Who am I?
by missP on Tue Mar 15, 2005 12:30 pm
I was once a self-centered, egoistic, brat. I got angry easily if what i wanted was not given to me or what I thought should be done was not finished immediately. I wanted the others around me to jump each time I snap my fingers. It was so easy for me to bother calling other people and telling them to do something for me. I thought that the world evolved around me. That I was the center of the iniverse. Never did it came to my mind that other people have their own lives to live. They have their own problems to tackle and responsibilities to attend to.
If I was angry at someone, I wanted my friends to side with me. I told them to show animosity to that person, so that he/she will feel so bad that she would come back asking to ba accepted as my friend again. I never even stopped to look at others as a real person. Didn't occur to me that I should respect their decisions and give them breathing space. I was so shameless, that I thought they were like my slaves who should do what I wanted them to do. Yes, I was like the she-devil. Now, do you know me?