ko nang Huwebes na namiss sa LP. Pero ok lang, cos i'm back to yak, hehehe!

Chinese dragon w/white chinamen, (hehehe). In fairness, there is one Asian looking guy in the group. Hanapin... (can you spot him?)

The street in front of my sibs' house. It was closed to traffic the whole day. Cars had to be parrked somewhere else, phewww!

Square dancing with the Americans.

The main attraction girls from Brazil. This is supposed to be my entry for the "Impossibe Ba Ito" (LP62) week. In wintertime, take note of the two girls dancing barefoot and almost naked to the bones Wink