Checking BC's on a CAMel!

by missP on Mon Aug 01, 2005 11:58 pm
Working more than 8 hours a day can be very draining of energy and charm, especially when one is in the customer service line. Yes, for more than a year now, I am back into the frontline again. Last time I work in the services area was way back in 1991-1996. I had fun then working in a carefree way with a great responsibility. But then again, the best thing in this kind of work is that it is always a ?one day responsibility?. At the end of the day, you feel that you have accomplished something even if it is as shallow as being able to help old folks cross the road for them to reach their target destinations. It can be fun but then again, it can also be as terrible as being hurt emotionally and psychologically. The good thing is, in this kind of job that I do now I have colleagues who are really kind and very supportive whenever we get into ?uncomfortable situations?. Of course, if you have nice colleagues, you also get sour ones. This makes the day very long and very tiring in the end, because I have to stretch my patience both to customers and to the working colleagues as well.

Just the other day, the position I was assigned to was the one where almost all of my colleagues hate to work. Why? Because most of the passengers are arrogant, discriminating and very harsh people who only think that they should be given special treatment and doesn?t like to wait in lines being served by foreigners. These are the kind of people who don?t want that their boarding cards be touched by us, which is very much impossible, for how can we check the document if we don?t take it in our hands? Some would just walk by us, holding their cards on their hands but without pausing for us to check them. It can get really annoying especially if we have been standing more than 4 hours without even a short break. That day, I had a passenger who came to me and asked me: ?If I was not a business class or a First class passenger, would you have let me through here?? Hmmm?tricky question. If I said yes, I would have been branded as not doing my job properly for some really hate it when their line gets filled with econ passengers therefore they would have to wait in line like the econ pax on the other end of the hall. Plus, I would get in trouble with the ?qualit?tskontroller/in? who checks on us all the time. So, I replied to him theoretically, that I would have to send the economy pax to the economy entrance. That?s when the passenger shouted at me with: ?what crap this German bureaucracy! You are not a German, why would you do such a thing?? To which I replied, ?Sir, I am only doing my job here in Germany. You are a German therefore I expect you should know how it is. For me, I can only follow the rules and regulations in a country where I am only a second class citizen, at the end of the day you can say that I am only doing my job to which to you seem to be very low that you cannot even respect, etc.? I know, I have said too much already. Bad luck for him, I was ovulating at that time.
Then, as they say bad luck always comes in pair or in my case, threesome. Another guest came to me, holding his boarding card in such a way that he was showing a dirty finger to me, with the excuse of asking me where he should go and what time he should be his gate for boarding. Very stupid questions, I know, but hey, I am getting used to all this crap by this time. I gave him the information he needed, by pointing in the direction to where he should go, showing the dirty finger sign, sideways?. Hahaha! Just thought I should give him a dose of his own crap! The last who tried to annoy me, was someone who just rushed into the security check area without letting me look at his boarding card. I ran after him and asked him to show me his BK, which he did, but also shook his hand in front of his forehead, giving the sign that I am crazy. To which, I really shouted back at him, that he was the one who had a problem. He reached old age without the right manners and conduct that kids learn at school. Then my colleague came to me and told me that I should just have replied with a sarcastic ?schon abend, noch? to him. Hello? She was not the one who got insulted, that?s why! I felt really tried and tested that day and I felt also that I failed hundred percent. Although, I could answer back, I felt guilty for doing it. Please, don?t let me explain this feeling because I can?t. I went home that day with a heavy heart. I didn?t feel any accomplishments and worst I felt like I am in the wrong line of job. Well, s**t does happen sometimes.

Today, I was assigned in a different area where the pax are more relaxed, simply because most of them are foreigners as well. Am I implying something? YES!!! Anyway, just before the end of the day, my colleague was instructing the passengers for the nth time, that they are not allowed to bring the baggage carts into the security check point. They are supposed to carry all their hand luggage into the lobby where they would then wait to be checked. The thing is, and this is very true: passengers started complaining, at least those who had three carry on trolleys plus four kids in tow. They started panicking hence the chaos in front of our position. Finally, one passenger asked, ?where is it stated that they are we not allowed to bring the carts inside?? He said that, there is no sign at all therefore he wanted to know what right we have to give them a hard time. To which my Ethiopian colleague casually replied: ?If you all will bring the carts inside, I will come to work here tomorrow with my camel.? The passengers, all with a shocked impression on their faces, just looked at my colleague. Then I started laughing. I couldn?t help myself. I could imagine a black old man, wearing a suit on a camel and giving instructions and assistance to the passengers on the back of a camel. I guess the passengers thought this funny, too for they also started laughing. This loosened up their nerves a bit which made them comply on the instructions given to them. This also made us feeling light hearted that we were able to help the passengers make their travel experience easier and smooth flowing. At least, for some the last leg of their journey. For others, well, they started off smoothly!

Well, another day finished. Tomorrow, I prepare myself for the next battle.

by annabanana on Thu Aug 04, 2005 11:10 am
haay ganyan talaga miss P, stress comes with the job eh...take a bow for handling the situations well...have a great day! Very Happy

by russ. on Sat Aug 06, 2005 11:54 am
hello missP!
breathe in and relax.
we all need those times to unwind.
remember, health is wealth.
happy weekend!

by missP on Tue Aug 09, 2005 11:25 am
hi annabanana,
hayy! oo nga. i should be grateful that I still have a job... and I AM! kaya lang minsan talaga, parang gusto ko nang huminto sa trabaho kong it... blackteeth

by missP on Tue Aug 09, 2005 11:28 am
hello russ,

you are right, baka magkasakit lang ako ulit kaka isip...hehehehe.

have a good week... bananas bananas
Great post

by philoesw on Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:30 am
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