March 31, 2004

Miss the Old Gang

"Some things in life are best forgotten". This saying I have often heard for some time now. Remember the good times and forget the bad. Learne from the mistake that you make. I never believed in it. Why learn only from the mistakes that one has made? Why not also from the right decisions? I have tried NOT to forget. Whether they were bad experiences, happy momments, failing times, times when I made wrong decisions, or those when I chose rightly between two or more things and times of sorrow or giref. I have tried to remember each times and always used them as guidlines in life. I learned from these experiences. This is actually the main point. All of them make someone stronger, mature and more responsible in life. So, why FORGET them?

What's my story? I will get there, I promise. Just read on. . .

I used to work before in one of the government corporations in the Philippines. I worked there from November 1991 until June 1995.

To those who are reading this, and you know what I am blogging about, please read on.

This was the first ever serious job I got. I was 19 years old then, quite young, but because of economic reasons, had to start working early to help support the family. I never regretted it. I spent the best times of my life, in the company of people whom I will always cherish. They will always have a special place in my heart...a topic that I will eventually tell to my grandchildren someday.

So, to all of you, "mga Atengs" I wanted to let you all know how I miss you all so much.

To Olyn: Thank you for keeping touch, bearing with with all my plans that most of the times didn't work out anyway;

To Medy: I really miss those times when we would stay awake in your bedroom all night each with a bottle of Tequila and crying over our silliness. I miss you ateng like crazy. I had not only good times with you but also trying momments and difficult situations. . .

To Cookie: What can I say, I love you Ateng. I only had one great regret with you....that I couldn't be there with you during those times that you needed somebody to be with you. I hope I can still remedy the situation, if it is not too late yet. . .

To Lea: My dear, I owe to you so much in all honesty. I learned a lot from you. You became more like an elder sister (forgive me), one that I never had being the eldest among the girls in our family. Believe me, you are the Best Sister a girl can have. I don't know what happened, why you completely kept yourself away from me? Have I done something wrong to you? Have I sad something that was so offending to you? If so, I am not aware of it. Please, forgive me for what I have done. Don't you think I also have the right to know what it was I did to hurt you? I am not asking that you just forget the whole thing and we just make up, no! I just want to find out, what it was that I did. I am aware that I have done some silly, stupid stuff before. Which of them offended you so much that you shunned yourself completely from me now? Please Lea, I promise, after you tell me what went wrong, and if I can explain myself, I will do so, if not I only ask for forgiveness. If ever you would still decide to cut-off our fiendship completely, I won't say NO to your decision. I have no right to do that. I can only respect it. At least, I would know the ending to the chapter of my life story where you are a part of.

I hope you will all manage to read this. I hope Olyn can try to give you the site address. Please feel free to write something in the comment section back if you want to.

Again I just wanted you all to know, HOW I MISS YOU ALL GUYS, BIGTIME!!!!

Take care, al of you. Good luck in all your endeavours in life and GOD BLESS!!!

Everybody Sing a song . . .

Whenever I feel alone, i always sing the song:

"Everybody sing a song . . . Duday, duday. Everybody sing a song, all the duday day. . . all the duday day, all the duday day, everybody sing a song all the duday day"

Of course, the original version is not with Duday. In this song, I replaced it with Duday which happens to be the petname of my niece. Her real full name is actually Izelle Bennett. Her mother's petname is Diday. . .naturally she ended up as Duday.

I always say, whatever the name, the looks, the clothes she carries, these doesn't really say who or what she is. It is the inner attitude and beauty that is the most important.

Siyempre, may mga hi-hirit jan. I may be wrong, but hey, this is my blogsite...and what's written is my opinion... At least, last time I checked, everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion. That's all folks!!!

March 30, 2004

The Sun Is Shining

Well, isn't it grand? I think this time, Winter has decided to stay away from us for a while. For the past four days, Mr. Sunshine has been showing up for longer periods of time. GREAT! Its time for barbecue parties, campings and cycling...
Has anybody heard if the Philippine Barrio Fiesta/Fiesta sa Nayon, which is held yearly, will be held again in Ditzenbach this year? I have not heard anything from the organizers for sometime. I hear though, that there is another Benefitz Gala NIght in Bad Hamburg come April 11. Anybody interested?

The event will be held by another Philippinne Charity group which was founded lat year. They have held two Benefitz Parties, so far , and one Barrio Fiesta, or so, it is called I think.... I am not sure though.

March 29, 2004

Name dropping

Is it right to Name drop? Is this not unethical? I have always wondered about this, that's why I avoid doing it as much as I can.But I noticed, for some people, name dropping comes very naturally. It comes as easy as saying ABC, or one, two, three. When I was younger, I was thought never to do this. Especially in applying for a job or just by saying something to brag to other people. Something like: "Mr. So-so Rich man is a very dear friend of mine. If you see him give my regards to him. He was just with me the other night." I guess it is okay to say this if this is really true. The problem is, name dropping is so often used nowadays as a means to an end for some. It has been so often abused, hence, to do it is not really good anymore. Even if one is really acqauinted to a certain individual, as long as they are not real Friends, then to name drop is: "to use that certain individual's prestige for the other one to attain his/her own twisted object to also belong to the group".

After my great grandfather died, my grandparents just concentrated on surviving. What with the war breakout plus ten kids to feed, there was simply no time left to serve the government let alone other people. Nobody dared mention about our great grandfather being the first mayor of Dipolog City, simply because it was Him and not any of Us. We are only his descendants, we may have his blood running in our veins and his DNA, but we did not work hard like he did, to become the Mayor. To reach a certain level of prestige in the high society of Dipolog City. He deserved to belong to that group because he worked hard for it. We, on the other hand, can only say that he was great, brilliant and very kind. We could not use his fame to achieve our dreams. That's the reason why, we, the third generation members of our clan never realized that we come from a very prominent family.We would have been much established, had the foundation that my great Grandfather had founded was not cut-off. Apparently, nobody from the family inherited the passion for politics or business. Nor the dream to become a public servant someday. My great Grandfather, was not only the first Notary Public in Dipolog City, but also the First Mayor. Before the first world war broke out, my grandmother and her two younger sisters, were living a grand and prosperous life. While the others are struggling to set up something for their future, they, on the otherhand, didn't need to worry about anything. Unfortunately, my great grandfather had problems with his heart. He died at a very young age, just at the prime of his term as the First Mayor of Dipolog City.

March 22, 2004

Grrrrr... ka-kainis!

I started reading this book by Salman Rushdie. I got it from a friend some months back as a present. Unfortunately, I couldn't find time to read it. So, I had to leave it lying around all the time by my bedside table.

Tapos, nag ka sakit ako. I had to stay at home for one whole week, as per doctor's orders! I thought, this time, I will definitely be able to read it. I did! So, for one whole week, this book became my companion, my consolation. You know, being sick and staying alone at home. . . which is a completely different scenario if you were in the Philippines. But then I had to go back to my doctor for another check up. Naturally, I brought the same book with me. What good timing, i thought. This could help me not to get bored in the doctor's waiting room, which I by the way, hate so much. Well, I hate anything that has to do with sickness, kaya this is really no wonder. I got this from my mom. So blame her please...

Back to my book, i was reading it while waiting at the doctor's. I had to wait for quite sometime, but with the book, it actually felt not too long a wait. When my turn came, I was thankful. The doctor ordered another blood sample should be taken from. Plus, I should go to this hospital somewhere else for a theraphy. Ok... fine, then I went home. I started the theraphy, got better and then went back to work. After two weeks, I only realized that I have not finished the book yet. So, I started looking for it. I looked and looked and looked in every single nook and crany in the house. I couldn't find. So i tried to recall where and when I last had the book with me. I am sure, whoever is reading this knows it already. But you see, for somebody who is stressed, upset and even angry can lose their common sense. As what happened with me. I enede up having an argument with my dear hubby...not naman so "big" an argument, but still an arggument just because of a silly book....ano ba naman yan!?!!!!

March 21, 2004

Why no Filipino . . . .

Why No Filipino Will Ever Be in The HouseDavid Letterman's TOP TEN LIST:

Top ten reasons why there couldn't be a Filipino-American US President:

10. White House is not big enough for in-laws and extended relatives.

9. Not enough parking spaces at White House for 2 Honda Civics, Toyota Celica,
1985 Mercedes Benz Diesel, BMW (big mean wife) and MPV (My Pinoy Van).

8. Dignitaries generally intimidated by eating with fingers at state dinners.

7. Too many dining rooms in the White House - where will they put the last supper picture?

6. White house walls not big enough to hold giant wooden spoon and fork.

5. Secret service staff won't respond to "psssst, psssst".

4. Secret service staff uncomfortable driving presidential car with rosary hanging
on the rear view mirror or the of Santo Nino on the dashboard.

3. No budget allocation to purchase karaoke machines on every White House room.

2. State dinners do not allow "Take Home".


1. AIR FORCE ONE - does not allow overweight balikbayan boxes!!!!!!

March 19, 2004

Just Because

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...I am short doesn't mean I am not strong;
...I am a woman doesn't mean I cannot drive;
...I have black hair doesn't mean I am inferior;
...I am thin, doesn't mean I am not healthy;
...I am average looking, doesn't mean I am ugly!

March 18, 2004

LoNg WeEkEnD!!!

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Long weekend.....thank goodness!!!!

I am sitting in the study room with my dear hubby. Each of us so engrossed in front of our own computer. Him with the PC and me in front of my laptop. I didn't have to go to work today, thank goodness! I finally found the time to do some updates with my internet family album. It's been ages since I posted new pictures in there.

My sisters were starting to bug me for updates. I also need this time to keep up with my mails. Oh my! So many things to do and yet so little time to do them.

Good thing we have two internet lines. If not, well, it would be a disaster. We don't seem to do anything else anymore but sit in front of the computer. We even surf more than watch tele. But the thing is, we both like it. Actually, we both enjoy it. We surf and discover things that are really amazing. Every now and then, one of us would show something to the other. Laugh at jokes, give comments and reactions. Share opinion and ideas about we what we find out in the WWW.

Ask for help (especially me) because I lost a file or two while downloading something. Pretty soon, it is already three a.m. and we still haven't eaten dinner....We both would last throughout the day with just coffee (or tee) and cookies or cakes. Which is anyway good for me since I am trying to loose weight. One program that I have tried for sometime now is NOT eating anything after six p.m. It is really effective. But that is for a different blog.

Thanks to my very appreciating Boss, I could take extra day off today, plus three days more over the weekend. It should be enough to get everything done.

March 17, 2004

Advice my Dear Sis!

My Sister wrote to me once in a birthday greeting this saying:


I have often become a victim of an abusive person. Yes, I am quite aware of this. But this doesn't mean, I have a problem psychologically. NO! I don't look for this type of people, i certainly don't crave for the feeling of being the victim. My problem is that I trust people easily. I also don't believe in helping only half-way. When I extend my arms to help somebody, expect to recieve the whole body. Ganito ako maki-damay sa kapwa. Kaya naman madalas, people take advantage of me.
The reason why i blog about this is for me to help myself to get away from this abusive people. The "JERKS!" most especially. Just a few weeks back, I tried to help a friend. I call her a "friend" because, I have known her for two years now, and I actually thought that she is really a "friend" to me. She has so often enough said so herself, that there were people in her life before whom she called friends, but somehow they have all gone their separate ways. There's the first clue about her personlaity. But I hoped that I could help her, by showing her how to really become a "FRIEND" to someone. She went through a lot the last two years. and I was there all the time that she needed me. I helped in every possible way I could. Gave all my very best, I can say. But all for nought!

When I got accepted at a job vacancy, the minute there was another position open, I told her to apply as well. That really helped her financially. Then she went on vacation just about the time when there was a better position available, so I sent in an application for her, asked the manager if they would still give her a chance... and got them to promise that they will interview her the earliest possible chance available. They did, and she got hired. Then the manager called me and asked me why I did not apply for the job. I had my reasons, but he told me anyway to still submit an application. So I told my dear friend of what happened. The first reaction I got: "The exam is very difficult. They have another position open, one that I don't like. You can go and apply for that position instead." Isnt SHE A BIG JERK?! Bigtime. I need help on tips how to stay away from this person from now on. Please help.

March 16, 2004

Blessings, Blessings

I received good news today. The Blessing is so overwhelmingly great that I cannot even begin to imagine let alone explain to my sisters the whole thing!

Anyway, I hope everything will work out fine. I know it will not be a smooth ride....actually, I expect it to be a very bumpy ride with lots of mud puddles (huge ones!).

I believe in one thing alone. This blessing is definitely for our whole family. The good Lord taught us how to be humble and meek. How to be kind hearted. He thought us the importance of helping others. He thought us to persevere in life. He guided us all the time. Bringing us up like small children getting ready to finally face the real world. In his own time, He molded us. He put everything in it's proper place.

Speaking for myself alone, I felt Him with me all the time. Taking care of my family. Watching out for my siblings. He guided us to the right direction. I may have astrayed for a while, but because of His loving kindness, He brought me back to Him. He came seeking my heart and I felt it! I felt His Holy presence in my life all the time. The Love He gives is really everlasting!

For all these, I say, "Thank you Lord, for the Love, the Guidance, the Wisdom, the Strength, the Blessings and most of all for giving us your son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins."

I often wondered how I always end up doing what I have always wanted to do in this life. I saw a Pastor on television once asked these questions:

What is your dream in life?
Why are you doing what you are doing now?
Is this what you really wanted to do in your life?
What are you doing in order to fulfill your dream/s?

These questions became more like guiding questions for me now. Why? Because I was always asking myself the same questions. I prayed that The Lord would help me to understand why I am doing whatever it is that I am doing currently. To understand how to go about following my dreams. Most of all, to understand why I have to achieve this dream. It's not because I want it to, but because I am actually doing the Will of the Lord. And HE did!

How so?

Because that same Pastor explained it all. I believed at that point, that the afformentioned Pastor was used as an "instrument" by the Lord to convey to me the answers to all my questions. HE wanted me to understand. And I did!

March 15, 2004

Urinary Tract Problem

I have always had problems whenever nature is calling...

Everytime I have to go somewhere, especially if it's going to be a long trip, I have to make sure of one thing: That I will not have problems whenever Nature calls.

May Urinary Tract Infection ako, pag nag hold back ng water, uma-atake. Masakit! IN short, hindi pwedeng mag pigil ng ihi.

Well, suffice it to say, ako ang nagi-ging kill joy sa lakad naming mag asawa. Because if I have to go, I really have to go. Problem is, hindi ako basta-basta maka ihi sa ibang lugar. May times nga, kararating lang namin, we would leave na rin agad, pag na-iihi na ako. Most of the time, I feel so bad about it. My hubby cannot even begin to enjoy the outings. So, sometimes, I try to hold it back. Pero, as I have mentioned, hindi nga puwedeng madalas.

One time, I remember nasa Singapore kami noon. We wanted to have dinner sa Quay.....something on our first night. The dinner naman went okay, medyo super busog kami pareho, cause the food was really great. The place was oozing with people. Ang saya-saya!Tapos, eto na, biglang I have to let go of some of the drinks. Hanap ako place to go, kaya lang, sa dami ng tao, medyo messy na yung restroom ng mga restaurants. Eh, medyo malayo pa yung hotel namin. Wala naman kaming makuhang taxi. Peak season yata nung time na iyun, o talagang minalas lang ako. We had one option left, to take the bus. The problem was hindi namin alam kung aling bus ang dadaan sa hotel namin. But I saw already earlier that day, na may mga bus na dumadaan doon. Eh di, sakay kami ng bus, sabi nung driver two stops lang baba na dapat kami. Funny thing was, isnag beses lang huminto ang bus. The secon time it stopped, sa end terminal na nila. Hindi ko tuloy malaman kung mai-inis ako, magagalit o matawa. We ended up taking a taxi ride back to the hotel. At least, may mga na para na kami. dahil medyo wala nang mga tao doon sa lugar na napadparan namin. residential area na. medyo nag hintay din kami for some minutes dahil nga wala naman masyadong tao ant sasakyan na dumadaan dun, pero in the end, naka uwi din kami. Ang pinaka mabigat, pag dating namin ulit sa hotel, nawala na yung urge kong umihi. Sa sobrang tagal, tension at alala, nag disappear na lang basta ang dapat yata eh, sampung litrong cola na naubos ko the whole day at dapat eh, mai dispose ko na. Which was the reason why we wanted to go back to the hotel in the first place.