Social help, etc....
by missP on Sun Feb 20, 2005 8:15 am
Whewwww!!! It's been quite a while since my last post. Not that anybody cares, hehehehe. What have I been busy with with? Well, work, work, and work. Ahhh, yes, went partying in celebration of Saint Valentine's Day but that post will be in the DAMPA site. At least it will be there once I get it published.


One has to do what is within the context of the regulations otherwise one is not allowed to have that which is not within the rules. I know, it slowly sounds like we are in a communist country. True, one can have the things that one needs provided it has to be earned and well worked for. And if one is lazy enough and doesn?t do anything, not even the basic necessities in life can be availed. True, that the government helps people who have no jobs by providing a very good social welfare plan, but it is not possible to avail of this without working very hard for it first. That is of course, considering that you have a job in the first place. How? You ask. Well, once somebody who has been working for a year on a fulltime basis, does get some kind of benefit from the government. But, keep in mind, that during the time that, the person was still employed and working hard day and night, a big chunk of that person?s salary is deducted every month to save for this social help that he/she is entitled to upon losing the job. So, the social help is not actually from the government alone but from the person himself. ?It is the money deducted from his/her monthly salary which he/she gets back upon becoming unemployed?. It is like a compulsory savings deposit where one has no choice as to how much he/she should allot for this. The same thing goes with the medical benefits. This is paid for monthly and is automatically deducted from the monthly salary of the person. What happens if the person becomes unemployed? Well then, he/she loses the medical insurance as well. Unless they pay for private insurance to which the price is exorbitantly high. Or if the husband still has a job, he continues to pay for the said insurance. But this is another case. Believe me it is not so simple to continue paying for the said insurance without a reasonable income every month.